Life Diaries (chp 30)-Club Fun

We both got down the car and went inside, we sat on the couch there and we both were like what to do if not drink? “What about we join the dancing crowd?,” asked Meher. “Yeah sure but will you be able to dance in these heels?,” I asked. “Yes I will be able,” she replied and I agreed. We stood up and joined the crowd dancing and her dance moves were just awesome, killer I should say. “Will you have a drink?,” she asked while dancing. “Yes, but make sure it’s not wine,” I said and she nodded and went towards the bar counter. I kept my eyes on her the whole time making sure no drunk man comes near her or try to touch her. The bartender gave her two glasses and she was coming to me when a man approached her. I stepped out of the crowd and went to her. “Hey, will you sleep with me?,” I heard the man ask her. “Excuse me?,” she said angrily and I neared the man and punched him hard on his face. “Don’t you dare approach her again,” I warned him and took the drink from Meher’s hand and took her from there. We both drank the liquid in the glass in one gulp and felt giddy.

“Why does this taste so bad?,” I asked her. “I don’t know hubby,” she said keeping the glass on table. “I feel like having more,” I said and stood up but she stopped me. “No, please don’t, it can be a spiked drink,” she said. “Ok baby, I won’t get drunk, for you my fiancee,” I said and kissed her cheek and again joined the dancing crowd. Suddenly she stopped dancing and I too stopped, I knew she might be uncomfortable with those heels. “What about we stand leaning to the wall for sometime and then head home?,” I asked. She agreed and we walked to the nearest wall standing leaning to it. I started sliding down the wall feeling dizzy and held her waist, she laughed. “What happen?,” she asked. “Nothing, sorry about that,” I said. “No problem,” she replied and we both in the same position with my head on her shoulder and my hands around her waist. We both slid down the wall.

“Will you please stop tickling me?,” she asked laughing. “When did I tickle you?,” I asked. “Your hands on my waist are tickling me a lot, omg, stop please,” she said and laughed making me laugh as well. “We’re in an awkward position, aren’t we? The way in which I m sitting is a girl’s position,” I said giggling. “So true, I wonder what happen to you?,” she said ruffling my hair. “Nothing, let’s go,” I said and she stood up first and was helping me up when she fell on me instead. “No mischief right now,” she said and stood up and held my hands pulling me up. “What a builder you are,” I said and she giggled on me. We went outside and sat in the car, I drove to her building and dropped her till the doorstep of her house, then I went back to my house and was soon asleep.

I went inside my house stumblingly and stopped in middle to take off my heels, I took them off and bent down to pick them up and collided into someone. “Hello brother,” I said to Tunnu who was standing behind me. “Hello, I will take you to your room, wait,” he said and came near and picked me in his arms. “What childishness is this?,” I asked giggling. “This is not childishness but a brother’s love, he he,” he said and took me to my room. “Thanks boyfriend,” I joked and he smiled. “Welcome girlfriend,” he said and went and I threw myself on the bed without changing my clothes and slept.

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    mehbeer got drunk.funny.loved mehbeer moments.cute

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