Life Diaries (chp 28)-Cute Romance

“You care so much for me, I love you a lot, it’s good you came in my life. Else I would’ve been married to my r…,” she was about to complete but I kept my finger on her lips and hugged her. “My Meher is very good and innocent just like a kid, don’t say again that you were raped, I love you and you too love me that’s important,” I said and parted away planting a kiss on her hair and she smiled kissing my cheek.

“Awwwww cutie boy, cutie cutie boy,” she said and pulled my cheeks smiling naughtily. “Cutie girl,” I replied pulling her cheeks softly and that naughty smile never left her face. Just then, I heard footsteps coming upstairs. “Abeer, what are you doing here?,” asked Meher’s mom. “I couldn’t bear this distance so came in disguise,” I replied and saw Meher laughing from the corner of my eye. “Go by hiding your face whenever you go else everyone will call you chhakka,” said Meher laughingly and her mom too laughed and went.

“Abeer,” she said coming closer. “I am really in a mood of romance, please?,” she confessed innocently to which I smiled. “Ok,” I replied. “Are you sure?,” I asked confirming. “Yes sure,” she replied and kept her hands on my shoulders and leaned closer kissing my lips while I held both her waists unpinning her silver dupatta from her shoulders and her waist and kept it on the bed behind her during the kiss. My hand was on her back and I nuzzled in her hair moving it on her back and kissed her neck and shoulders slightly pushing her backwards laying her on bed.

I removed her necklace kissing her neck while she moaned my name, I held her hands in my hands and kissed her forehead, her eyes were closed and she was smiling. I kissed near her eyes and she left my hands moving them to my back. I moved my hands to her waist sitting up and pulling her in a sitting position, I was hugging her actually. I was happy she didn’t got scared and recalled her past. I ran my fingers in her hair while she was still hugging me hiding her face in the crook of my neck.

“I love you Abeer,” she said and I smiled. “I love you too,” I said and kissed her hair. We sat in the hugging position for God knows how much time. It was such a good feeling to be near each other. Suddenly, I felt her breathes were even, her whole weight was on me. She was sleeping on me. I smiled at her babyish acts. “Meher,” I said and she hmmed even in her sleep while I giggled. “Get in some comfortable clothes and then sleep peacefully,” I said and she was smiling. “I want to sleep like this only,” she said slowly. “Ok,” I said and put her on the bed, she pulled me for a kiss. I smiled and kissed her back and removed her sandals covering her with bedsheet. “Love you,” she said sleepily. “Too,” I said and went.

I woke up in evening and saw I was in the same clothes I wore in Mehndi function and my dupatta was unpinned, then a smile came on my face remembering Abeer and my romance. How he does everything by my wish and not his, and never made me feel uncomfortable. “What a day,” I said and smiled and got out of bed taking out my clothes and went to washroom changing into comfy clothes folding the Mehndi dress neatly.

I picked my phone and called Abeer. “Hey,” I exclaimed happily. “Hey baby doll, had a good sleep?,” he asked teasingly. “Abeer,” I said and giggled. “Yes I had a very good sleep and romance too,” she teased back. “Hope we marry soon,” he said. “Yes it will happen, tomorrow is haldi function then after two days sangeet then after one month marriage, time will pass really soon,” I told him smilingly.

“Oh you are also excited, ok bye, take care,” he said and disconnected the call. I smiled and the next day was haldi. This time we went to his house and I wore a yellow anarkali with yellow chunri and he wore yellow and white kurta pyjama with yellow paggri. I sat beside him. “Let’s have more fun in this function,” he whispered and I blushed.

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