Life Diaries (chp 26): The Engagement

I parted away from Abeer and looked away avoiding eye contact. I was shocked on my act. I who never went near any man or boy and was scared actually kissed someone that too on lips. He’s no more someone, he’s my love. He was looking at me trying to read my expressions. “Now it was you who did it, not me, I never did anything without your consent, but don’t worry, I actually loved it”, he said and this time he pulled me close by one hand and we kissed each other passionately. He kissed my shoulder and my hands traveled to his back, he nuzzled in my neck and I felt a tickle run through me, a shiver went down my spine and I giggled. He touched my face and I felt his touch.

“Let’s go for breakfast, you must be hungry”, I said realizing what were we doing and turned to go. He pulled me. “What’s the hurry? We can go late, I want another shirt, can you give me please? My hand…”, he said and raised his hand to show me but I hid my eyes with my palms and cut him in between. “Don’t show me, I understand”, I said palming my eyes and he moved my hands. “It’s bandaged”, he said and I went to take his shirt and saw an orange shirt which will suit him a lot and brought it.

“How about this one?”, I asked and he smiled at me. “It’s your choice, so of course it would be good”, he said and I was helping him wear it but he pulled me. “What happened?”, I asked. “You’re so cute, what’s my mistake?”, he said and held my waist joining his forehead with mine. “Aren’t this much kisses enough for a day?”, I asked as he was in a romantic mood.

“No they’re not”, he said in a husky voice and I heard aunty call us for breakfast. “Now leave, aunty is calling”, I said moving away but he pulled me back. “Abeer, don’t be a baby, we’ll continue later”, I said winking at him and helped him wear the shirt. We smiled at each other.
“Naughty”, he said.

We went to have breakfast, I made him eat of course, and he secretly kissed my fingers to which I blushed. He too made me eat and aunty smiled seeing us. He’s so cute. One year passed by, today was the day for our engagement, our alliance got fixed few days ago, we did late in engagement as his hand wasn’t ok but now the skin has grown and he is perfectly fine now, I went back to my house the day he became ok, here I am sitting in my room ready in a golden blouse with pink lehenga skirt and golden dupatta. I smiled at the reflection in the mirror and mumma came to take me downstairs.


went with her and saw Abeer staring at me, I sat beside him and he held my hand. I blushed looking down. We were finally allowed to exchange rings, we made each other wear a ring and smiled at each other. We fed each other cake and finally we belonged to each other officially.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    mehbeer scenes were so romantic.naughty abeer.cant believe that 1 yr passed.mehbeer engaged

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