Life Diaries (chp 25): First Kiss


Abeer kept his head on my shoulder, it felt as if something is wetting on my shoulder. I looked at Abeer, he was crying. “Abeer, what happen? Are you ok?”, I asked caressing his face. “I am not ok, my hand is paining a lot, when will I be ok, I won’t be able to do my job as well”, he said cryingly. “Don’t be sad, everything will be fine, your hand will be ok, but that you will have to take medicines on time”, I said and I gently moved his head from my shoulder making him sit straight. I brought the medicines and made him eat him making him drink water with it. I ran my fingers in his hair. I took back the glass from his hand and he sobbed.

“You will be ok, I promise”,I said and fat tears rolled down my cheeks. I brought bandage and dressed his exposed flesh, I couldn’t imagine what it felt like, I wonder how doctors do their job. “You know Meher, when papa died, I always remained unhappy, though I had my mother, but a father is a father, and not having him by my side pierces my heart”, he said crying more. “You both will see each other again, in heaven, be happy about that, he might be watching over you, blessing you, but when he might be seeing that you are sad, then he won’t be happy, so you should smile”, I said politely and wiped his tears.

He smiled in pain. He leaned closer to me and our face were just inches away, I bent backward while he kept coming closer and my back touched the bed and he moved back. “Oh I m sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this to you”, he said understanding my nervousness. “Hmm, get well soon, you should eat something”, I said. “I can’t”, he said showing me his hand. “I m here and I will make you eat, so no worries”, I said and went out of the room.

Soon I was making him eat, I couldn’t bear to see him like this, every time my gaze went on his hand, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart and wanted to kill Lavita. Why the hell did I save her? I should’ve let her die. He finished eating and I went to keep back the plate. “Let’s do stargazing in the balcony, what say?”, he asked. “Hmm ok let’s go”.I said and made him stand and went to balcony with him. There was a swing bed and we laid on it under the moonlight.

“Beautiful”, I muttered under my breath. “I know, but not more than you”, he said and I smiled. He kept his hand below his head and I kept my head on his arm. “Now it’s more fun”, I said winking at him and he giggled. “Wow, I am going to thank that star, that star and the smallest one, almost every star as I always said to them I want a girl who likes what I like and I got her”, he said making me laugh.”You are a kid”, I said. “Yes I am, you didn’t get to know till now, do you have any doubt? Do you want a prove?”, he said naughtily. “No, I don’t want, let’s sleep here only”, I suggested as I was sleepy by now. He agreed and soon sleep took over me.

The sunrays disturbed my sleep and I woke up and saw Meher sleeping on my arm. I smiled and placed his head on the pillow and got up going to her side and slid my hand under her back towards her waist and made her sit up. I lifted her not thinking about my pain, her sleep might get disturbed. I took her to my room and made her sleep on the bed covering her with blanket and kissed the back of her palm and stared at her angelic face in the dim light. I too slept as I was tired. When I woke up, I saw her already awake holding my face. “Why did you lift me when you had injured hand? You should’ve wake me up and I would’ve come by myself. Is it paining?”, she said a little angrily.

“I can bear any pain for you, darling. I didn’t feel any pain. And if I would’ve wake you up then your sweet dreams would’ve been disturbed, how could I do that? Just how could I?”, I said dramatically and her anger changed in laughter. “Oh God Abeer you’re so cute”, she said laughingly. The next thing she did was surprising. She locked her lips with mine and I was shocked but soon gave in pulling her closer. I hugged her tighter and soon we parted away. Our first kiss was beautiful.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher taking care of abeer and consoling him was very nice.swing bed scene was cute.kiss was very romantic

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