Life Diaries (chp 23)-Who’s The Attacker?


As soon as the call ended, I broke down. Don’t know how he must be, what might be his mother feeling. Oh gosh! His mother, there’s no one else in this world who can support her in this tough time, I wiped my tears and rushed out of the room wiping sleep away. I went to the exit and hurriedly opened the door going out and asked our driver to drive towards City Hospital immediately.

I sat at the backseat and he started the car and drove off. All I could think at this time was of the moments we spent together from the day one to the present day. The cheek kisses, friendly hugs, our confession, my birthday party, our dance, the way he calmed me when I got panicked, every flashback came in front of my eyes and I just cried and cried.

We reached and I ran inside asking the receptionist about Abeer, she told me the room number and I ran there. I saw his mother crying. I sat beside her and hugged her. “Aunty don’t be sad, be strong, Abeer will recover”, I said. “How? How will he recover? Hammer fell on him, his skin is sliced of his palms, and it’s so easy for you to say he’ll recover?”, she said fuming.

“What? How did this happen?”, I asked crying more. “Someone attacked him when he was going for job”, she said and I hugged her again. Who can attack him? Who will it be? Now Akshat is also not there, who will do all this? “Aunty, don’t take tension, God is there right, trust him, everything will be fine”, I said through tears. “I hope so”, she said burying her face in her palms.

After sometime, doctor came out and she stood up. “How’s he?”, she asked. “I am sorry, but he went in coma”, doctor replied and I held my head feeling dizzy. She stood there in a shock, I didn’t knew how to react. I was so scared now, what to do? How to find out who did this? Abeer, please be ok, please be ok, don’t go anywhere, I love you.

Aunty fainted and I brought water and sprinkled on her eyes, she woke up and I made her sit on bench. “I will call police”, I said and she nodded. I dialed the number and called police department, and asked them to come to city hospital. They arrived after sometime. “So you are Miss Purohit right?”, asked the inspector. “Yes”, I replied. “Who do you think might’ve done this? Do you have a doubt on anyone?”, he asked. “Yes, his name is Akshat Ranwal”, I said. “But he’s in jail”, he said suspiciously. “I doubt Lavita Kapoor”, said aunty. “Who’s she?”, I asked. “She loved Abeer and wanted to marry him, but he didn’t agree, and so I think she came back for revenge”, she said sobbing. I got drowned in my thoughts. “Ok tell her address, we’ll go interrogate her”, said the inspector and aunty gave the address and he went. “We’ll go through this, Abeer will be in his senses soon and the attacker will also be prisoned”, I said giving aunty a hopeful look and she nodded.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher abeer’s mother’s bonding is akshat is in jail.he hasn’t escaped from jail to attack abeer.lavita kapoor…It’s an unexpected character. Waiting to know who the culprit abeer really in coma?very painful

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