Life Diaries (chp 20)-A Beautiful Surprise


I laid next to her and kept staring at her, the moment she said she will go this week, I died a little inside. I had held her hand and didn’t got even a wink of sleep. I kissed her forehead and kept my head on pillow again. I didn’t knew when sleep took over me. Next morning I woke up and remembered it was her birthday. Today wasn’t my morning shift, it was afternoon shift. I got off the bed and went to freshen up, when I came back, Meher was still asleep so it was easy for arrangements.

I decorated whole room and kept her gifts, some on bed and some on couch. I had already ordered a cake yesterday, it was in the fridge. I saw her wake up stretching her arms, I switched on the light and started singing happy birthday song for her. She rubbed her eyes and looked at me while I continued singing for her, she smiled. “Thank you doctor,” she said teasing me. “Huh?,” I asked. “You are my doctor,” she said. “No we are boyfriend girlfriend now,” I said. “Just joking, come,” she said asking me to come closer and I did. She kissed me on cheek followed by a hug. I hugged her back.

“Meher, do you like to play music?,” I asked suddenly. “Yes why?,” she asked me back. “Nothing just asking,” I replied and she broke the hug. “I know you’re asking so there’s definitely something, maybe a surprise, I will wait,” she said and got down the bed, she looked around the room for the first time, she didn’t got to see that first because I sung the song so she didn’t got a chance.

“Wow great decorations,” she commented and then her gaze shifted the the gifts. The girly guitar with colorful strings and the musical showpiece of a couple, that was it. “That’s why you asked about music, I love all this a lot, thank you Abeer, you make me, my birthday and my life special,” she said and smiled brightly.

She went to freshen up after a lot of thank you and came out. “Meher, I have more gifts for you, don’t know if you’ll like it or not, wait,” I said and went to my cupboard and took out a dress I bought for her. It was pinkish white net gown, I gave it to her, she took it and first checked it out then looked at me. “Not bad, its really cool,” she said with her eyes twinkling like a star. “But it’s backless.”

“There is no one in party except me, you, mom, your family and two of my friends,” I assured her. “Party? Is it right now?,” she asked and I nodded in negative. “At night, since you are going in this week, I thought to spend most of my time with you, its my afternoon shift, at night I will be back,” I said and she nodded. “I will miss you,” she said and eyed me gloomily. “Hey we will meet everyday, don’t worry, my bride, now shall we go for breakfast?,” I said keeping my one arm behind my back and one arm on stomach and bent to which she giggled and we both went for breakfast and after that I saw her trying to play the guitar, I stood behind her and kept my hand on her hand helping her play it and entwined her other hand with mine. She looked back at me and smiled, I smiled back.

“You play really well, but how do you know to play it?,” she asked me and I looked down, my eyes moistened. “Dad taught me, he knew I loved to play music, he wanted me to do what I want to but he always dreamt of me being a doctor and I fulfilled it, although my dream didn’t got fulfilled, but I m happy that he must be proud of me,” I said letting out a small sob and sat on the study table.

I felt bad that I brought tears in his eyes, how could I? I looked at him sadly and bent down to him giving him a side hug. “I am sorry,” I said and wiped his tears while hugging him. “Don’t cry else he will feel bad.”

“Oh it keeps happening, its normal,” he replied keeping his hand on my back as I was still side hugging him, I realized how important it is to have a family specially a father, I got an idea to calm him. “You can call my father as dad,” I said and he smiled. We hugged each other for a long time and talked about our past life, everyone that happened, be it funny, sad, happy, we told each other and laughed. Life is very beautiful if you have the man of your dreams.

So it was afternoon, we talked too much that we didn’t knew when our time passed. He went for his job and at night, it was party time. He came to room while I was ready and doing my hair. I had curled my hair from down and felt him looking at me. “Beautiful,” I heard him say. “Did you said anything? Say it loud, I can’t hear,” I said. “You’re beautiful,” he said checking me out. “After all its your choice,” I said and he smiled cutely.

He too got ready, guests started arriving and we went out of the room and everyone started singing birthday song, I felt very good, I looked at the cake and it was all girly with makeup theme. I cut it and first fed it to my family then Abeer and his friends, he fed me back. “Guys let’s dance, what say?,” said Sasha, one of Abeer’s friends and Abeer took my hand taking me to the middle of the hall, his house was no less than a palace, he put my hand over his shoulder and his other hand on my waist, I looked at him blushing hard.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    mehbeer moments were cute n r wonderful.abeer is into music too.thats lovely.its hard 2 imagine abeer without music.meher saying that he can call her father dad was lovely.b’day celebration n dance was nice

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