Life Diaries (chp 19)-Happiness And Sadness Together

I did it, I finally got back my family, I actually forgave them, I hugged them, my God, thanks for giving me so much strength. “Tunnu, I missed you a lot, thank you for that day,” I said smiling at him feeling proud. He smiled back and hugged me again as if I will vanish any moment. I hugged him back. It was difficult for me also to live a day without him and the past few days were difficult without anyone there except for Abeer, though he took care of me but family is family, no one can survive without it.

He parted away from me. “Didi, you are coming back today right?,” he asked confirming me. “I don’t know if I m coming today but I m coming back in this week,” I said running my fingers in his hair and tears started making way about of his eyes as if I will never return. “Please stop crying, I m not going forever right? I will be in touch with you,” I said wiping his tears and after many tearful hugs, I made my exit from there.

It felt as if it’s my rukhsati, haha, I know bad one. So I went back by walking, Abeer’s house was six streets away from my house and I loved to walk on streets. I always went everywhere by walking, except for the places far away that covered many kilometers. I reached after a walk of fifteen minutes and rang the doorbell, aunty opened the door and I hugged her happily. She hugged me back. “What happened?,” she asked. “It’s a good news, I will tell it first to Abeer, you won’t mind, will you?,” I asked parting away. “No I won’t,” she replied and I went back to Abeer’s room, I kissed his photograph talking to it. This birthday will also be celebrated with them only, yippee! Rest of the day, I just waited for Abeer to come.

I packed my stuff and went to home. “Meher is waiting for you,” mom said as I entered the house. “Is she okay?,” I asked worriedly. “Yes, she was very happy, she said she will tell you first,” she replied with a smile. “OK,” I went saying this to my room and found Meher talking to my photo. “I know you will be happy after listening this,” I heard her say. “After listening to what I will be happy?,” I asked standing behind and she got a little startled. “Relax its me,” I said.

“Abeeeeer I love love love you forever,” she said hugging me tight turning back, I was also happy seeing her like this. I hugged her back. “I m happy for you but what’s the reason lady love?,” I asked eagerly. “I did it,” she finally said. “What you did it?,” I asked. “Reunion with my family, all because of you, I love you a lot,” she said moving back pulling my cheeks. “Happy for you,” I replied with a cheek kiss and she blushed hard.

I have planned everything for her birthday, Meher, this birthday will be the best birthday of your life. “How was your day?,” she asked. “Good,” I replied. “I will just come.” I went to washroom and freshened up and came back after sometime, I saw her playing with the same showpiece with music playing in it, this time she was smiling. No doubt, she is a child at heart. I kept admiring her.

The way she smiles, the way she laughs, it attracts me towards her a lot, after dinner, I went to buy a gift for Meher, and when I came back, she was asleep. It made it easy for me to hide the gifts. She woke up. “You came, let’s sleep together now, I am going back to my house in this week,” she said and hugged me from back sleepily as I sat on the bed. I felt a wound on my heart as she said this. I took her hand in mine and kissed it. She was sleeping leaning to my back. I took her in my arms and made her sleep properly and covered her with quilt and slept next to her. I got sad on the thought of her leaving my house.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    meher is so cheerful after uniting with her family.loved it.mehbeer moments were sweet.abeer..marry meher…so that she wont leave u

    1. Salley145

      Its coming soon

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