Life Diaries (chp 18)-Reunion With Family


As we parted away from each other, I also tried to kiss her, but she kept moving away and blushing. She’s so cute. She hugged me again burying her face in my chest, I loved it when she hugged me like this. All of a sudden she yawned loudly and I started laughing. “It’s natural,” she said between her yawn and I laughed more. “You are not Abeer Malhotra, you are Abeer Monkey Malhotra,” she said as I laughed. “It was funny,” I said trying to stop my laugh, she snapped a picture of me and uploaded it on social media with the caption THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOU YAWN LOUDLY AND SOMEONE IRRITATES YOU BY LAUGHING. She tagged me and I giggled on her naughtiness.

“Baby you’re so naughty, I won’t laugh, delete it before someone sees it,” I said after laughing hard. She deleted and laid down thinking something. I heard her murmur, “day after tomorrow is my birthday, and it will be my first birthday without family.” She said sadly to herself. “Don’t worry, I will make this birthday special,” I said assuring her. “Your ears are sharp”, she said complimenting me. “Thank you, so should we go for breakfast?”, I asked and she nodded.

We had breakfast and went back to room. I came from washroom after getting ready. “Listen Meher, I want to say something”, I said hesitantly that she might get angry. “Say?”, she said sitting on the bed. “Don’t you miss your family?”, I asked and she looked at me. “Why are you asking?”, she replied questioningly. “Look I don’t mean that you should go from here, I want you to be happy, I don’t want you to get away from family”, I explained her.

“I know you’re not wrong, I will try to forgive them”, she said with a faint smile. “That’s like my girl”, I said giving her a bright smile showing all my teeth. “You should go in toothpaste advertisement, you always smile showing your teeth”, she said jokingly and i bursted into laughter. The happy soul is back, I thought with a smile.

I just loved his melodious laughter, I wish he always keeps smiling. He went to hospital getting ready and gave me a flying kiss while going, I put my hand forward as if catching his kiss. I smile a little more since he came in my life. He went. I thought to meet my family. I went by walking and reached. I rang the doorbell and mumma answered the door.

“Mumma”, I said and hugged her, she hugged me back. “I forgive you, I love you mumma”, I said with tears in my eyes. “I love you too beta, I missed you, sorry”, she said folding her hands, I held her hands and nodded in negative. “I forgive you, where are others?”, I asked and she took me to her room. I saw Nani and papa looking at my photo. I went and hugged them from back.

“Nani, papa,” I said smiling through tears. “Meher, you came, sorry,” said Nani and papa in unison. “Please don’t say sorry, it happens,” I said and the trio hugged me. “Where’s my baby brother?,” I asked, I call Tunnu baby brother to tease him. “He’s in room, he’s very sad since you went,” she said and I went to his room. “Guddu, look I m back,” I said but he didn’t said anything. I went and hugged him from back, he moved away. “I am annoyed, when I said you didn’t came,” he said pouting. “But now I came,” I said and he hugged me. “Don’t go again,” he said and I caressed his back kissing his cheek. I finally got back my family.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Mehbeer yawn scene was funny n cute.Because of abeer meher forgave her family n got united with them.those family moments were lovely. Loved abeer giving flying kiss to meher n meher catching was so cute and romantic. It reminded me of the similar scene on the show BD which I loved a lot

    1. Salley145

      Thank u more scenes like this will come

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