Life Diaries (chp 14)-Unwanted Reaction


“I love you Meher”, Abeer said cupping my cheeks and these three words shocked me to the core. Like seriously? A highly qualified doctor Abeer Malhotra loves the girl who was raped? No, I don’t believe this, we’re just friends and we’re good like friends only, I can’t trust anyone after that incident, never ever. I closed my eyes and took a deep  breath and turned my back to him. “I dont love you Abeer, and why do you love a girl who was raped? Why will you do so? I don’t believe this, seriously”, I said. He turned me to him holding my arm firmly. “So tell me by looking in my eyes”, he said and I did so meeting my eyes with him. “I don’t love you Abeer, stay away from me as you will get nothing but pain, I m not pure, I m impure, I was raped”, I said and ran to washroom before he could ask further and cried standing under the shower so that he can’t hear my crying voice. “Why do you love me? Why? Dont do this, you deserve better, I love you too Abeer, but I will have to react as if I have no feelings for you”, I said to myself cryingly.

She said she doesn’t loves me and ran to washroom, I could hear shower sound and faint crying voice and faint voices which I couldn’t hear. “Meher”, I said knocking on the door, “open the door, I won’t talk about this, promise”, I called out but no response came. I took the master key and went inside only to find her crying under the shower, I went near and put my hand under the shower, holy crap! “Its night time and its cold too and you are standing under ice cold water?”, I said and nodded my head in disbelief and put off the shower and asked her to wait, I went out and brought her clothes and towel. I went towards her and wiped her face slowly while she just looked in my eyes as if trying to read my mind. “Change your clothes else you will catch cold”, I said and went out closing the door of washroom and sometime later she came out and sat in front of me. “Why you care for me so much?”, she asked and I had nothing to answer her.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher thinks that she doesn’t deserve abeer as she is a rape victim. So she lied that she doesn’t love him.sad.abeer telling her to look at his eyes and say n abeer promising her that he will not talk about it again was touching

    1. Salley145

      Thnx for long comments

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