Life Diaries (chp 13)-Shocking Confession


Everything was fine until I felt my heart skip a beat, I felt someone familiar beside me and got the same old fear again. I moved my eyes to the other side of me to see if it’s really Akshat or am I just hallucinating, but it was really him. I turned to Abeer to make sure he’s with me and whispered,” Abeer, Akshat is here beside me, he has come again”, I said getting scared.

He bent backward to see him by hiding. “Don’t worry, let’s change our seats”, he suggested and stood up and I sat on his place while he sat on mine. I was still scared and he kept his hand on my hand and I kept my other hand on his and he did the same.

We were sitting hand in hand when I felt something move towards Abeer, I bent a little to have a clear view, it was Akshat’s hand, he put his arm around Abeer’s waist assuming him as me, Abeer turned to him leaving my hand. “What?”, he asked angrily. “Oh its you, where’s my s*xy fiancee?”, Akshat asked bending forward to look at me but Abeer hid me behind him. “How dare you even look at her? At my Meher?”, he said and punched Akshat and the fight took place. They started beating each other and I tried to separate them. “Stop it”, I said shouting trying to stop them. “She’s my fiancee damn it”, said Akshat. “No you are not my fiance, leave him”, I said removing his ring and crushed it in my feet and kept trying to stop them but ended up getting hurt, Abeer pushed him coming to me.

He took me out and we sat in the car and started cleaning my wound, though it was a small wound, he cared as if its really big. “Its a small cut, I m OK”, I said. “Let me do my work”, he said and cleaned it with antiseptic and it burnt a lot, I hissed and hugged him digging my nails in his back, he didn’t said anything, his one arm was around me and one on my hand. As I hugged him, I felt a relief, an unknown relief which I never felt before, but why did he say MY Meher? Does he love me? No no, no one accepts a girl who was raped.

He bandaged my wound and I parted away from him and we drove off to his house, we reached and went to his room, “Meher I want to say something”, he said. “Say”, I said allowing him and the thing he said, shocked me to the core. “I love you Meher”, he said cupping my cheeks while I looked at him shockingly.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    loved abeer asking akshat how dare you look at my he protected meher by punching akshat…meher thought no one can luv a rape victim.but how suddenly abeer’s confessed his luv 2 her was so adorable.loved d scene.cant wait 4 d next part eagerly.plz give a nice punishment to akshat.

    Is this story already written by u or u r writing new parts now?

    1. Salley145

      They r already written… Thnx

  2. Jasminerahul

    Means the whole ff is written?

    1. Salley145

      Till chp 34 its written but not completed

  3. Jasminerahul

    34…such a long ff.I thought its a short story.What about horror luv story?

    1. Salley145

      That is completed

      1. Jasminerahul

        then plz keep updating it on many parts ff is that?

      2. Salley145

        Horror love story has 24 parts n life diaries is not yet completed

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