My Life, My Choice (part 9)

Life choice 9:

Rudra leaves her aft dance. Aditi immediately went to her room to hide her tears but Rudra followed her. Meanwhile Aditi called Vivek( Rudra’s bro) n told to end the party n take mom n aunt to their home. Everyone left.

Rudra came to room n locked it. Aditi is abt to go to washroom to wash her face. Rudra caught her hand n pinned her to the wall.

Rudra: Whr r u going? U came to stay with me then y r u escaping from me?

Aditi: Sidh, u drank too much n now u lost ur control. Leave me pls. Lets talk at mrng.

Rudra: Acha. Ok lets talk tomorrow n lets do something today

Aditi: What

Rudra: U always says u r my wife. So give me my rights on u.

Aditi: Yes I am ur wife n u always had rights on me. But now u r not well. So pls sleep.

Rudra: U need time. Right? I know. U didn’t come to me with love or to make me forgive u. U just came to find proofs of my crimes n prove me as a criminal. I am sure u nvr accepts me as ur husband throughout ur life.

Aditi: No u r misunderstanding me. I came to u because I love u. Not to prove ur crimes

Rudra: Really? Then come

Saying this he tried to force her. Aditi slapped him. Rudra caught her hair.

Rudra: I know u will behave like this. Because u don’t love me. Even in drunken state, I won’t force any girl. I just did it to see ur reaction. Now its clear u don’t love me. Get lost out of my house

Aditi: Sidh pls listen to me

He grabbed her hand n dragged her to the door n sent her out.

Rudra: Go away from my life. U hav no place in my life or house. Get lost

He closed the door n slept in sofa in hall. Aditi sat near the door n cried n slept like dat leaning onto door. Morning Rudra woke up n saw himself sleeping in sofa

Rudra( inner voice): I slept here. Aditi didn’t even take me to room. Y she cares for me. I know she came here just to collect proofs. She might b sleeping happily in room leaving me here. I will show u wat I am now Aditi.

Thinking this he went to room n searched for Aditi. He searched entire house. He didn’t find her. He asked maid n he came to know that he sent her out.

Rudra(inner voice): How can I do this to her? May b she left to her room. I must go to her home n apologise her. My behaviour is not good. He decided to go to her n opened the door n found her unconscious near the door. Immediately he took her to room in his arms.

Rudra:Aditi pls wake up.. pls I am so sorry ra. I didn’t mean to do it. pls see me once.

He kissed her on forehead. Aditi opened her eyes n saw tears in his eyes. He hugged her. Aditi too hugged him back.

Rudra: I am sorry Aditi.

He took her close n abt to kiss her on forehead but stopped himself n left her.

Aditi: Its ok. I am not angry on u. Do u know Sidh. In ancient days, man was like a demon n to civilise himself he invented n improved technology to make life better. Now man who is most civilised addicted to modernity n is becoming demon again by drinking alcohol n taking drugs. Is this wat a civilised person does n improved finally. So pity. These addictions makes a person demon n kills human in them. Yesterday u tried to force me. I know u would nvr behave so if u r normal. Decide urselves whether u want to b a human or demon.

Saying this she went to get fresh up.She got ready n abt to go.

Rudra: Why r u going?

Aditi: What

Rudra: I mean whr r u going

Aditi: Office

Rudra:U r not well. Take rest n go from tomorrow

Aditi: Its ok. I think I can manage

Rudra: U r not going. dats it

Aditi: But….

Rudra came to her

Rudra: Please

Aditi: ok

Rudra took her hand n kept his palm on top of her palm.

Rudra: I am sorry once again. I want to b a human, not demon. I nvr touch alcohol again. Trust me

Aditi: Thank u. I always trust u Sidh

Rudra: I need to say one more thing to u

Aditi: tell me

Rudra: If u can create trust on u again within these 6 months, I will withdraw my intention of divorcing u. But for that u must b honest n nvr act or lie. If u can’t build trust in me on u, U must go from my life permanently without saying even a word aft 6 months. Is it ok?

Aditi: Done.

Rudra: Ok let me see

Aditi: Thank u so much

Rudra: For

Aditi: for giving me a chance.

Rudra: Can u bring me a coffee?

Aditi: I think u need lemonade now n not coffee

Rudra: As soon as I saw u unconscious my hangover went off. So now I really need a coffee that too prepared by my…………

Aditi: By ur maid???

Rudra: No my wife

Aditi: Wow so u accepted that I am ur wife.

Rudra: Yes but only for 6 months. Aft that it depends on u

Aditi: Ok. Surely I will make u forgive me

Rudra(inner voice): I already forgave u. But I want to see wat will u do to make me forgive u. I really understand the reason behind ur action of cheating me. Anyone will react in the same way when they come to know that their dad was killed by the one whom they loved a lot. I won’t hurt u from now but will pretend to b serious bcoz I love wen u try to convince me more n more.

Aditi: What happen to u

Rudra: Really? try ur best to convince me

Aditi: Ok. I will bring coffee first

Aditi gave coffee to him. Aditi got a call n went to balcony to talk n Rudra went out of the room as he too got a call. Aditi is talking on call.

Aditi: Sir, pls I can’t handle this case. Yes I helped to arrest him but now I can’t proceed with Rudra’s case or find proofs against him. Pls transfer the case to anyone else. Ok sir, I will meet u tomorrow.

Aditi turned back n shocked to see Rudra standing there.

Rudra: Who is that on the call

Aditi: Na…Nothing

Rudra: I told u already not to lie or act with me

Aditi: But u may get angry if I say

Rudra: Even though u must b true to me. Otherwise my anger will b doubled

Aditi: Actually Commissioner told me to handle ur case.

Rudra: Then

Aditi: I… I

Rudra: I nvr saw ACP Aditi being so lame

Aditi hugged him crying. He hugged her to pacify her.

Rudra: Don’t cry. Tears makes others to think we r weak. Though sometimes tears are symbol for strength but many times its symbol for weakness. I didn’t want u to b weak esp coz of me.

Aditi: I can’t handle the case. I said that to commissioner but he is not listening to me

Rudra: Y u want to leave the case.

Aditi: Because for me my profession n u both are equally important. I can’t do justice to one at the cost of another.

Rudra: I didn’t get u

Aditi: If I handle the case, surely I will do justice to my profession n then I will miss u permanently. You have done a lot for me but till now I nvr done anything for u.

Rudra took her hands into his hands.

Rudra: Aditi, if u find proofs against me, I won’t b angry on u. I am angry on u for cheating me not for arresting me. If u find proofs without cheating me then I won’t b angry on u n nvr leave u. I done everything for u just with love not with expectations. So don’t worry abt it.

I want u to b strong. Till now u nvr went back n succeeded in every case. Even now u should b that strong. I promise I won’t b angry on u for handling the case or proving me as criminal. I want to see ACP Aditi in u, not typical wife. Get on ur mission. Just do watever u can n succeed in mission. I am with u.

Aditi hugged him tightly.

Aditi: Thank u. Thank u so much

Rudra: Chalo now stop crying. And look, if u can convince me within 6 months, I will leave all this crime for u n will change myself as ur Sidh.

Aditi: Promise?


Aditi: Ok. ur coffee

Rudra: But I think now u need coffee

Aditi: May b but I need coffee prepared by u as u did in our clg days when I am tired

Rudra: Done.

Rudra brought coffee for her.

Rudra: It has been a long time that I prepared coffee. I am not sure how it will b

Aditi sipped it

Aditi: Its really too good

Rudra: Really? Let me hav a sip

Aditi: No. Its so tasty. I won’t share it with u

Rudra: Its prepared by me. So let me taste it.

Rudra grabbed the cup from her hand n sipped it n immediately split it in wash basin

Rudra: How can u drink this. Its bitter

Aditi:For me its tasty coz its mixed with ur love.

Rudra took her close n kissed her.

Rudra: I love u

Aditi: I love u too

Aditi: If u change then we can ask aunty n Vivek to stay with us. We can stay together.

Rudra: Ya n we can take ur mom also with us to here.

Aditi: Really?

Rudra: Yes. We all can stay together

Aditi: Thank u so much

Rudra: By the way I didn’t say I forgave u. First u hav to try to convince me

Aditi: Ya. But how

Rudra: Hmm. For now give me a kiss n I will say remaining later

Aditi: Acha. If I say no

Rudra: Then I won’t get convinced.

Aditi: I love u so much

She kissed on cheek.

Rudra(inner voice): I love u too Aditi. I nvr hurt u again. I won’t leave u. I will surely change for u though its dangerous for my life. I will do anything to make u happy.

Rudra: I am so sorry for being so rude to u these days

Aditi: Don’t b Sidh. Because I know I really hurted u a lot. I deserve ur anger. But I promise I nvr hurt u again.

Rudra: Ok from now I won’t b angry on u. U should b happy always. Just keep smiling

Scene freezes showing Aditi smiling n Rudra kissing her on forehead.

Precap: Aditi helping Vivek to get married with his love without informing Rudra. Rudra stops talking to her n ignoring her knowing that. Aditi cute trials to convince him.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


    • Sindhu K S V

      Yup new avatar of Rudra…It will b more fun in next episode..He is tryinc to gain her love and attention more n more by pretending to b angry…Thank u..

  1. ryths

    superb as usual…luv ur way of writing u r just superb sis…plzzzz update nxt epi asap really excited wat she gonna do now to convince him

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u darling sis ryths…you will see her cute acts n his sweet anger (pretending)…

  2. Ani

    its really very nice……….

    its a request can u please complete Sacred Bonding

    i miss that ff ,,,
    please end it na ‘

    and then continue this but i am sorry if u hape hurt but consider me as a friend because a friend can say anything to another friend na

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Ani…No dear u didn’t are right n just give 2 days time..I will update SB n judgement too..Yes you are my frnd n sis..So u can say anything to me..Pls don’t say sorry…coz no sorry between frnds…

  3. Devga

    Wow yar superb again hero is changd to his sweet character…. And tht coffee…. I think u like coffee more so tht u dont forget to bring some coffee scenes in ur ffs lol…. Ok continue…
    Are u ending judgement with the last bit wat u gave or going to continue with episodes.. Scared bonding also are u gona continue…..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear…He forgave her so easily bcoz he loves her so much…Soon u will know the reason y he killed her father n how he became criminal…I don’t like coffee dear…I drink coffee very rarely…I love lemon tea n geeen tea(health purpose)..

      No I will continue SB n judgement within 2 days…Will end as I planned before..Showing few more incidents in their lives n mission Shakti..

      • Devga

        Grt continue… But dont continue If u r stressed wid work… Complete ur work and then wen free time post it…..

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