My Life, My Choice (part 8)

Life choice 8

Recap: Aditi arrests Rudra. Rudra sent divorce notice to her. Rudra mom made Aditi to realise the truth behind killing her father.

Aditi went to jail to meet Rudra. Rudra came to visitor’d place. He saw her n abt to go.

Aditi:Sidh,pls wait. I came to talk to u.

Rudra:Is anything remained between us to talk? Its quite surprising to see ACP coming to talk with a criminal

Aditi: I didn’t come as ACP. I came as ur wife to talk to u.

Rudra: Really?So do u remember now that u r my wife? Anyways within few days that relationship is going to end. Now just go away from here. I had nothing to talk to u.

Aditi: I know I have done a very big mistake. But pls forgive me Sidh. Pls give me one more chance to

Rudra: To cheat me

Aditi: to correct my mistake

Rudra: I won’t give second chance to anyone. If u have anything to talk, u can talk in court. Now u can go

Rudra left from there and Aditi went to her office. Rudra was brought to court regarding his crimes. Rudra was granted bail as he bribed judge. Rudra came out. Aditi tried to talk to him but he didn’t even look at her and went to his home.

Next day their divorce case came to hearing.

Lawyer: Ms. Aditi, its clear that he forced u to marry. Tell ur version clearly to the honourable judge and justice will b done to u.

Aditi didn’t talk anything.

Lawyer:Don’t b scared Aditi. Tell the truth.

Rudra:Yes. I forced her to marry. Now I realised my mistake to marry her. So I am ready to divorce her.

Rudra stressed the words that my mistake to marry her n Aditi understood wat he mean. Her eyes filled with tears.

Aditi: No. He didn’t force me. I love him. I married him with my consent. I didn’t want to take divorce.

Everyone shocked hearing her words.

Judge: As u are not agreeing for divorce, We can’t sanction divorce to any couple just within one month of their marriage. So,u both stay together for 6 months and still if u both can’t resolve ur issues then court will sanction divorce to u. Now court orders Aditi and Rudra to stay together.

Rudra irritated with the judgment but Aditi smiled looking him. Both came out n Aditi went to Rudra to go with him.

Aditi: Shall I come with u?

Rudra: U want to stay with me. Right? Then come by ur own. I won’t take u to my home.

He left n Aditi went to his home n knocked the door. Maid opened n called Rudra n he came out.

Aditi: May I come in?

Rudra: Do u think u still have place in my house? The moment u betrayed me, u lost place in my heart and my house.

He shut the door on her face and ordered everyone not to open the door. He came out at evng n saw her standing near the door but he left without talking to her. He came at late night and found her sleeping near the door. He woke her up.

Rudra: Come in. If anyone sees, will think that ur husband is torturing u by making u to stay out all the day.

Aditi: Is it not true?

Rudra: I am not torturing u. I just told u to go away. But u r not listening to me. Anyways if u want to stay here, stay calmly without irritating me. Otherwise

Aditi: U will not hesitate even to kill me. Right?

Rudra: No. I will send u back to ur home.

Saying this he left n Aditi followed him silently. She went to the room n he locked it.

Rudra: Look, As its the order of court u can stay here for 6 months but u need to follow few conditions.

Aditi: What

Rudra: U should never interfere in my life. U can do watever u want except trying to come close to me. Don’t behave as my wife. Though we live in the same room, we r just strangers n we have no relationship.

Aditi: For this I no need to come to u n stay with u. Court ordered to stay together for 6 months to resolve our issues and to convince u n regain ur love.

Rudra: U can nvr convince me

Aditi: Aditi didn’t know to lose.

Rudra: Trust once lost can nvr b regained.

Aditi: But as I didn’t know the truth. So I betrayed u.

Rudra: I can’t trust u once again n keep my life in risk.

Aditi:Gud nite. I feel sleepy

Aditi lied on bed n turned other side to hide her tears. Rudra too lied on bed thinking abt her. Suddenly he remembered something n woke up n saw her sleeping.

Rudra(inner voice): Whole day she stood outside n even now she didn’t hav anything. But if I wake her she may think I am loving her. No I don’t love her n most important I nvr trust her. I am not going to wake her up now. I shouldn’t care for her.

In sleep, Aditi hugged him. Rudra immediately took off her hand n went away from that room. Aditi woke up at morning n saw him sleeping in another room. She went to kitchen to prepare coffee for him. No one in the house talked to her. Even if she asked anything no one responsed to her. She understood that they are angry on her. She prepared coffee n went to him.

Aditi: Coffee

Rudra looked her seriously. She closed her eyes as if getting ready to bare his anger. But he just took coffee and sipped it.

Rudra: Its tasty. Thank u

Aditi smiled hearing him. But her hpyness stayed only for few minutes.

Rudra: Don’t b so happy. Coz I will drink coffee even if its prepared by a maid or someone at a cafe. U r no different from them.

Aditi: Can’t u forgive me ever? At least tell me wat should I do to make u forgive me and forget my mistake

Rudra: Kill me. Bcoz till I am alive I won’t forgive u n nvr forget wat u have done to me. You know something Aditi. Even call girls are better than u. Bcoz they won’t use the word love for their work. But u have used love and came close to me just to arrest me. You are even ready to get intimate with me for trapping me. If u really have any self respect or character u would nvr do that. I nvr knew that u will go to any extent for being successful in ur profession. If I knew it earlier I would not marry u. For u love is just a game n marriage had no value. I can nvr forgive u

Aditi eyes filled with tears hearing his words. Rudra left from there. He didn’t come home though she waited for him all day. He came at late nite n knocked the door. She opened n saw him drunken. She made to sleep on bed and took off his shoes n covered him with blanket. She lied besides him n again got up

Aditi: Sidh, did u hav anything?

Sidh: Noooo. I don’t want anything

Aditi got down n brought food for him. She is abt to feed him n threw it.

Aditi: Sidh its ok if u r angry on me but pls have food.

Sidh: Don’t act Aditi. U r good at acting. I loved u soooo much. But u cheated me. Do u know how much it hurts when the one whom we love cheats us. Its almost death and even death is better than that. I thought u r my life n in my whole life I continuously tried to save u. I killed many ppl but most of them were killed to protect u. But u tried to kill me. I hate u Aditi.I hate u.

Saying this he fallen on floor. She tried to make him sleep on bed.

Rudra: Stay away from me. Don’t touch me. I hate u.

Saying this he became unconscious. Aditi made him to sleep on bed. She heard him murmuring.

Rudra: I love u Aditi. Y did u do this to me. How can u do this

Aditi felt bad hearing him n decided to bare anything to regain his trust n love. Morning she brought lemonade for him while he got up n getting ready. He saw her.

Aditi: Drink it. Ur hangover will cure

Rudra: I am sorry

Aditi: What

Rudra: I didn’t remember wat I did last nite. If I hurt u in drunken state, I am sorry.

Aditi: Actually u didn’t do anything that hurts me.

Rudra: Ok. Thank u for the lemonade.

Aditi: Hmm..Y r u thanking me everytime for everything

Rudra: Bcoz u r no one to me. And…

Aditi: And?

Rudra: Leave it. Don’t make me to talk rudely to u again. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Its not my attitude.

Saying this he went to balcony n Aditi hugged him from behind. Rudra immediately took off her hands n pushed her away.

Rudra: Just stay away from me Aditi. Don’t come close to me. Ur presence n closeness is just disgusting to me.

Aditi: I want to say something to u

Rudra: I hav no time to listen to ur nonsense.

Just then his mom came there.

Rudra: Mom

Aditi: Aunty

Aditi took blessings from her.

Aditi: I will bring juice for u aunty

Aditi left.

Vani: Can’t u forgive her Sidh?

Rudra: Maa, How can I forgive her? She betrayed me.Its not small mistake

Vani: I know beta. But I am sure Aditi loves u a lot.Ok leave it. Today is her bday. Did u wish her?

Rudra: No. I forgot

Aditi came with juice.

Rudra: Happy Birthday Aditi

Aditi looked him n felt happy hearing his wishes

Aditi: Thank u

Vani: I came to take u to temple. I will b waiting down. Come fast

Aditi: Ok aunty

Vani left.

Rudra: So tell me wats ur plan for today?

Aditi: I didn’t plan anything

Rudra: Oh I forgot ur dad was expired. So u can’t celebrate it. Right?

She understood his sarcasm n looked seriously

Rudra: Ok. Tell me wat u want for ur bday

Aditi:Wil u give anything I ask

Rudra: Sure except forgiving u

Aditi: Can u spend whole day with me

Rudra: ok

They went to temple n then he took her to lunch.

Aditi: I want ice cream

Rudra: Ok. I will order

Aditi: I want eat it from street vendor

Rudra: R u crazy? Just shut up n tell me which flavour u want n I will order it here

Aditi didn’t say anything

Rudra: Which flavour u want

Aditi didn’t respond

Rudra: Speak out. Otherwise…..

Aditi: U urself told me to shut up. So I am not speaking. When I shut my mouth how can I speak? Again why r u scolding me

Rudra smiled listening her words n suddenly realised he is smiling n became serious again

Aditi: Now u smiled

Rudra: No

Aditi: I saw u smiled

Rudra: No. I didn’t. Who will smile for ur stupid words. Tell me which flavour u want

Aditi: I want to eat at street vendor. Pls pls pls

She kept kids face n behaved n talked lik a kid making him smile again.

Rudra:Ok. Come lets go.

Aditi: Thank u

Aditi caught his hand tightly while walking. He thought to take off the hand but he saw someone seeing n commenting her. He kept his hand over her shoulder n took her close n without her notice he took pistol with other hand n warned them showing it. Aditi observed this n felt happy. They went out n he got a call n ice cream vendor is on other side of the road.

Rudra: Wait Aditi. Aft talking call, I will bring ice cream. Sit in car.

Aditi: Its ok. I will bring.

She left to bring the ice cream

Rudra: Hey Aditi

A car came with full speed n almost hitted Aditi. But Rudra came saved her. Aditi became scared n hugged him. He too hugged her.

Rudra: R u mad? Can’t u take care of urselves? Y r u so careless? U r really so disgusting. I told u to wait. Can’t u wait for 5 mins. If u didn’t listen to me n behave like this, I will send to ur home even before 6 months.

Aditi: Sorry

Rudra is checking her hands.

Rudra: Did it hurt u? R u ok? Nothing happened right?

Aditi: Ya, I am ok

Rudra: Ok. wait here I will bring ice cream.

He brought ice cream for her n made her to cross road very carefully. She is really happy as he is caring for her though pretending to b angry. At evng he arranged bday party for her. Their family n frnds attended party. Aditi is talking with frnds. Rudra stood away from her drinking. Aditi is observing him n he is observing her without others notice. Aft sometime, her male frnds came n joined them. They are chitchatting n laughing. He saw someone of them touching her hand n holding her hand. He took few more pegs feeling possessive towards her. Aditi didn’t understand the reason but noticed he is drinking too much. She immediately went to him n took glass from his hand.

Aditi:Stop it now. Its too much. U drank a lot.

Rudra: Who r u to stop me? Get lost

He pushed her away. But again she went to him.

Aditi: I am ur wife. I won’t go anywhere. Sidh pls don’t drink. Pls listen to me

Rudra: Oh really. Till now u r busy with ur frnds n now u realised that u r my wife n I am drinking

Aditi: Ok. I am sorry. Pls don’t drink

Rudra: Dance with me

Aditi: What? U r not in a position to dance

Rudra: Y wil u dance with me. U will b ready to dance with ur frnds. Go to them. Don’t come to me. Go away

Tears rolled in her eyes listening his words.

Aditi: Ok lets dance

Rudra n Aditi went on to stage n she announced that they are going to dance. Rudra held her by waist n started dancing. But his every touch was so hard n painful showing his anger. She is unable to dance n thought to go away but he pulled her towards him.

Rudra: If u go away before I leave u, I will leave u forever. Just b calm n dance with me. However this is very less if I compare it with the pain u gave to me.

Aditi stopped n danced with him hiding her tears n finally he left her.

Precap: Rudra sending her out of the house in drunken state n finding her near the gate unconscious at mrng. He apologising her n promising her that he won’t drink again. Rudra kissing her when she is asleep.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Sweetie

    Awesome update Sindhu.. πŸ™‚
    You brought out the feelings of Rudra very nicely.. It’s really painful when our loved ones betray us.. I’ll not justify his actions though.. But boy, he is like that.. He loves her too much to hurt her but his anger is making him to do all these things.. Hope he forgives her..

    Waiting for the next update πŸ™‚

    Stay blessed πŸ™‚

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