My Life, My Choice (part 7)

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Episode 7:

Aditi is thinking abt the plan to trap Rudra. Rudra is happy for confessing his love to her. He came to room at evng aft going out on some work and found Aditi standing in balcony. He came and hugged her from behind n kissed her on cheek.

Rudra: Wats up darling. What r u thinking so seriously?

Aditi: How to arrest u

Rudra: What?

Aditi: How to arrest u with my love

Rudra: I am already arrested by ur love.

Rudra smiled and turned her towards him n cupped her face.

Rudra: Aditi, Somehow I will erase the blame of cheating department on u n will make u posted as ACP again. I know how much u love ur profession. I will soon stop all this crime for u. I just want u to b happy.

Aditi: I want to go out for sometime

Rudra:Ok,where u want to go?

Aditi: For shopping

Rudra(inner voice): Its not safe to go out Aditi. But I want to fulfil ur wishes. I didn’t want u to feel that I am containing ur freedom. At the same time I can’t keep ur life at risk

Aditi: R u ok

Rudra: Yes. I am ok. Aditi, I will call designer here n u urself select the clothes n she will bring those by tomorrow. Wat do u say?

Aditi: But I fee so suffocated and as a prisoner staying here all the time. Don’t u trust me Sidh? Y r u hesitating to take me out?

Rudra kept both his hands on her shoulders.

Rudra: No. I trust u. Its not the matter of trusting u dear but…(pause for sometime) Ok get ready we shal go. I will just fresh up n will come

Aditi: ok

Rudra went to get fresh n Aditi sent a msg to someone from his mobile n deleted it. Rudra and Aditi sat in car n she found security in 3 cars coming with them.

Aditi: Why r they coming with us?

Rudra: For security

Aditi: Security? Sidh pls I need some privacy to spend time with u alone. I won’t b comfortable if they come with us.

Rudra: Ok

Rudra asked his security not to follow him inspite of their trials to convince him. Only Aditi n Rudra went for shopping. Aditi is selecting her dresses n Rudra got a call.

Rudra: Aditi, keep this pistol with for safety. I will just come.

Aditi: ok

Rudra abt to handover pistol to her n it fallen down. He looked her once n saw her shivering hands. He took the pistol from ground and caught her hands.

Rudra: Y ur hands are shivering. Its not the first time for u to handle a pistol. R u ok Aditi

Aditi: Ya I am ok. U go. I will manage

Rudra: ok

Rudra gave pistol to her and went out to call back someone. Aditi met someone in the shop and then suddenly she shouted out loud and Rudra hearing her voice ran to her. He saw someone pointing pistol towards her and tried to save her. Then that person pointed pistol towards him. He sighed Aditi to shoot him. But shocking him, Aditi pointed pistol towards him n then few ppl rounded him with pistols.

Aditi: You are under arrest.

Rudra slapped her hard.

Rudra: Is this ur blo*dy plan to arrest me? So ur love is just a tool to cheat me. How can u b so cheap Aditi

Aditi: I loved u truly but wat u did. U killed my father. U blamed me n my sincerity. How can I love u aft all this? Anyways I didn’t want to discuss all these with u now.

Saying this she handcuffed him n took him to police station. Entire news came in media. Aditi joined into her duty again. Lawyer met Rudra.

Lawyer: Sign these papers Rudra, we will apply for bail first.

Rudra signed papers n gave to him.

Rudra: File divorce too

Lawyer: What?

Rudra: Yes. I want to divorce Aditi

She went to her home n met her mom. She saw photo of her father with garland and paid last tribute.

Maid: Madam, someone came to meet you

Aditi: Ok I am coming.

Aditi went to hall and saw Rudra’s mom Vani.

Aditi: Aunty

Vani: Do u still remember me Aditi

Aditi: Aunty, I know y u r talking like that. But I just done my duty. Nothing more than that. Rudra needs to be arrested. so…

Vani slapped her.

Vani: Wat do u know abt him? Do u know y he turned to a criminal? U trusted him even wen he killed his own father n many ppl but u lost trust wen he killed ur father. Do u think ur father is a grt person? True criminal is ur father

Aditi: Aunty

Vani told something to her leaving her shattered. Aditi called her mom to conform abt her dad n knowing its true from her mom, aditi sat on ground n shattered completely. Her eyes filled with tears n she remembered how she betrayed Rudra n arrested him.

Someone: Madam courier

Aditi: Courier to me?

Aditi signed n took courier n she opened it n read it. Its divorce notice from Rudra

Aditi: Nooooo

Vani saw the papers

Vani: Control urself Aditi. U know well abt Sidh. He can’t tolerate lying n cheating. But I am sure he still loves u. Only u can convince him. Don’t lose the hope.

Precap: Rudra coming out on bail n Aditi trying to apologise him but he ignoring her. Court orders both of them to stay together for 6 months before divorce. Aditi returns to Rudra. Rudra scolding her for cheating him n later on sharing with her how much it hurted him n how much he loves her in drunken state.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Lovely episode.. 🙂
    Precap is awesome.. Rudra is gonna confess his feelings.. Wow 😀

    Stay blessed dear.. 🙂

  2. Ananya

    Nic episode dear.. Poor aditi and rudra. They both r at fault.. Hope they patch up soon…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear…Unknowingly they hurted one another..But don’t worry their love makes them forget everything n stay together forever…

  3. Roma

    Awesome episode, keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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