My Life, My Choice (part 6)

Hi everyone.I really missed u all a lot. I thought to discontinue my stories coz of my busy schedule. But I can’t stay away from u all n I felt I must finish my stories. Anything started must b finished. So I am gonna finish my 3 stories. So, I am back.

Episode 6:

Recap: Rudra/Sidh pretending as if he owned Aditi by spiking her milk. Aditi slapped Rudra believing its true.

Rudra had his dinner n both slept. At morning Aditi woke up n got ready n went downstairs. Rudra woke up n took shower n came out. He saw his clothes n accessories arranged on table. He got ready n combing his hair.

Aditi: Coffee

Rudra looked her. He is a bit confused but composed himself.

Rudra: Did I ask u for coffee?

Aditi: No but u said I have to do all ur works as I am ur wife. So…

Rudra(seriously): Enough. Just do wat I say. Not more than that. Now get lost from here n give me some privacy.

Aditi: But I didn’t do anything wrong.

Rudra: Just shut up n get lost from here

Aditi shocked hearing his words n serious tone. He is nvr serious to her in clg days. He used to protect her every time n encourage her. He is her strength. He nvr allowed anyone to hurt her but now he is constantly hurting her. As she love him the most, she can’t even bare even a little bit harshness from him. Her eyes filled with tears n she immediately ran into other room n locked herself in the room. She sat on floor n cried a lot.

Rudra remembered getting a call to him abt Aditi’s father n he ordering his followers to kill her father.

Rudra(inner voice): Aditi, I know u will get hurted knowing that I killed ur dad. But I hav no option. It is the only way I had to save u. Now I decided to b with u forever coz u hav no one. But how long can I b with u? Who am I to u? Can u trust me that I killed ur dad to save u?

Rudra came to her room n knocked it

Rudra: Aditi, open the door

She didn’t respond

Rudra: I said open the door

Aditi opened the door n he immediately got in n locked it. As he is moving towards her, she went back. He caught her n turned her back. He caught both her hands tightly twisting them back. She screamed.

Rudra: Y didn’t u open the door?

Aditi: I… I am not in good mood. So….

Rudra:Look, If I ask u to open the door, u must open it immediately. First tell me y did u lock it?

Aditi: I am just lying on bed. So…

Rudra tightened his grip on her hands.

Aditi: Its paining. pls leave me. I will open door next time immediately.

Rudra: I tightened my grip for lying to me. Watever it is I want u to be loyal n honesy to me. Nvr dare to say lie to me again. Otherwise I already told u, I nvr hesitate to kill u

Aditi: Sorry. I am in bad mood. So I didn’t open the door.

Rudra left her hands. Both hands became red n painful.

Rudra: Go n prepare lunch

Aditi: But…

She saw her hands which are very painful

Rudra: Do u want to say No?

Saying this he came near to her

Aditi: No. I mean yes. I will prepare lunch for u.

Rudra: Not only for me. For everyone who r staying here. Now u can go.

Aditi: ok

Aditi hands got swelling coz of his tight hold.She is unable to cook.

Maid:Bhabhi, u go n take rest. We will do it. Ur hands got swelling. U can’t do

Aditi: Its ok. I will try to do

Rudra who is abt to go out heard their words n came to kitchen.

Rudra: Aditi, Come to room. I want to talk to u

Aditi: ok

Aditi knockd the door

Rudra: Come in

Aditi: Tell me

Rudra: Its ur room too. No need to knock

Aditi: Did u call me to say this? ok. I hav lots of work. I am going

Rudra hold her hand

Rudra: Pls sit. I want to talk something else to u


Both sat on bed n Rudra seeing her but she is not looking him.

Rudra: R u angry on me?

Aditi: Did I hav right to b angry on u?

Rudra: Aditi pls don’t talk like dat

Aditi: Oh. So I didn’t even hav right to talk. OkI won’t talk anything from now. Sorry

Rudra: I didn’t mean it. Ok, I am sorry

Aditi: For wat?

Rudra:For everything

Saying this he slowly kissed her hands n tears tolled in his eyes n in her eyes too.

Rudra: I am really sorry. I am in some tension n I showed frustration on u

Aditi: Is anything wrong

Rudra: I will tell u later

Aditi: Its ok. I am not angry. Ok, I will prepare lunch.

Rudra: No need.Just take rest.

He took pain balm n applied to her hands which turned so black where he caught so tight.

Rudra: I want to say something to u

Aditi: What?

Rudra sat on his knees on floor before her

Rudra: I am sorry for hurting u so much till now. If u give me a chance, I will b back as ur Sidh, ur best frnd n ur first n forever love. Will u b with me trusting me, no matter wat happens between us? Bcoz I can’t say anything to u right now.

Aditi: I didn’t..I mean who said u r my first love?

Rudra: I know

Aditi: No I don’t

Rudra: I hate lies Aditi. U know that well. Till now I thought u like me as a frnd n accepted me as I married u. But today I came to know that u love me.

Aditi(inner voice): That’s the biggest mistake I have ever done. Loving u. U killed my dad n now u r proposing me. I hate u. Somehow I will arrest u. I won’t leave u easily.

Rudra: Aditi, R u ok

Aditi: Ya am ok

Rudra: I love u. Can u b with me throughout my life forgiving me?

Aditi: Yes. I love u too.

Rudra hugged her n kissed on her forehead.

Aditi remembers fb

fb starts:

Rudra is taking shower n Aditi came to room to arrange his clothes. His phone rang n she received the call. Before she speak someone from other side said that her father was killed as per Rudra’s instructions.

fb ends.

Precap: Aditi trapping Rudra n arresting him. Aditi joins in her duty. Rudra sends divorce notice to her. Rudra’s mom meets Aditi.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. vanshika

    hi didi…so finally u r back…I was missing ur updates…and how is ur studies going on…when u have ur exams…now coming to episode its asusual awesome…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..real exam is on aug 7th…Presently mock tests are still going on till 25th july..Yup am preparing for IAS. will update SB asap..studies going well..

  2. vanshika

    and please if possible then update sacred bonding episode 24 asap…u r preparing for IAS???

  3. Devga

    No dear u need not discontinue instead wen u r free just upload anyone…. I am on Cloud 9 …. Thank u… Did u chk ur inbox….

  4. Little angel

    I’m really happy dear that u r back I was so badly missing u n ur stories by the the story is getting more n more interesting day by day keep it up n plz try n update next part of the other stories also

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear…will update stories wenever I get time….I too miss u all very badly..Thats y I came back..

  5. aditi syam

    Really missed u yaar no words to say awesome chapter plzzzzzz update one more chapter I knw it will be super update soon will be waiting

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear…will update wenever I get some free time…Next ep will b his arrest n starting of Rudra’s hatred towards aditi n aditi knowing truth n trying to gain his love n trust back…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Miss u too dear…Sure I won’t discontinue..I will update my stories wenever I get free time…Thank u dear..

  6. Ananya

    Sindhu thanks a ton for coming back.. Really missed ur story… Plzzz don’t leave us again… Update only when u get time.. We will wait no worries but Plz don’t go… Love you yar and thanx for coming back…….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..Sure dear, I won’t stop writing.I will update wenever I get time..Love u

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear dis…He killed her father to save her.She had threat to her life n she doesn’t know that..U will know the truth aft few episodes…

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