My Life, My Choice (part 5)

Episode 5

Recap: Rudra being rude to Aditi n Aditi tries to escape. Rudra punishes Aditi for escaping.

The episode starts with Rudra coming to his room. He kept his mobile on table n went for shower. He realised that he forgot his dress. He knocked on the door of washroom

Aditi: what

Rudra:I forgot my dress

Aditi: So wat should I do

Rudra: Give me dress

Aditi: But I don’t know where u keep ur dresses

Rudra: 2nd wardrobe n 1st row. Check it out

Aditi: ok.

Aditi knocks the door

Aditi: Take ur dress

Rudra opens door slowly n hides behind door n tries to take dress n touched her hands. Aditi closed her eyes.

Rudra:My dress

Aditi: Haan sorry. Take it.

She gave dress n then saw his mobile on table. She took it to check out if she can find any details abt him. Then Rudra came n saw her with mobile

Rudra: Wat r u doing with my mobile? Give it to me

Aditi:Just checking the design n features

Rudra:I know wat r u checking. Now give it to me

Aditi: Take it from me,if u can my swt husband

Rudra: Acha ok my dear swt wife

Rudra came to her n she tried to get up from bed but slipped n fallen on bed. He tried to take mobile n she streched her hand to avoid him taking mobile. He fell on her n then tried taking mobile. Aditi struggled to get up from there. Suddenly in the struggle, his lips touched her lips. Both startled for a minute n then Rudra got up realising that he is on her n snatched mobile n went off.

Aditi remembered wat happened n a smile appeared on her face. Rudra went to another room n remembered wat happened.

Rudra(inner voice): Wats happening to me. How I came that close to Aditi. No its wrong. This girl is making me mad. I should stay away. I have to plan something to make her hate me n stay away from me. Only then I can b in my limits. Otherwise I will lose my control too.But somehow I found that I had feelings for her. Anyways I am not right for her. So I must not feel for her.

Aditi(inner voice): Wow..First kiss. As a girl I was blushed but y did he went off immediately. Anyways I hope he will soon realise my love towards him n he too falls in love with me. I love u Sidh..

Rest of the day he stayed away from Aditi. At nite, Rudra came home.

Maid: Bhai, bhabhi didn’t have dinner

Rudra: Ok. Bring dinner for both of us to room.

Rudra came to room n saw Aditi lying on bed. She immediately sat seeing him.

Rudra: Why didn’t u have ur dinner

Aditi: Actually waiting for u. I want to have dinner with u

Rudra: Don’t b so stupid. Its better for u to have food on time. I don’t know wen I will come home n will have food. Sometimes I may have dinner outside too. So don’t repeat it

Maid came n gave food to both.

Rudra: Have it.

He is abt to go.

Aditi: But where r u going

Rudra: Look I didn’t want to have food with u. I will have food in my personal room. U just have it without further questions. I am already irritated with many works. U don’t irritate me further. Otherwise If I show all that irritation on u then U will become the victim to my anger today. Save ur life by listening my words without saying no.

He left. Aditi didn’t understand his attitude n tears came from her eyes. She had her dinner calmly though she really didn’t want to have anything remembering Rudra’s words. Aft sometime maid came to her.

Maid:Bhabhiji, Milk for u

Aditi: I hate milk. Pls I don’t want. Take it n go

Maid:Bhai ordered to give u bhabhiji

Rudra came to room.

Rudra: Wat happen? Anjana, keep milk there n u can go now.

Maid(Anjana): Ok bhai

She left n Rudra turned towards her with milk in his hand.

Rudra: Drink it

Aditi: But I hate milk. U too know that

Rudra: I told u many times. Here u should behave as I like n not as per ur wish. Now drink it calmly or else I will make u to drink it.

Aditi drank it n felt drowsy

Aditi: Y am I feeling drowsy?

Rudra: I added sleeping pills to it

Aditi: But Y

Rudra: I told u already that tonight I am going to have u. Did u think I am just joking? Now u will understand its true.

Saying this he came near to her. Aditi tried to push him away but she is unable to do coz of drowsiness

Aditi:Pls..Leave me Sidh….

He tightened her grip on her n she went into sleep n became unconscious. Immediately Rudra got up from bed. He called maid n told her to remove her sari n cover her with blanket n went off from there. Maid didn’t understand but did wat he said. He came in the mrng to room n disturbed her hairs n created a scene as if he owned her. Aft sometime Aditi woke up n saw herself covered with blanket n found herself without sari. She was shocked n got up n wore her clothes. Rudra came there.

Aditi: How can u do this to me

Rudra: I can Bcoz u r my darling wife

Aditi: Shut up. I asked u some time but u

Rudra came near her n kept finger on her lips

Rudra: Don’t shout now. Everything is over. I owned u n now I am not at all interested on u anymore. So soon I will send u out of this house n divorce u. I use any girl only once. But frankly u r the best among them all.

Aditi slapped him.

Aditi: Chi..R u a human? How can u talk like dat abt girls? Don’t u have any respect towards them? Do u think girls r just toys to play as if u want? I will show wats the power of a girl. I won’t leave u easily

Rudra caught her hand tightly.

Rudra: Shut up. If u utter one more word, I won’t hesitate to kill u.

He threw her on the floor n went from there. He went to his room n threw all things.

Rudra(inner voice): I am sorry Aditi. I didn’t have any other option to make u hate me coz I am not suitable to u. U r the only girl who is in my life n I promise even if u go away from me, no one can replace u in my life. Sorry for hurting u so much. I am the same Sidh, ur frnd. I nvr disrespect any girl. Life forced me to become a criminal n murderer but nothing can force me to become the one who plays with the life of girls. I nvr played with any girl’s life. But I am happy that u r hating me thinking that my character is bad.

Aditi(inner voice): How can u talk like dat Sidh. U married me just to use me. I nvr expected this from u. But watever I am not a girl who plays according to ur wish. I nvr take divorce from u watever u do n how much u tortures. Till the end I will try to keep up this relationship n make it better. I didn’t wat circumstances changed u like a criminal, murderer n characterless. But surely I will change u as before. I will change u to that extent where u will say except Aditi, no girl can b in my life n where u loves me unconditionally. Till then I will bare everything bcoz I love u.

Rudra came home at night n Aditi is waiting for him.

Aditi: Y r u so late to home

Rudra: Who r u to ask me? Its my home n I can come at anytime

Aditi: Who am I? I am ur wife. Yesterday by owning me, u too accepted that I am ur wife.

Rudra: I did that with many girls. Do u mean I accepted all of them too as my wives?

Aditi: Oh God. Can’t u talk properly. Every word u speak is really so

Rudra: Disgusting?

Aditi: No. Hurting. Yes, ur every word is hurting me a lot.

Rudra: Dats my way of speaking. Can’t help.

Aditi: Dinner?

Rudra: Had outside

Aditi: Gud nite

Rudra: Same to u

Aditi slept n Rudra too slept another side of the same bed. Aditi turned another side but scared as he is so near to her. At mid nite she noticed Rudra moving restless

Aditi: R u ok

Rudra: Hungry

Aditi immediately went to kitchen n prepared some food n brought for him. He is really shocked for her love n care.

Rudra: Thank u

Aditi: So u didn’t had anything outside

Rudra: Actually I didn’t feel hungry at that time.

Rudra abt to have n Aditi saw his hand injured. She caught his hand

Aditi: How does it happen

Rudra: Its common for me during fights.

Aditi: Ok. I will feed u

Aditi abt to feed but Rudra refused.

Rudra: No need. I am habituated to this injuries. Just give me a spoon

Aditi: But

Rudra: Don’t irritate me. Otherwise I won’t have this food too

Aditi: ok

Aditi got up to go to bring spoon n sliped. Rudra caught her. Both had eyelock

Scene freezes with showing Rudra catching her by waist n eyelock between them.

Precap: Aditi came to know his dad was killed by Rudra n she starts hating him. Rudra realises his love for Aditi n tries to gain her love.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. vanshika

    nice episode…but if aditi will love him then how will she arrest him…eagerly waiting for next episodes this is a very different and interesting story…plzzz update next part of sacred bonding…

  2. Kavya

    Hi akka..!! Episode keka undhi 🙂 he started realising his feelings..! Precap interesting nd akka wat abt judgement i am waiting so much for that actually there also u shud unlock some suspense ryt? I know ur busy schedule but try to update na plssss

  3. vanshika

    this rudra is so good…still I am unable to digest the fact that he is a criminal…but I am very curious to know under what circumstances he became criminal…also this is quite interesting that a person who killed his own dad is saving his best friend…plzzz update next parts….and didi how is ur studies going…

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