My Life, My Choice (part 3)

Episode 3:

Recap:Rudra forcing Aditi to propose him. Aditi saw Rudra killing someone.

Aditi shocked seeing him killing someone n at the sametime Rudra notices her presence. He immediately ran to her.

Rudra: Who told u to come outside? Go inside the room

Aditi: How can u kill someone so easily

Rudra looked her seriously n hold her hand n took her to room. He threw her on bed. He took away his shirt scaring Aditi.

Aditi:Wh..What..r u doing?

Rudra:Can’t u see?

Saying this he came near her. She is so scared n in the next moment her eyes fallen on his pistol which he kept on pillow. She took it n pointed towards him.

Rudra:Kill me Aditi if u can

Aditi: I can

Rudra: If u shoot me there will b no difference between u n me. We both become equal.

Aditi: No u r a criminal. I am ACP. I can shoot the criminals

Rudra: Now u r suspended from ur duties So u r not ACP. U have no power to shoot me

Aditi: Even though if I shoot for self defense its not a crime

Rudra: Self defense?? Wats the need to defend urself n from whom

Aditi: From u. U r trying to………

She stopped her words seeing him taking a shirt which is on chair behind her n wearing it.

Rudra: Trying to…

Aditi: Did u take ur shirt to change?

Rudra: Of course. It had blood stains. So I removed my shirt. Wat happen to u?


Rudra: U r as stupid as u r from clg

Aditi: Shut up. I am not that Aditi now.

Rudra:But u gave same reactions then n now when I removed my shirt. But till now I didn’t understand wats up in ur mind

Aditi:Shut up

Rudra:Talk slowly. Bcoz here everyone fears even to talk to me. So I didn’t like anyone to know u r shouting on me

Aditi: I..I want…water

Rudra: Y did u throw food at mrng? U know better than me abt the value of food bcoz its u who taught me valuing food n hunger of poor.

Aditi: I am sorry. Anger took over me n I forgot myself

Rudra: U r the best ACP. U should keep ur emotions in control unlike others n keep up ur values.

Aditi: I am seeing the same Sidh who used to motivate n guide me whenever I lost my confidence n hope n whenever I am in trouble. But the saddest thing is the same Sidh is reason for my troubles now.

Rudra: I am not same Sidh. Don’t try to see him in me. U will lose. I am going out. Do u need anything?

Aditi:Haan. Dresses


Aditi: I didn’t have any dresses to wear. So

Rudra: Ok

Aditi:Where is Vivek

Rudra: He won’t stay with me. He went to his room

Aditi: Are u alone here? Is it true that u killed ur dad?

Rudra: Don’t involve in my personal matters. Its better for u

Aditi: I know wats better for me

Rudra remembers something n smiles unknowingly.

Aditi: I heard Rudra nvr smiles

Rudra: I smiled coz its my habit to say it in our clg days. Now u repeated my words. Don’t copy me

Aditi: U started remembering our clg days. That’s grt. If I stay some more days u may become past Sidh too

Rudra: Never. Anyways think abt urselves n stop thinking abt me.

Rudra left from there n Aditi remembered her clg days.

fb starts:

Its Aditi’s first day of college. She went to clg. A gang rounded her

Aditi:Who r u

Sidh:We are ur seniors

Aditi: So wat

Sidh: Before going to clg u must do something which I order u to do

Aditi: Ragging is prohibited in this clg. I will complain to principal. Give me the way or else I will do wat I said

Sidh caught her hand.

Aditi;Wat r u doing. Leave me

Sidh: Tell me I love u n then I will leave u

Aditi tried to slap him but he caught her other hand too.

Sidh: Cool baby. Tell me I love u or I will kiss u. Fast

Aditi:I love……….

Aditi fainted.

Sidh:Hey wake up. I didn’t do anything. Someone get some water

He sprinkled water on her. She opened her eyes slowly.

Sidh:R u ok?


Sidh gave water to her.

Aditi:Pls leave me

Sidh realised that he caught her in his arms n she is in his lap

Sidh:I am sorry

Aditi got up n saw him with fear

Sidh:U pls go to cls. I am sorry for troubling u.

Aditi went from there smiling to cls. As her frnds told her how seniors done ragging,she told how she escaped by acting fainting. They are laughing n suddenly she saw Sidh besides her ouside the window. Sidh saw her seriously n she turned another side. Aft few minutes lecturer entered the cls n Sidh n his gang came into cls. Aditi to her frnd

Aditi: Y did seniors sat in our cls

Her frnd(Sara):Abt whom r u talking?

Aditi showed Sidh n his gang.

Sara:They are not seniors. They r our clsmates. He is Sidh, topper n most fav student of our lecturers

She got shocked n looked him. Sidh is busy in taking notes n didn’t even look at her (acting).

Aditi went to canteen in lunch time. Sidh too came there. He saw Aditi n her frnds. He went to them

Sidh: Shall I join with u all?

Her frnds: Sure Sidh

Sidh: Thank u

Aditi got up n is going away from there. Sidh too followed her.

Sidh:Aditi wait pls

Finally he caught her hand.

Aditi: Leave me Mister

Sidh: I am sorry Aditi. Actually my frnds challenged me to mske someone believe I sm senior n rag them. U entered into clg at that time n they showed u. So I behaved like dat

Aditi: Just shut up. Its not fun to make someone propose n blackmailing to kiss. I just hate it.

Sidh: I completely agree with u. But anyways u too fooled me acting as if u fainted. So I think it became equal. Can’t u forgive n forget it. Its not good to develop grudge for everything. Take it lite. If u want I will b giving treat to u.

Aditi: Not treat. U need to do something else if u wanna make me forgive u

Sidh: Tell me

Aditi: Never try such things again. Bcoz in this clg from students to teachers, everyone had good opinion on u. Don’t spoil it. Few frnds will b there who r jealous on us n will try to ruin our reputation. Must b careful abt them. Hope u understand. Don’t do things which r not suitable to ur character.

Sidh: May b. I promise I won’t such things again. Shall we b frnds

Aditi: Sure

Sidh: I am Sidharth

Sidh gave shake hand to her.

Aditi: I am Aditi

Aditi came out of her thoughts hearing the voice of Rudra/Sidh.

Rudra: Dresses for u

Aditi: Thank u

Rudra: No thanks between fr…..

He stopped his words n looked her.

Rudra: I am sorry

Aditi: I know u can’t change Sidh. Lets see who will b right

Rudra: Look Aditi, I am already changed. Just stop looking me as Sidh

Aditi: I am not seeing u as Sidh. U r behaving as Sidh

Rudra: If I stay some more time here surely I will lose my patience.

He turned to go

Aditi: Sidh

Rudra: Rudra

Aditi: Ok Rudra. U bought all sarees

Rudra: So wat?

Aditi: I don’t to wear saree

Rudra: What? Don’t lie. I saw u wearing sari manytimes for our clg functions

Aditi: Mom helped me at that time

Rudra: Very good

Aditi: Thank u

Rudra smiled hearing her answer

Rudra(inner voice): It had been a long time I smiled n laughed like dis. But no. I shouldn’t become Sidh again. No. I shouldn’t behave as before. I am Rudra. Yes I am Rudra, heartless criminal.

Aditi: Hello

Rudra: I will send designer to u tomorrow evng. She wil get the dresses u want.

Aditi: Till then?

Rudra: Wat till then

Aditi: Wat should I wear? I want to take shower

Rudra gave a pant n t-shirt to her

Aditi: Wats dis

Rudra: Don’t u know to wear that too?

Aditi: I can’t wear ur’s

Rudra: They are new clothes

Aditi: ok

Rudra is abt to go

Aditi: one minute

Rudra: Wat now

Aditi: I am feeling bore. Can’t u stay for some time

Rudra went near to her n caught her hand tightly.

Rudra: Look, don’t irritate me much. Consequences wil b worst. Its better for u to stay away from me. Just stay in ur limits

He threw her on floor n went off. Her hand became red as he squeezed it.

Aditi(inner voice): Till now he is frndly. Y he became rude at once. I didn’t understand his attitude.

Aditi started remembering her transfer to Mumbai n joining in her duties.

fb starts:

A girl is shown in police uniform without showing her face. She took the cap n kept on her head. She took pistol and kept it in her pocket. She is coming downstairs.

Lady: Aditi, come on. Prayer is completed. Take aarthi.

Aditi: Maa, God will b there with the one who stands for truth. I choose truth as my path. So he will bless me always. But don’t force me to follow these rituals.

Man: Madhavi, U know abt her well n why everyday u will try to make her follow all rituals.

Madhavi: U n Ur daughter nvr changes. U both believe God but nvr do prayer. I don’t understand ur views.

Aditi: Mom, don’t b angry on me. Bless me. Today I am going to report duties in this city.

Mom: Careful Aditi. This is Mumbai. Care of address for under world. Be careful

Dad: She is my daughter. If Mumbai is care of address for gangsters, my daughter is care of address for courage n success. She will eliminaye the crime here too as she done earlier in many cities.

Aditi: Ok mom n dad. I am leaving. Bye

Aditi left in her vehicle.

Aditi went Commissioner.

Aditi: Good morning sir. ACP Aditi reporting.

Commisioner: Good morning. Take ur seat.

Aditi sat on chair n Commissioner gave file to her.

Comm: Ms. Aditi, dis is the file of hardcore criminal Rudra. He is the terror in the minds of ppl here. Even police dept is fearing for him. We heard many things abt u n ur courage. I have confidence on u that u will surely catch him. Catch him either dead or alive.

Aditi: Thank u sir. I hope I will succeed in this mission.

She opened the file n shocked seeing Sidh’s photo.

Precap: Rudra’s rude behaviour making Aditi to try to escape. Rudra catches her while escaping n throws her in dark room n punishes her.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. vanshika

    very interesting and different story…but I doubt is rudra/sidh really a criminal…anyways today’s episode was asusual awesome…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Didn’t write yet..I wrote next ep of this story n judgement ff…will post sacred bonding soon…

  2. Kavya

    Akka..!! I dont know tht u started writing this. Just now i completed reading the episodes..! Nd they were just fantastic..!! Unique story..!! Hats off for ur unique thinking nd ur narration skills.. Waiting for next episode..!! πŸ™‚

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u ra..hw is ur prep going on for entrance? TU is not taking articles now..Till tomorrow I can’t submit…But ep was already written..

  3. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode, very awesoooooome story….I’m loving it sooo muchhhhhh. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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