My Life, My Choice (part 2)

Hi everyone,Sindhu KSV here again with another story. Hope u will like it.

Link to previous episodes: Episode 1

Episode 2:

Sidh/Ridra went to his room n sat on sofa thinking abt Aditi n their conversation. Someone came there.

Someone: Bhaiya I want to talk to u

Sidh: Vivek, u here? I can’t believe my eyes. Come in. So now u understood me. I am so happy that my younger bro returned to me

Vivek: Stop it.I didn’t come to stay with u. I came to talk abt ACP Aditi with u

Sidh: Wats there to talk abt her?

Vivek: I know u hav no heart n u even killed our dad. I am not there at that time, So I didn’t save him but surely I will save Aditi from u. She is the reason behind me being alive. If she didn’t save me 7 yrs back risking her life, I won’t b alive today. I will take her from here

Sidh:Really? Try taking her from here

Saying this he ordered his follower to take Vivek to Aditi. He went inside. Aditi is so weak as she didn’t even take water from a day.

Vivek: Mam

Aditi looked him.

Aditi: Who r u?

Vivek: Didn’t u recognise me? I am Vivek

Aditi: Rudra bro?

Vivek: Yes. I am so sorry for everything that happened. I want to take u from here. Come with me

Aditi: No I can’t. Bcoz if I go out everyone looks me as a criminal. I can’t digest that. Even my parents hate me now.

She closed her eyes to hide tears.

Vivek: I understand. But atleast have something. I am sure u will prove the misdeeds of Rudra one day. Pls b brave

Aditi is almost collapsing

Aditi: water

Vivek went out n asked guard to bring water. Guard told Rudra ordered not to give her even water. Vivek went seriously to him

Vivek: Do u want to kill her? Did u marry her for that?

Rudra: Wat happen?

Vivek:She is collapsing n guard said u told him not to give even water to her

Rudra:I told her to have food but she threw it away. She didn’t know the value of food n how many ppl in India are starving for food. Now she will realise the value of food.

Vivek: She is going to die

Rudra: U told u r going to take her with u. Wat happen my little bro

Vivek: She refused to come as u posed blame on her as ur supporter n lover.

Rudra: Now u can go.

Saying this he went to her room.

She lied on the floor. He locked the room n sprayed water on her. She came into conscious

Aditi: water

Rudra: U need water. Ok come on tell me sorry for throwing food now

Aditi: I hate u

Rudra: Hmm.Ok tell me I love you if u want water.Otherwise u will die here itself starving

Aditi: No way

Rudra: If u die, u will end up as a criminal n nvr get a chance to prove ur innocense. Decide urselves darling.

Aditi looked at him with anger.

Rudra: Come on tell me I love you. Just 3 words n 3 secs all it takes.

Aditi: I love……..

She fainted.

Rudra: Aditi..wake up.

She didn’t come into conscious n he made her to drink water n feeded her food. He took her in his arms to his room n made her sleep on bed. He is going n Aditi slowly opened her eyes thinking he went off n suddenly he returned back n sat near her.

Aditi: Didn’t u go

Rudra: Its my room. Where will I go. Anyways u r not only a good ACP but also a good actor

Aditi: Wat the hell…..

She stopped as he kept his finger on her lips.

Rudra: I know u acted as if u fainted to avoid telling me I love you. Now let me see how will u escape.

Saying this he leane towards her n she is moving away. He caught her arm n came near to her lips. He touche her lips with his fingure.

Rudra:Ur lips are so soft n beautiful

Saying this he came more near n his lips are almost touching her lips. She Kept disgusting face n closed her lips tightly.

Rudra:Tell me I love u or else I will kiss u. Choose wats better. Now open ur eyes

Aditi realised that she closed her eyes unknowingly.She opened n looked him. Both had an eyelock

Rudra: Come on. Fast tell me ur choice

Aditi turned her face

Aditi: I love you

Rudra: Are u saying it to wall? Turn towards me n say

She turned n said

Rudra: Hmm. Look into my eyes n say

Aditi:Ok. I love u

Rudra:Something is missing. Haan its ur beautiful smile. Now seeing me n looking into my eyes, say it with a smile

Aditi: I love u

Rudra: Wow..Its really wonderful to hear these words from u. Ur proposal is awesome But I need some time to think over this. I will reply u later

Aditi shocked listening him.

Aditi: Wats the hell. I just did wat u said. Didn’t propose.

Rudra: I said I need some time. Will tell my opinion soon

He winked n went off.

Aditi(inner voice):Is he mad? Why he is playing with me? I hate u. U spoiled my whole life. I won’t leave u that easily. I will arrest u for sure.

Aditi heard someone shouting n went out. She saw Rudra shooting someone at point block at downstairs. Aditi shocked n Rudra saw her.

Precap: Aditi remembering her frndshp with Rudra n getting order to handle Rudra’s case.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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