My Life, My Choice (part 10)

Episode 10:

Recap: Rudra n Aditi lovely moments

The episode starts with Aditi talking with her MIL on phone.

Aditi: Ya aunty. I am really so happy today. Aft a long time Sidh talked sweetlyn lovingly to me. Yesterday aft seeing his anger, I thought he would nvr forgive me but today he is so cool. He told that he is giving me one more chance to regain his love. I am really so happy.

Rudra smiled hearing her words.

Vani: God bless u beti. I hope he will forgive u soon n u both reconcile. I hope he will leave that crime too.

Aditi: Hope so. Watever I am happy that he gave a chance to me. Ok aunty, I will talk later. Sidh will come. Bye.

Vani: Ok beta. Bye.

Aditi turned n saw Rudra close to her

Aditi: What r u doing here

Rudra: I can do anything anywhere in my home

Aditi: Let me go pls

Rudra: No.

Saying this he pinned her to the wall.

Aditi: Please

Rudra: Where u want to go leaving me?

He came more closer n Aditi bent her head blushing

Rudra: Do u really want me to leave u

Aditi nodded in no. Rudra lifted her chin n kissed her lips slowly. Aditi closed her eyes n caught his shirt tight. He left her

Rudra: I want to say something to u. On that day I spiked ur milk but I didn’t do anything to u. I didn’t even touch u.

Aditi: Really?

Rudra: How can I misbehave with u when u r not ready for it. I respect ur feelings

Aditi hugged him

Aditi: I love u. From now, I am all your’s. I didn’t accept yesterday bcoz u r not in conscious. But not because I didn’t love u.

Rudra: Its ok. I understand. I shouldn’t behave like that with u. its my mistake. By the way u like slapping me,right. U slapped me 2 times. Now I want revenge for that. U must repay

Aditi: Re….Revenge. R u going to slap me now? I am really sorry. pls. I won’t behave like dat ever. Pls

Rudra(seriously): No way. I am going to take my revenge now

Aditi closed her eyes tightly thinking he is really angry. Rudra smiled n kissed on both her cheeks.

Rudra: This is the revenge wat I want

Aditi opened her eyes n smiled looking him.

Rudra: R u scared?

Aditi: I thought u r really angry on me.

Rudra: No. Ok come lets go out for shopping.

Aditi: Shopping now?

Rudra: Don’t u want to spend time alone with me

Aditi: Ya but

Rudra: Ok then get ready. We r leaving in 5 mins. Must get ready within that time.

Both got ready n is going. Rudra asked security not to accompany him. Aditi felt a bit uncomfortable remembering their last outing. He took her to the same mall.

Aditi(inner voice): Why he brought me to the same mall? Is he going to take revenge on me? I didn’t understand wat he is upto.

Rudra: Aditi, get down

Aditi got down. He kept his hand around her shoulders n took her inside. He behaved very normally. Aditi felt uneasy n tensed. He took her to the same shop.

Rudra: Select wat u want

Aditi: I want to go home pls

Rudra: R u feeling uncomfortable at this place?

Aditi: pls Sidh. I want to go.

Rudra: Ya sure aft shopping. Select dresses of ur choice

Aditi: I don’t want anything. I want to leave

Aditi is abt to leave as already she is in tears but Rudra pulled her towards him.

Rudra: I said u to select dresses. Only then we will go. Just do wat I say. Understand


Aditi tried to b normal but she is remembering continuously hw she cheated him, pointing pistol towards him, handcuffing his hands,arresting him. Salesgirl showed her dresses but she is not in this world n didn’t respond.

Rudra: Aditi, r u ok

Aditi: Haan. U select whichever u like

Rudra: I don’t like dresses. I like to see u only in sarees.

Aditi: Ok. Select sarees.

Rudra bought few sarees for her n both went to home.

Aditi: Y did u took me to the same mall again?

Rudra: U want me to forget wat u have done to me but u urself not able to forget it. How can u expect me to do that? Tell me when u feel that u forgot that incident completely.

Aditi didn’t understand his behaviour. He didn’t scold her nor he is harsh to her. But still his acts are hurting her.

Rudra: Bring me a coffee

Aditi: Ok

Rudra(inner voice): I know Aditi, I am a bit harsh to u again. But I just want u to realise that only trust can make a relationship stronger. I want u to trust me irrespective of proofs. As mom told the truth u came to me. But I want u to believe that watever I do will b right irrespective of others confirmation to u saying that I am right. U must understand that.

Aditi:Coffee for u

Rudra: Ok

Day was completed n next day she went to office. She got a call from commissioner saying that someone seeked protection for their lives from Rudra as they are marrying against Rudra’s wish n he is sending them to her. She got shocked seeing Vivek

Aditi: Vivek, wats the hell is this?How can u marry without informing aunty n Sidh

Vivek:Bcoz Rudra won’t accept for this marriage.

Aditi: I will convince him. Pls listen

Vivek: I am sorry bhabhi. We won’t hav time. This is commissioner’s letter to give us protection.

Aditi read it n as she had no option, she got them married. She went to home n to her room. She scared a bit seeing Rudra angry

Aditi: Sidh,actually….

Rudra: Is marriage happened well?

Aditi: Sidh plz listen to me

Rudra: Shut up Aditi. This is not first time for u to hurt me. How can u get my bro married without informing me? Do u think u can do anything u want?

Aditi: No I didn’t done it as per my wish. Its commissioner’s order for me. I am sorry. Pls understand I am helpless at that time

Rudra didn’t listen to her n went off.

Aditi(inner voice): Wat should I do now? Again he is angry on me. Y fate is playing with me like this? How can I gain his love permanently? My profession is interfering with my personal life. Y it always happens only with girls where boys are always free from their profession n personal lives. Anyways I have to convince him.

She searched for him but he is not at home. She prepared his fav dish n asked maid to serve it without telling him that its prepared by her. He came home at nite n having dinner. He had first bite of rice with curry prepared by her.

Rudra:Who prepared it?

Maid: Bhai

Rudra:I asked who prepared it?

Maid: Actually….

Rudra: Call her to serve food

Aditi heard it n came to him to serve food. He sighed maid to go. Aditi is really scared thinking he may insult her there in front of security n maid.

Rudra: Did u hav ur dnr

Aditi: Not yet

Rudra: Ok then sit..lets hav it together. By the way curry is awesome.

Aditi n Rudra had their dnr n came to room. As soon as she entered into the room he pinned her to the door

Rudra: Did I ask u to prepare dnr for me? Stop ur overaction n stay in ur linits

Aditi: Sidh, I didn’t do anything wrong. I just

Rudra: Don’t dare to interrupt me while talking. You have done everything wrong. I am wrong i giving u another chance. You will b punished for ur faults Aditi. I won’t leave u easily as u r hurting me continuously. I felt to throw food prepared by u but I didn’t want to insult u before others as u insulted me twice.So I didn’t do that

Aditi scared hearing his words.

Rudra: Tomorrow u r going to ur home n shouldn’t return till I permit u to return.
Aditi: Sidh plz

Rudra: If u want to stay with me just accept watever I say.

Aditi: Stop it Sidh. I am not ready to go away from u. I didn’t do anything wrong. As ur bro took help of commissioner, I am compelled to get them married. Its not my fault

Rudra looked her seriously n went to balcony. Aditi hugged him

Aditi: Pls I am sorry Sidh

Rudra broke the hug n slept on bed. Aditi slept besides him n hugged him again.

Rudra: Get up. Go n sleep in other room.

Aditi: But y?

Rudra threw pillow n blanket on her face.

Rudra: Sleep on floor. If u go to other room, everyone wil know. So sleep here itself on floor. Get lost.

Aditi slept on floor n started shivering n groaning. Rudra woke up n tried to call her but she acted as if she is unconscious. Rudra lifted her n placed her on bed n rubbed her palm n feet. She hugged him tightly shivering. He too hugged her thinking she is really shivering. Aditi smiled looking his concern n seeing this he left her

Rudra: R u acting? You nvr change.

Aditi: You too nvr change in taking care of me though u r angry on me. I love u.

Rudra: Go to hell with ur love

Aditi: I am chorry pls

She kept kid’s face n hold both her ears. Rudra smiled seeing her cute acts but didn’t show it to her.

Rudra: I am sleepy. Gud nite

Both slept. Morning Aditi woke up n saw him n kissed o his forehead. She got ready. Rudra too got ready

Rudra: Aditi, Bring me coffee

Aditi: Take it

Aditi is packing her luggage. Rudra didn’t understand wat she is doing

Rudra: Are u going anywhere

Aditi(inner voice): He himself told me to leave n now he is asking me like dis. Wat kind of a person he is. wanna kill him

Rudra: Should I repeat my question? Can’t u answer at once?

Aditi: Ya

Rudra: Whr r u going

Aditi: To my home

Rudra: Come again

Aditi: To my home

Rudra hold her hand tightly n pulled her towards him. She screamed in pain.

Rudra: You hav only one home. That is this one. Understand

Aditi: But u urself said….

Rudra: Shut up. With whose permission r u leaving? Don’t u know u have to inform me before leaving

Aditi freed herself from his hold

Aditi: Y don’t u listen before shouting? Yesterday u told I shouldn’t stay here. So I am leaving

Rudra remembered his words.

Rudra:I said it in anger. No need to go anywhere

Aditi: I am sorry Sidh. I am leaving. I can’t stay here anymore. For everything u r threatening me that u will send me to my maternal home. It became casual for u to ask me to leave whenever u want. I can’t stay. Bye

Aditi(inner voice): I know u will stop me.

Aditi took her luggage n is going. Her heart started beating fast as he didn’t move from his place nor he asked her to stay. Aditi eyes filled with tears n she is walking slowly towards downstairs. Suddenly she felt a hand holding her. Rudra caught her hand n took her to the room n threw her on bed.

Rudra: U r not going anywhere. Stay here. I nvr ask u to leave again. I promise. Don’t go.

Aditi wiped her tears n hugged him.

Aditi: Really I didn’t have any intention of marrying Vivek with his love. It happened unexpectedly.

Rudra: Ok. I trust u but mom is very upset. I don’t understand how to console her.

Aditi: Shall we go to aunty?

Rudra: No Aditi. Mom saw the news in tv where they said u got them married. News channels highlighted u as the main reason behind their marriage. Mom is angry on u. So I will go n talk with her first. I too trusted that news. So I got angry on u yesterday.

Aditi:ok. I will talk with Vivek once

Precap: Revelation of reason behind Sidh becoming Rudra n killing Aditi’s dad.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


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