My Life, My Choice (part 1)

My life, my choice:

Episode 1:

A car is stopped at the house which resembles a palace. Door was opened by guards n person got down. He is Siddharth. He is in black suit with gagools.

Siddharth: Where is she?

Guard: In room bhai

Siddharth rushed towards a room n asked the guard who is near the door to unlock it. Door was opened. He went inside. It was dark. He switched on the light. A girl sat on the floor weeping. He took a chair n sat in front of her.

Sidh: How r u dear Aditi?

Aditi fumed seeing him n raised hand to slap him. He caught her hand tightly n squeezed it. She screamed with pain.

Sidh: Look when I am talking frndly, u must reply me in the same way. Otherwise consequences will b worst. Now tell me hw r u?

Aditi: Leave my hand Sidh. Its hurting

Sidh(shouting): Not sidh. Rudra,the underworld don. Call me Rudra. Sidh was dead long back. He is no more

Saying this he left her hand n went out of the room with food.

Sidh: Eat it Aditi.

Aditi: I don’t want

Sidh: To b alive u must eat something.

Aditi: I am already dead the moment u married me n media blamed me saying that I am ur lover n supporter. All my dreams are shattered. Till now I am the sincere ACP. Now I am the culprit who betrayed police department. Everything coz of u. I do not want to b alive. Get lost from here

Sidh: Aditi, even if u die u can’t erase the blame. Thats Rudra. I warned u before not to handle my case. But u didn’t listen to me. Now face the consequences swt hrt.

He tried to touch her cheek n she pushed his hand away.

Sidh: Hmm. ok. Eat it

Aditi: I said I don’t want it

Saying this he threw the plate. Sidh saw her angrily n hold her hand n pulled her near to him. He took pistol from his pocket n kept it on her forehead.

Sidh: I will shoot u

Aditi: Shoot me. Is it new for u? Till now u shot many ppl dead.

Sidh: No. If I shoot u will die within minutes. But wat I want is u must die every minute till u die really. I will create the situation where u will beg me to kill u.

Aditi: I don’t leave u Mr. Rudra. I will arrest u n prove my innocence for sure.

Sidh: Good confidence. But to do that first u must get out of my den. U can’t. Anyways now the bad days of ur life starts. All the best

He left her n called a guard.

Sidh: Remember till I permit don’t give her even a drop of water.

He turned towards Aditi

Sidh: This is the punishment for throwing the food. I will see till wen u can b like this without having even water.

Sidh locked the room n went.

Precap: Sidh making Aditi to say ” I love you” to him. Aditi seeing Sidh killing someone.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Roma

    Awesome wowwww new story, I loved it…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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