My Life, My Choice (Intro)

Hi guys, here is the introduction:

Siddharth: Crime is his profession. Smuggler and Murderer. Very rude n heartless.

Aditi: IPS officer. Strict n intelligent. The best n inspiration to any girl.

Frnds, story revolves around their lives, their frnds. The twist is Siddharth is Aditi’s best frnd long back. She loves him but he does not know that. Aft 5 yrs she meets him as an IPS officer who is incharge of the case in which he involved. He marries her to save her from a threat but unfortunately she doesn’t know that. Her priority is profession n his priority is to save her, but he still doesn’t know abt her love on him during college days. Wat happens finally? Does he able to save her? Is he gets arrested by her? Is she able to confess her feelings? Does he comes to know her love ? How he falls for her? This is the story. Do u guys like this?

If u like I will continue but not now n after 10 days coz presently writing 2 ffs.. Can anyone of u guess me? I am scared a bit whether my frnds will guess me or not..

Credit to: Unknown


  1. Bella

    Hello..How are you? I can’t get you from the writing and plus I don’t want to hurt you by naming the wrong person..but I’ll be glad to know who you are..and honestly, the story is so amazing..I like stories which catch my attention..and yours’s a great start..hope to see much more from you..consider me as your supporter, family and reader already..mind to check my story “music sheet”..hope you will check it..byee????

  2. Ananya

    Sindhu is it u?? I just feel like its u.. Sry if I am wrong..
    The storyline is gud will be waiting for it..

  3. Lakshmi

    Nice plot dear n I think it’s sindhu but she said she’s busy till Saturday. Sorry if u r not sindhu. Continue dear.

  4. Ameena

    Storyline is really really good. Like already addicted to it. Pls continue. I think it’s sindhu. ?

  5. Zara

    Hey, look whoever you are (cause idk you), just continue with it. The intro itself is so captivating.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.