Life Changes (Prologue)

Guys, Hi I’m Rain. And my friend Lilz and me r writing this ff called Life Changes. We’ve written many chaps already so it can’t be changed but I really hope u guys like it. It’s a new concept for us. Pls comment. It’s not easy to write ff’s so when v write something we expect some comments.

Life Changes- Prolouge


Laksh Gadoddia- Swara best friend. Serious, mature business man. Takes work seriously. Loved Ragini Bose. But doesn’t believe in love, trust, etc. Business partners with Swara Bose. Only Swara understands him. Has a past. Orphan raised by Shomi.

Swara Bose- Laksh bff. Serious, mature business woman. Takes work seriously. Doesn’t believe in love, trust, etc. Ragini Bose sister. Laksh understands her. Has a past. Guarded emotions. Doesn’t loose self control. Daughter of Sharmishta and Shekhar.

Ragini Bose- Sister of Swara. BFF of Mayur Tripathi. Business oriented. Loves Mayur and money. Daughter of Shekhar and Sharmishta.

Mayur Tripathi- Ragz love interest and BFF. Very cunning. Orphan.

Sanskar Maheshwari- Handsome boy. Swalak PA. Business oriented. Caring. Open minded guy who believes in love, trust, etc. Intelligent guy. But when he’s curious about something he can go to any extent to find out. Loves his family.

Sharmishta Bose- Wife of Shekhar. Single parent.

Shekhar died long back in an accident.



Laksh bangs his hand hard on a door. Blood starts oozing out.

Swara: Laksh! Keep ur anger in control. It’ll come in handy later.


Swara: Leave it. What happened, happened.

Laksh looked at her surprised: Ur trying to tell me that I shud forget this betrayal? SWARA THEY BETRAYED US! SHE BETRAYED U AND ME!! ? And ur still taking her side?

Swara whirled around and faced him. She had an angry expression on her face.

Swara: What do u think I am? A mediator? A peacemaker? Someone who bears the tortures from anyone? No no no Laksh! I said leave this incident. It happened we can’t change it. But v can change how things happen from now. Trust me, we won’t spare her. Either of them. They deserve to be punished Laksh. Becoz of her, so much drama has taken place in our lives. All thanks to her. U think I’ll spare them? NEVER!

Laksh: But what to do?

Swara: I have a plan.

She tells him the plan.

Laksh: This is the perfect plan. Giving them back what they did with us. But it’s gotta be executed perfectly. U know that rite?

Swara angry: I know. But for that, v need to keep our anger in control Laksh. V cannot loose our self control. This anger will help us a Lot later. Geddit?

Laksh: Yes partner. We won’t spare them. And we cannot let emotions overtake us any more.

Swara took a photo out and looked at it.

Swara: Laksh, the first thing we’ll do after we’ve taught a lesson those two betraying idiots is we’ll burn this photo and eliminate them from our lives.

Laksh: Yea Swara. Our only goal now is to bring them down. No emotions, just the goal.

They joined hands and looked at the photo.

Swalak angrily: Well, the show begins now!


What’s happening?
Why r Swalak hurt?
What happened to them?
Who betrayed them?

Read on to know more…

Credit: RainLils

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  1. Very nice both of you… I think so Ragini betrayed them… maybe….

  2. why you want to show ragini in negative character!! plz choose someone for negative role

    1. It’s not clear if Ragu is negative. She may not be negative….

  3. so nice. pls make it swalak. there swalak are veey less.

    1. We r not sure of the pairs yet but we’ll take ur suggestion into consideration:)

  4. awesome…..I think ragini betrayed them…..

  5. Nice intro dear

  6. Awesome rain lilz??

    1. Thanks and yeah am lilz and your comments mean a lot!! And yeah we both are not yet sure about the pairs or negative roles yet so keep reading and encouraging us like that!

  7. nyc..plz continue..

  8. Awesome i think tbey are talking about their lovers and plz make swalak

  9. dont tell me ragini and mayur betrayed them.
    pls dont make ragini negative.

  10. Awesome
    Plz make it swasan

  11. awesome
    ragini looks awesome in negative role
    like it very much

    1. He thanks:) we don’t know if Ragini is the one who betrayed them. Maybe there is another character who we haven’t mentioned in character sketch to keep suspense:)

  12. Make it swasan

  13. Awesome

  14. please yaar make it ragsan and don’t show ragini neg please yaar

  15. Hey guys this is lily! Aka lilz and thanks a lot for your valuable comments mean a lot! Keep encouraging us like that and yeah please silent readers do comment! And shower your blessings and critics also! Everything is welcomed!

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