Life Changes (Part 5)


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Life Changes- Part 5

Hi guys:) I know all of u r eager to know past but we r gonna reveal it slowly. But don’t worry, it won’t be boring even for a second. Enjoy:)


Recap: Swara is going to see Sanskar’s presentation.

————– till now ——————

SwaSan to the study room. swara took the presentation done by sanskaar and……….”burnt it”…in front of his own eyes….

swara:- (smirking and burning the presentation)…. this made you sleep right?! Mr. Maheshwari… so…now you will loose all your sleep ??

sanskaar:- (don’t know what to say)…m — ma’am?

Sanskaar’s current situation :-

He was so sad? and damn angry? but it was mainly a mixture of helplessness??? and anger???? as……. he was working so hard? for this….got blasting from her..and MAINLY….this was…….his FIRST EVER?? PRESENTATION he did after joining his NEW JOB……FIRST……but she BURNT? it???…. even ? without checking???! that was what that was revolving in his mind…….He wouldn’t have bothered if she would’ve burnt or ripped it ? into pieces after reading it or at least name sake checking it for…his hard work… but NO! SHE BURNT IT!?? that hurt him the most….first he didn’t know what to do?! ask her or what? but when he saw her…”she was smiling”?! ?????is she mad ?? does she need any appointment?! what on blo*dy hell is wrong with her???!!!! he lost his temper!!!

sanskaar:- (held her shoulders) swara?! what the blo*dy hell is wrong with you?! and why are you smiling?! answer me dammit !!!??????

swara:- Mr. Maheshwari…. if you haven’t forgotten then you’re working for me! ….not my friend to question me…and what is this “swara, swara” huh?!? am boss not a friend! …and secondly i did this for a reason and you won’t understand…so just listen go to your room silently and get the details and don’t you dare open your mouth! get it?! ????

sanskaar :- swara but…why…I mean okay ma’am..??

he left to his room.

Sanskar: (in mind) :- Oh god! Where did I get stuck? ? I’m PA for Psycho Lady Gabbar! She’s mad! Not just angry, mad! ? She needs psychiatric treatment! (Calms down)☺ but why did she burn my presentation?! she even told that there is a reason…what might it be?! ?? I have a feeling that this contract is more than just an assignment to her and Laksh sir. It’s something bigger. This whole company thing has a bigger motive. And this is my gut feeling. And my sixth sense has never been wrong. Am I being used? ? What is actually happening?? Why do both of them behave like psychos?? I need to find out. But for that I need to calm PLG (Psycho Lady Gabbar). But what to do? DAMMIT!?

—— in Laksh’s room —-

Swara is pacing . She had burnt the presentation cause it had been messed up. She had gone to inform Laksh immediately. Laksh is shocked at what he had heard.

Laksh: (freaked out) This means she’s done it again? Oh freak! ?

Swara (stressed a bit): WHAT WILL WE DO NOW LAKSH?… how can we re-do our presentation?! and tommorow is the day…its impossible!

Laksh cupped her face: First, calm down…..☺ Calm down Shona. Calm.

He kissed her forehead to calm her down. Swara calmed down.?

Laksh: Listen, we’ll get the contract. Don’t worry. Our plan will not go waste Because of her. I’ll make sure it doesn’t… chill babe ??…and remember ” Laksh and swara are together…??”

Swara: nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! (smiled faintly) ☺….yeah!

Laksh: yeah…but i feel really bad for him shona….it was his first ever presentation and you burnt it…without even attempting to explain him what’s going on…feel bad for him?

Swara: So what should I do? Sip on tea with that fool Sanskar? and wait…..why are you supporting that fool?! ? he slept in my office! he deserves it!

Laksh: No… always shona’s side only but….okay leave it let’s focus on our presentation and mission and GOAL!!!

Swara: Yeah

Laksh took a chocolate out. ????

Laksh: Here. Take this. This is the only thing that keeps u normal and concentrated.

Swara took it and started eating it.

Swara: This and u. But what do v do now Lucky?☺☺☺??

Laksh: Shona, I have a plan.?

Swara: What??

Laksh tells her. Swara finds it good. She goes to Sanskar.

———- morning ——

—– presentation for contract —–

Sanskar is nervous. He presents his presentation with Swalak help. After waiting a lot of time, clients call all presenters in.

Client one: Well v have come to a conclusion now. We have decided who we wanna work with.

Client two: And the company we wanna work with is… G&B COMPANY! (Gadoddia&Bose company)

Swasanlak were very happy.???? But Swalak didn’t show it. One person was upset though ???.

Sanskar shook hands with clients.

Sanskar: Thank u Mr. Gupta. It’ll be a pleasure working with u. ☺☺

Mr. Gupta: I think the pleasure is ours Mr. Maheshwari. Hear lots about G&B companies. ??

They went. Swasanlak went but Swara peeped back in to see the sad face of someone. ????

Swara: U tried to destroy me rite? See? The whole game changed.?????


Laksh gave her chocolate and told her something….

Laksh:- shona….tomorrow is presentation right? you guys still have the entire night…and by this he won’t get his sleep so by this way you get your revenge and your work is done! ? and I’ll also help you guys by giving coffee so…what say?!

swara:- plan toh acha hai…as I’ll get my revenge and my presentation will not be ruined…??? (smirks)

—— flashback over ——

Swara (smirks and laughs evilly inside) :- karma industry…Karma Industry….KARMA INDUSTRY…. poor babies….trying to step on the roads of swara Bose… I hope after this incident you’ll think infinite times before trying to cross my roads.. ????

—— office ——

Everyone were happy at news and were happy to see that their strict bosses were calmer than they normally are…and only one was sad in there company….

EVERYONE LISTEN! ATTENTION PLS! Thanks. Ok. So get ready. Tomorrow night, we have a party as a celebration for this success. All have to come. Our clients will also be coming and I want everyone present there so we can get them to meet u all. And some other guests will be there. and party at Bose Mansion! be there by 6 on dot! ?!

Swalak went with Sanskar and Rivanya to the common SwaLak cabin!

——- in SwaLak cabin ——

Laksh: Ritik, set up cameras everywhere in the party hall. Shivanya, get all arrangements and food done for party. It needs to be perfect. And Sanskar, here’s the guest list with all numbers and addresses. Send out invites. No hotch potches. Now go! All of u!

They all went. Laksh turned to Swara who was smirking evilly.
Laksh did the same.

Laksh: Karma Industry…. They thought they can overtake us? ?? No way! What did u think Mayur Tripathi? You’ll overpower Swara and Laksh? No chance.???

Swara: Now u see Mayur Tripathi ? and ur dearest partner in crime! U both see how the game changes from here. Till now u were enjoying. Get ready for ur downfall. (smirks)

Swalak: It’s payback time!

Screen freezes.


Precap: Business Party. Laksh drunk.


Hope u guys liked it. Love y’all. From Lily and Rain.

Credit: RainLilz

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