Life Changes (Part 4)


Life Changes :- Part 4!

——– at office ——-
it was more than 15minutes…so swara storms into Sanskaar’s cabin like a storm pretty much anger storm or maybe gonna turn into tornado…????

sanskaar never noticed who it was and started to blabber…as he can’t shut his mouth and is a blabbermouth ??

sanskaar:- (without noticing) arrey who is it? already I’ve got too many work from gabbar Singh and maleficent and now what? you also wanna gimme more work?! great! now no sleep also…(sighed) ???
and turn led his head towards the doorstep to see who it is and saw maleficent (swara) and stood in the shock

sanskaar (to himself) :- you’re dead you called her maleficent to her itself and worst part you complained about the work she gave to her itself! sanskaar ab tu gayi (now you’re gone) bhagwan bhi yahan tujhe bachane kehliye nayi ayega q ki yeh kaali bhagwan ko bhi ghusse se kahlenga (even if God comes he can’t save you as she will eat god with her anger). ??????

sanskaar:- (to swara) (sweating and wiping his face with his hanky and stammers) ma – ma’am ap yahan? kuch kaam ta? mera matlab ap mujhe bulasakte na…(you here? any work? I mean you could’ve called me right) ?????????????

swara :- (high level angry) MR. MAHESHWARI its office and I’ll give you WORK only not a HOT GIRL TO DATE! understand?! and maleficent?! am not ANGELINA JOLIE! agar kaam bohat zyada hai toh q job kehliye join kiya? ya interview de? office kaam kehliye hi hai! aram karne kehliye nayi! samaj mein agayi?! (if workload is high then why did you apply for a job? why did you give interview? office is for doing job not relaxing! understand?!) and don’t ever try to ACT OVER SMART! be in your limits. you’re PA not owner of this company have it well stored in your mind! and coming to why I came here TIME SENSE is there OR NOT FOR YOU?! I said very clearly in 15minutes come to my cabin as I had to brief you all your work for this week….but you were so busy in badmouthing me and laksh! ?????????????????

sanskaar:- (stammering) so-sorry ma’am it was ju–

before sanskaar could say anything swara cut his words

swara:- just what Mr.Maheshwari?! huh? CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! get it! now in my office! within the next minute!

since swara was an angry tornado all the staffs were witnessing the DRAMA and RiVanya felt bad for Sanskaar as within the slight introduction with him they got to know he’s like a kid and innocent while some where happy…Laksh heard swara’s voice and came running to Sanskaar’s cabin he also felt slightly bad but doesn’t show

Laksh:- (to all who are witnessing the yelling) oh! hello! is a serial going on? and are you getting salary for this? no right! go do your RESPECTIVE JOBS without interfering into others business!

all went from there including RiVanya so Laksh entered the cabin but swara left to her cabin and Laksh noticed sanskaar running like mayhem ??? to her cabin behind her as fast as possible ???

— swara’s cabin —
swara entered and sat in her seat…and briefed sanskaar clearly about his work… his meeting…his schedule and final dates for the projects and about punctuality!

swara:- Mr.Maheshwari this will be last and FINAL WARNING for being LATE okay?! I hope you understand (firmly and like no more arguing on this voice)

sanskaar:- yes ma’am am sorry

swara:- hmm..okay Mr. Maheshwari listen coming to work…we are handling Mr.Srinivasan’s project and we have a meeting for it tomorrow…Laksh is busy with another work so he will not accompany us so only you and me…and as you know from today you’ll be living with me and Laksh in our mansion…so while going to home you’ll be joining us to our home and we can discuss our presentation at my house or you may start now as you’ve to read all the things and later after keenly observing I want you to tell how’d you feel about this project at my house we will discuss…and about your stuffs me and Laksh made arrangements and your belongings are kept in our house okay? now you may leave ?????

sanskaar :- okay ma’am sure no issues I’ll join you back to your house when will you be leaving?

swara:- I’ll inform you through Shivanya whenever we’re leaving.???

sanskaar:- okay ma’am….(to himself) she sounds like as though there was something left I feel she’s a robot only no emotion no nothing only anger she’s just angry robot nothing else he sighed and left from there to his cabin

—- at sanskaar’s cabin —–

sanskaar was sitting in front of the laptop and thinking ?? how to do the work and everything…and how to tackle…how to present and put up and how to convince them to give the project. just there was a knock on his door and since all the cabins were transparent as in it was glass…so swara and Laksh were able to see what was happening in Sanskaar’s cabin also.

—- knock at the door —-

sanskaar :- yes…come in…and you are?! ???

person :- sir am Rita I work here as am employee kinda like a PA but I don’t stay with them ☺

sanskaar:- oh okay! cool! so…what’s up?

Rita:- nothing sir actually… wanted to know do you need any help? ☺

sanskaar:- no Rita am fine here…you may leave ?

while going she dashes with him and his files fly from his hand and she helps him out

Rita:- sorry sir…am very sorry (and she does take the papers along with Sanskar and hands them over to him and leaves to her place.)

sanskaar:- its okay…☺

(to himself) yeh company badi ajeeb hai…gunda jehsa bosses pagal employees ab mein bhi iss madness ka hisa hoon…
(this company is totally weird…we have bosses who are like villains…and crazy employees and now even am gonna be a part of this madness and sighed )

it was 6pm and all employees started to leave…but sanskaar was so into his work that he didn’t know the time and later around 8pm swara wanted to know what the hell was he doing that he wasn’t picking her calls….so she went to his cabin and to her surprise! He was so into the work and dozed off…swara became very angry noticing that HE IS SLEEPING IN THE OFFICE!!

swara:- (calmly) mr. Maheshwari….??….(slight anger) Mr. Maheshwari….!!….. ( full anger )… MR. MAHESHWARI!!!!!!!!!!

sanskaar:- (freaked) ye — yes ma — ma’am… s — so — sorry ma’am… I was..wo — working….and don’t know when I…..?????

swara :- when you dozed off?! Mr. Maheshwari? oh!! you were working?? (sarcasm)…so that means I was sleeping the whole day…??? ??????????

sanskaar:- no ma’am… not like that… sorry….???

swara:- what sorry Mr. Maheshwari? do you know its meaning? ??? !!! sorry will be used only if you don’t repeat your actions! but you’re super LAZY! ??????????!! this isn’t an HOTEL for you to RELAX! Office hai OFFICE!!! store it in your brain in BIG BOLD LETTERS!!!… take the necessary things for the presentation tomorrow and we’re leaving to my house and night fully we will discuss! okay?? and NO SLEEP okay?!

sanskaar:- yes ma’am

SwaLak and sanskaar left….to the MANSION!

——- at Bose mansion ———

swara showed sanskaar his room and left to her room..and they had dinner in the dining table and Laksh went to his room and SwaSan to the study room. swara took the presentation done by sanskaar and…………

precap:- sanskaar shocked
business meet
Sanskaar again shocked in the meet

——————– end of part four ————-

thanks a lot for your support guys!! and we will surely entertain more!!
lots of love from #rainlilz

——————— curiosity —————–

so what did swara do that shocked sanskaar?! what is the connection with karma industry?! what happened in the business meet?! why is sanskaar again shocked?? how is this revenge connected?? and will they get the contract?????
wanna know the answers then keep reading our fanfiction!
love you all!!

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