Life Changes (Part 3)


Life Changes- Part 3

Recap: Interview and entry of Sanskar


Laksh was talking with another assistant.

Laksh: Ok, Rita, listen, our PA is coming today. Make his cabin ready and take the work list from Swara and give it to him.

Rita: Sure sir.

Laksh strictly: I want no mistakes. Tell that to him. U get it?

Rita got a little scared: Y-yes sir.

Swara came in angrily. She slammed the door close.

(They’re in Laksh’s cabin)


Laksh: Calm down. What happened?


Laksh looked at the clock.

Laksh: He still has 5 mins. Chill.

Swara: Sorry. Stressed a lot. (Looks at Rita and clenches finger) What is she doing here?

Laksh: What else can a assistant be doing with her boss? Discussing work.

Swara: But she’s- (stopped herself)

Rita looked at her suspiciously.

Laksh: Ok Rita, u may go now. Come back later for that work.

Rita nodded and went. Swara glared at him angrily. Laksh sat on table and looked at Swara curiously.

Laksh: Swara, I spotted a camera spying on us yesterday evening when v were in our apartment.

Swara whispered: Oh! So they wanna know our personal activities too?

Laksh: What?

Swara: What were v doing at that time?

Laksh: Discussing some files.

Swara: Which files?

Laksh: Our deal with Mr. Srinivasan’s company…

Swara whispered: Hell with them!

Laksh: Listen, I have a suspicion. I think those betrayers r spying on us.

Swara: Laksh, there is someone inside with us, who is leaking our activities and actions to Karma industry.

Laksh: Yeah, I’ve noticed all gadgets r getting linked to ur laptop… Is that y?

Swara clenched her fingers tight.

Swara through gritted teeth: Yes Laksh. And I know who it is…

Laksh: Who?

Swara tells him.

Laksh clenched his fist hard: So that’s our faithful little employee? Let’s dismiss her.

Swara looked at him as if he’d gone crazy.

Swara: R U MAD LAKSH? We can’t do that! If v do that, it’ll be easy for her to continue this spy drama. If she’s here then we can keep an eye on her. But v can’t let her know that v know her truth.

Laksh: U mean to say we’ll let her continue like this?

Swara: NO NO NO! (Evil smirk) We’ll let this continue. But we’ll know all their activities through this faithful employee!

Laksh: Hmm… Yea. I won’t let them do the same thing with us again Swara. I’ll get back at them. We’ll get back at them. They’ll regret the fact that they ever tried crossing roads with us. They tried to snatch everything from us. Now we’ll snatch their everything.

Swara: Yes. She used us for her motive. Now we’ll ruin her life Laksh. We’ll snatch everything from both of them. They won’t be able to show their faces to the world. After our perfect plan, wherever they go, people will throw rocks at them, blacken their face. It’ll ruin their image Laksh. The image they created by cheating us. I’ll go to any extent to show them that messing with us was the worst mistake they committed. I’ll kill them if I have to. I DO NOT CARE IF I BECOME A MURDERER. AND THAT WILL SHOW THEM THAT THEY CANNOT MESS WITH SWARA BOSE OR LAKSH GADODDIA!!!!!!!????

Laksh: Don’t worry, we will!

Suddenly they heard a knock. They composed themselves.

Swara: COME IN!

Sanskar peeped his head in.

Laksh: Do u need an invite? GET IN!

Sanskar came in looking shocked.


Sanskar: Sorry ma’am, I’m not late. There’s still one second more for my countdown to start.


Sanskar: No ma’am, I wouldn’t dare to. I’m just being extra timely.

Laksh: OH HELLO! This is office. Not a college! U dare show ur attitude here.

Sanskar: But-


Sanskar to himself: Oh god! Today’s my funeral for sure! I gotta calm her down.

Sanskar: Sorry ma’am, sir. I didn’t mean to disrespect u. I’m really sorry.

Laksh: IF U-

Swara held her hand up.

Swara: Leave it Laksh. We don’t have time to waste on him. (Turns to Sanskar) U, Yes u! Come to my cabin in 15mins sharp. We’ll both be there and we’ll give u ur work for the week. And get u started. And yes, not a second late, not a second early. Or I will punish u! (Shouts) OI! SHIVANYA! WHERE DID U DISAPPEAR? (Shivanya is another assistant like Rita)

Shivanya came running in.

Shivanya: Yes ma’am?

Swara: Show Sanskar Maheshwari his cabin. He’ll work from there. And call Ritik. (Ritik is intelligent IT guy)

Shivanya: Yes ma’am. (To Sanskar) Pls come.

Sanskar left with Shivanya, shocked. Ritik came in.

Ritik: Yes ma’am?

Swara: Connect Sanskar Maheshwari’s gadgets to my laptop. Tell him it’s my order.

Ritik: Sure. Anything for u ma’am.

He left. Laksh turned to Swara.

Laksh: When v know it’s her then y connect his gadgets?

Swara: Just Becoz she’s leaking our stuff to Karma Industry, that does mean he can’t do bad things. U never know, those two r damn cunning. They might have sent him for interview. We have to doubt everyone Laksh.

Laksh: That’s true. Ok come. Let’s go to ur cabin.

They went.

(In Sanky cabin)

Ritik came and did his work and told Sanky as to y he was doing it. Sanskar was even more shocked. Ritik left.

Sanskar: Shivanya, y r Laksh sir and Swara sir so strict and rude?

Shivanya: I don’t know Sanskar. I just know that they’re damn hardworking and don’t have time for nonsense and will punish anyone who plays the fool. If u need anything, then feel free to ask me.

Sanskar nodded. Shivanya went.

Sanskar crossed his arms over his chest.

Sanskar monologue: No fun allowed, all work. Extremely strict bosses. Lots of work, that to in this possible hell hole… Work is ur only priority and ur gadgets aren’t even private! Wow Sanskar wow! Sanskar Maheshwari, you’ve bagged yourself to be a PA for these two hitlers. But I really wonder why they’re like this? Were they born this way? Seriously, how did I become a PA for Mr. Kancha and Lady Gabbar? (2 villains of Bollywood)…GOD SAVE ME!

Screen freeze.


Pre-Cap: Sanskar’s first day as Swalak PA doesn’t go well.

Why do Swalak get angry so easily?
Who is the betrayer among Swalak company?
Who cheated Swalak?
Why r they so emotionless?
What is Sanskar’s role in the ff?

If u want to know the answers, read our ff. And do comment….
So hey guys:) This is the ff by Lily and me. Hope u guys liked this epi. We’ll entertain u more. Lots of Love, from Lily and Rain??❤️❤️

Credit: RainLils For part 2 For all parts up till latest.

Credit to: RainLilz

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    nice, but where is ragini? is she in negative role? pls clear my confusion.

    1. Ragini is present um….to know about her role…please keep reading! And thank you so much for your love

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