Life Changes (Part 2)

Life Changes :- Part 2

Recap- Swara consoles Laksh. Both check interview files. Swara thinks something evilly.

Aaj Dekhiye- Sanskar Maheshwari ka entry.


Laksh: Hey Swara! Come dear! We’re getting late for interview!

Swara looked up from files.

Swara: Yeah. Coming Lucky!

They both took files and went to presentation hall. They sat on the chairs behind a table, next to each other.

Swara: Laksh, what if we are not impressed by anyone? Then what will we do? We need a PA Laksh! That PA will manage everything while we focus on teaching a lesson to them.

Laksh caught her hand and hugged her.

Laksh: Chill my jhansi ki rani. We’ll find one. And remember, “keep control over your emotions”. We cannot let our emotions take over us in this mission.

Swara composed herself and hugged back and then pulled away.

Swara: Thanks. Just go and announce that interview timings. And let’s begin.

Laksh nodded and ran out. He came back after sometime. He sat in his place.

Laksh: They’re coming.

Soon there was a knock on the door.

Swalak: Come in!

A timid guy came in. He looked like a total nerd.

Guy: G-go-good morning ma’am, sir.

Swara: Haan Haan! Good morning!

Laksh grabbed Swara’s hand to stop her from being rude. They continued holding hands for whole interview.

Laksh: Sit on that chair there. Yeah. There.

Guy sat nervously and looked around scared.

Swara: Oi! Where are you looking? Look here! Interview is happening here!

Laksh whispered: Control…

Swara breathed in and out.

Guy: S- sorry ma’am. Actually-

Swara: it’s ok. We’ll begin ur interview. Laksh, check for his file.

Laksh: Name?

Guy: Vinod- Vinod Khanna.

Swara: Check fast Laksh. We don’t have all day for Mr. Vinod Khanna.

Laksh while checking: Wait, AHH! It’s here! Let’s check.

Swara meanwhile was observing Vinod.

Laksh: Vinod Khanna, age 21, M. B. A graduate. Good. Good. Yes. Ok Mr. Vinod . Do u have experience in being PA?

Vinod nodded: I- I was my dad’s PA.

Laksh: Was? What happened now?

Vinod: I wanted to stand on my own two feet.

Laksh: Last question, tell us why we should choose you.

Vinod: Well, I have experience. I can be of great help.

Swara was massaging her eyebrows now impatiently.

Laksh: Thank u Mr. Khanna. you may go now. We’ll inform you if you’ve been selected.

Vinod left in a hurry. Swara glared at Laksh. He shook his head.

Laksh: Next!

Interviews happened like this. Laksh interviewed them while Swara quietly observed them. After the first batch of interview, Laksh was frustrated.

Laksh: DAMMIT! (Banged his hand on table) I see nothing promising in these guys! If we hire either of them as our PA, then forget about betrayers, we won’t be able to handle our own business!

Swara caught his hand.

Swara: How many times should I tell you to control your anger? It will be helpful later. Don’t remove your anger on these idiots. We need it for those betrayers.


Swara placed her hands on his lips.

Swara: Ssshhhhh! Calm down. I know you wanna bring them down. Trust me, even I want to see them suffer. But for now, control. Our time to rule will come…your hungry right? Knew it! That’s why your so angry. Come. Let’s go and eat a snack.

Laksh agreed and both went.

——- time forward —–
——— second batch of interview ——

Swara was doing the interview this time and Laksh was observing. Swara did many interviews and all of them turned out to be a flop. They all went out and sat waiting for response with the first batch. Finally interview was over and Swalak were frustrated.


Laksh: Calm down! Forgetting ur own lecture?

Swara: Sorry.

Laksh took a chocolate out and gave it to her.

Laksh: I know how to calm you. Here. Eat this.

Swara became normal and took it. She shared it with Laksh. Suddenly there was a knock.

Swara: Come in!

The door opened. A handsome boy entered confidently. He closed the door.

Swara irritably: What do you want?

Guy: I came for my interview.

Laksh: your late. Get out! ???

Guy: But- pls. Pls pls pls. Just one more interview. I promise you won’t be upset. Please ????

Laksh: Didn’t I tell you? get out ????

Swara stopped him: Laksh. It’s ok. Let him come in.

Laksh: But-

Swara glared at him. Laksh agreed.

Swara: Sit.

Guy sat.

Swara: Name?

Guy: Um-

Laksh: Oi KBC! (Koun banega crorepati) you gonna give me options now and give me prize money? wow!!
now! Tell your name fast. No ums and ahs!… he was cut by swara with an fuming face!

Swara: LAKSH!

Laksh stopped speaking and observed him.

Guy: Sorry sir. My name is Sanskar….. Sanskar Maheshwari.

Swara: Hmm.. Wait. It’s here.

She picked a file and started reading it.

Swara: 24yrs old. M. B. A graduate. good…nice results… Experienced. How long?

Sanskar: 3years.

Swalak were impressed.

Swara: Ok. Where?

Sanskar: Maheshwari company. Kolkata.

Swara: Ok. Nice. Why do you wanna work here?

Sanskar: Honestly ma’am, it’ll be helping my courier, and my future. And it’s my passion. That’s why.

Swara: Independent….wanna stand on your own…Good…..
Last question. why should we hire you?

Sanskar: Because I’m a dedicated and passionate person and I am loyal to my duty.

Swara: That’s all?

Sanskar: And because you really haven’t found anyone…saying by your looks.

Swalak were surprised at his intelligence.

Swara: How do you know?

Sanskar: Otherwise you wouldn’t have done another batch of interview.

Swara looked at Laksh and nodded.

Swara: you may leave now.

Sanskar nodded and left. Laksh turned to Swara.

Laksh: what say?

Swara: Finalise this Sanskar Maheshwari. And call him in three days time.

Laksh: you sure?

Swara: I AM SURE.

Laksh: Fine. Sanskar Maheshwari, our PA. (smirking) ???

——- time forward ——-

In the next three days, Swara started executing her plans.
she first wanted to know who the person was…who was being SO FAITHFUL and TRUSTWORTHY (sarcastically)……
so she made up a plans as someone is leaking all their activities to Karma industry.

she called some guy and said to him something’s so he came and she made him sit in another room (Laksh’s cabin)
later…after briefing the guy

she called all her staffs to her cabin. her cabin is big and was a glass cabin so all were standing without any congestion. So she started.

swara:- announcement…we are gonna do something wrong to get the deal which was taken by Karma industry I know its wrong but sometimes when our intention is right so taking up bad isn’t wrong right? so anyone have any questions please state it now

all asked what was the good intention here.

employees:- ma’am what’s the Good intention behind this?

swara:- (in a very firm voice) I don’t think I need to answer that to you. but still if we don’t get it then you guys will not have your respective salaries for 4months is it okay? then please say! (slightly angry as she didn’t get to know who the truthful person was in first try)

employees :- sorry ma’am

swara:- now leave and do your job!

swara was annoyed as she didn’t get to know..who the person was but she did a background check on all her employees and only 5 hate her to the core and she had heard them saying “I’ll not spare you” but through the background check and relation level….she didn’t get to know much.
but she’s a business woman with lot of tactics so…as soon as all the employees left. they continued there job.
All there computers and phone were synced with swara’s phone and laptop before the people came to her office

she got a very intelligent IT guy who was actually syncing everyone’s gadgets not only the laptop and phones but every single gadget possible with her phone and laptop (yes guys the guy whom she made to sit in laksh’s cabin)
she knew that the faithful betrayer inside her office will call and inform “Karma Industry” so when swara was noticing all the work done by all her staffs. she didn’t find anything suspicious but on one she found a file of all her contracts and what all she won and everything like full things about swara and later from that person’s mobile a call came not the company number but new so she had her Bluetooth and listened and got to know that faithful person.

swara (smirking evilly) :- so….this is my faithful employee…nice…????????

———– end of part two ———–

precap:- Sanskaar’s first day as SwaLak’s PA and sanskaar was shocked
SwaLak’s plan against betrayer

——— opinion ——–
so what do you guys think?
how will sanskaar accept his work?
what is gonna happen on his first day?
why was he shocked? what did SwaLak plan? who betrayed them? who owns this “Karma industry’? Why does betrayer leak info to Karma industry?
why so much of vengeance and enmity and cruelty?!

wanna know these answers?!
then keep reading our fanfiction! and hope you guys love it! thanks a lot for so much of love!! ???? lots of love from me and Rain:)

Credit: RainLils

I’ve given the link to the previous chapter and prologue just in case some of u haven’t read it. Sorry for the late update.

this is for the prologue

this is for chap 1

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