Life Changes (Part 1)

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——- sorry guys there is a slight mistake. It’s Laksh Gadoddia. Not Bose—–

Life Changes :- Part 1

it was great morning, a morning with so much of happiness in one side and devastation and anger on the other

Bose MansiLife Changes :- Part 1

it was great morning, a morning with so much of happiness in one side and devastation and anger on the other

Bose Mansion
the rays of the sun fall on a beautiful girl lying on the bed..her sleep was disturbed by the sun…she wakes up and wonders what all to be done and is still in the bed…someone knocks on her door pretty much like bang on the door…the girl was having an annoyed face…????
the guy :- arrey wake up!!! open the damn door!!! we have lot of work!!!!!
girl:- kya Laksh?? so early you wanna eat my remaining life??
yes you’ve guessed it right the guy yelling his life off behind the door was Laksh Bose..
guy:- Swara my darling open the door…. (loosing patience) SWARA!!! ????????????
yup the beautiful creature was swara

she opened the door and was super angry as she didn’t want any nonsense in the morning
swara:- Laksh!!!! what the blo*dy hell is wrong with you ?? are you nuts! no one is dead here!!!!! you’re yelling Like as though you witnessed someone trying to kill you!!!
Laksh:- what’s wrong with you??? swara you know what’s happening!!! that betrayers are enjoying and you’re also sleeping!!!! what the blo*dy heck is wrong with you!!!!!! ?????

swara lost her patience but controls as she has to get Laksh to normal mode

swara:- Laksh (cups his face) listen I know you’re so angry…but just have it within you….shhhhhhh now stay calm! breathe in breathe out…? okay? now better?

Laksh:- haan ab teekay…tu yehsa kehsa karsakta huh? (yeah…now better how are you able to do this huh?

swara:- practice and we’re besties so when am super angry you cool me so same I do….okay now to business talk…today we have interview for our PA right? (Assistant) so do you want to take it alone ? or both together?

Laksh:- the person is gonna be OUR PA so…we will do the interview together Kay?

swara:- okay I’ll get ready and come also get ready (firmly..pretty much like order)

Laksh:- okay

both get ready have there breakfast and leave to office both of them are punctual…and hate late comers and people who talk unnecessarily.

———–At office————
its 9:30 am and they reach the office from 10:00am interview starts
they wish all and go to there respective cabins but during interview they’ll go to presentation hall so from 9:30-10:00 SwaLak were reading the data of each of them…swara wasn’t impressed much by many when she was reading so…she said to Laksh to have two interviews one in morning and another after 12:30pm and said he will take a full interview of all and will select with whom he is impressed and later in the 12:30 batch swara will finalize…and Laksh accepted it and swara was doing some other job…which is important in her future revenge so she smiles evilly

swara:- (rotating the glass paper holder….smiling evilly by looking into certain contract papers) Hmm….so someone is there in my office and giving all the contracts and all the detail that’s happening here to Karma industry….. not bad…I must say…now you’ll see how the game changes my beloved sister and Mayur…..(thinking and smirking)

precap:- sanskaar interview for PA
swara’s plan

———————end of part one—————–

so please comment first time am writing and so happy as am collaborating with Rain!!!! so what do you think guys?! what is really going on? with whom revenge? why swara so evil? why
is Laksh angry??
what happened? what betrayal? what changed them?

wanna know the answers??!! then keep reading our Fanfiction! love you guys.

This chap was written long back by Lilz.

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