life changes after love swasan ff (prologue)


Hi I am new here. I am a very big fan of swasan. I read every swasan ff.
Now I want to write something on my fav. Swasan. This is my first attempt. So plz cooperate me with ur love and comments. If u will find any grammatical mistake then plz forgive me. So now stop my bakbak and start the story.


Story started from a village where two 7 year girls has sited on the bank of river ganga. They are our swaragini. They are talking about their lives,future and dream’s.

1st girl: I will want to be a doctor and help my villagers.

2nd girl: Best of luck for ur future.

1stgirl:what will u want to be in ur future?

2ndgirl: I am not thinking about it. U know my father. He doesn’t like my study. So I don’t want to upset him.

1stgirl: So for ur father u want to sacrifice ur dream.

2ndgirl: Everyone not that much lucky like u . I don’t want to burden myself for my family.

1stgirl: So u will do what will he say? U r fulfilling all ur daughter ‘s duty. But he is not care about it. Why u can think urself only once?

2ndgirl: No I can’t do this. I am not like u who is very strong and will fight for own self.

1stgirl: Ok but remember one-day will come when u will think urself. Promise me this day u will not listen anyone . Just listen ur heart.Promise me Ragini.( 2nd girl is Ragini)

Ragini: Ok I am promising to u swara (1st girl is our lovely swara) I will. Now lets go we r late. There everyone will search to us. By

Swara: By

Story take 15 year leaps

A house is shown which is decorated very beautifully. When we peeped inside we saw a beautiful girl sit on bridal look in front of mirror. She thinks something when a girl screaming loudly “Ragini”( yes the bride is Ragini)

Girl: Ragini today is ur marriage and what r thinking?

Rag: Shona( the girl is our swara) u come now. Today is my marriage and u come now. If u r not come today then I am not talk with u.

Swa: How could u think that I will not come. Yes I am late for this I am sorry ?. But u know na my medical semestar was going on. So that’s why……

Rag: Its ok. See how am l looking?

Swa: Just like a princess ?. See our jiju will be forgot himself when he will see u.

Rag: Shut up. U became very naughty ? day by day

Shumi: Swara don’t tease my daughter and Ragini u r looking beautiful today. Come here beta I have bring something for u and she give it to her. Ragini opened it and get very emotional saw the gift.

Rag:maa it gifted by nanimaa to u and this was her last symbol . So why r u giving me this?

Shumi: Because I love u beta. This is my mom last symbol which I am giving to u with my all love and blessings.

Rag: Maa and hugs her and took blessing

Shumi: Keep happy beta and do not forget ur mother

Swa: Me also and join the hug

This time a old lady come from stairs and told barati have come get ready soon.
Dadi:( To swara) I send u here to help her not to gossiping with her( angry look) Ragini is ready soon and come down after sometime and left there.


What r u thinking who is the bridegroom? If sanskar then what will happened with my swara? U think what will be happened next I will give all details and character sketch on my next episode. Wait for me and plz give ur opinion on comment box plz. Till then by and have a nice day.

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