life changes after love swasan ff (part 4) by seema

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Afternoon in Maheswari mansion

Sanskar sat on his room and working something on laptop ? when Uttra entered in the room and sat beside him on bed.

Uttra: bhai, what r u doing?

Sanskar: ( looking towards her )Nothing just checking the social sites.( close the laptop) And u tell what were u doing in my absence in this 3 years.

Uttra: Nothing much. I missed u and again missed u and again missed u.

Sanskar: Basbas. Now stop it. U missed me this much.

Uttra: Yes ( nodded her head vigorously as a yes)

Sanskar: I am seeing that just to see ur figure. How much u put on weight in this 3 years. And u are telling u missed me. ( said in a serious tone)

Uttra: Yes( then realised what sanskar told and said) what? bhai u always tease me. How could u talk like this? U forget ur manners( Sanskar chuckles at her talk but gave her as a serious look). U don’t know, no one should be commented and asked about on a girl’s age and weight. U r very very bad bhai. I don’t want to talk with u. ( make a angry face)

Sanskar:( put his onehand on her soldier and other hand hold his ear and said) I am sorry ? my sweet dear sister.

Uttra:( melted on his words) its ok bhai and hugged him on sidewise) but in one condition.

Sanskar: ( lifted his eyebrow ) and what is this? My sweet sister.

Uttra: What is this means what? I told u na before returned , what will u bring for me? Now U don’t tell me U don’t bring my things. if u don’t bring na I will never talk with u (make a pout face )

Sanskar:( in a sad tone) ya I have brought it. I have other option without brought it. Actually I also don’t want to die very soon by a monkey ? in my young age.

Uttra:( without listen) yes( then realised the words and gave a angry look to sanskar) u called me a monkey ?

Sanskar:( innocently) yes and I am thinking ” samajhdar ko ishara kafi hai”. ( and laughed loudly)

Uttra: Bhai ( said angrily )and beat him where sanskar started running whole room and uttra chasing behind him . After sometime both tired and sat on the bed and laughed loudly and hugged both each other sideways.

Uttra: ( broke the hug and asked) bhai now u returned so what is ur planning?

Sanskar: Nothing much. Just will be explored myself and enjoyed fully. Then only I will think what will I do or not. ( pull her nose tip on his hand) understood my little motti sister.

Uttra: Bhai, how are u telling me like this?( made a pout)

Sanskar: Like this ” motti” ( stretched the word but seeing her pout) I am sorry and hugged her in sideways.

Uttra: ( in little smile) its ok bhai. Then bhai , why we r not start our enjoyment from tomorrow to stroll over our village.

Sanskar:( think sometime) ok ? done . Tomorrow morning we will be started our mission .

Uttra: ( in dramatic way) ok boss. And both again laughed loudly together.

Next day morning

Sanskar and uttra is stroll over Durgapur and enjoying fully their moments on a motor bike. At this time a chasm come front on the road. Both fallen on road. Uttra fallen on ground first and she has little injured in her elbow. Sanskar fallen on the ground but he fallen below the bike. He has injured on his left leg very badly due to the weight of bike and a cut mark on his left hand and some injuries on his head. But he doesn’t care about it. He quickly stood up and ran towards his sister very difficulty because for his leg and took her hospital immediately. But the hospital was closed for Sunday. So he tensed now. What will he do now? At this time a villager was passing on this road he saw them and came near him.

Man:( told) what happened beta? (Looked both them both r injured but the boy is injured very badly than the girl) I think u both are needing a doctor. But today is Sunday so hospital is closed. But u can go and meet doctor Swara personally in her home. She will treat both of u.

Sanskar:( don’t want to listen anything more) u can give me the address plz ( in a frustration voice )
Man gave the address and he left the place immediately.

Bose house

Sekher was eating launch on dining table when he heard some noises from outside. He come out to see the matter. When he reached the main door he saw a boy having many injuries in his head, hand and leg. He can’t stand properly because for his injured leg but he didn’t bother about it. But his concerned only about the girl who sited on the chair having a small cut mark on her elbow.

Sekher: What happened beta? How did you both get injured.

Sanskar:( in a loud and frustration voice) where is doctor Swara? Can u plz call her?

Sekher:( in a calm voice) ok. But beta u also seat here. U have also injured.

Sanskar: No thanks.

Uttra: Bhai plz . See ur injured are more bigger than me. But u r tense for me.

Here sekhar calling swara. Swara and her maa came outside of the house,where all waited for her. She wore a pink kurti with a white chudipant and churni. She had tied her hair on one ponytail. She was looking just simple but beautiful.

When swara saw both of them she told her mother to bring the first aid box and shumi left from there and after sometime she brought it .

Swara:( to Sanskar) u come first. First I will be banded ur wounds . See so much bloods are flowing from your wound.

Sanskar: ( loudly) u can just see I am fine. She is having more injured than me( forward his hand towards uttra) So plz treat her first.

Swara saw him in a astonished look like what is this ? Without more argument she banded Uttra’s wound very carefully but the boy screaming in pain like this wound is his only . After that she dressed sanskar’s wound but for her surprise he sat very calmly like its not paining. She is very surprised to see a man like him who cares his love one’s like more than him. A small smile kept on her face unknowingly. After dressing both left the place . But before leaving sanskar saw towards Swara and then left.

At night

When swara went to bed she thought what happened in her full day. When he thought about sanskar she just thought his caring and love towards his loved one’s which adorable most to her. When she thought about sanskar a smile appeared on her face and then she went on a deep sleep.

In Sanskar’s room

Sanskar stood up near his window feeling the fresh air which is touching his face and he was feeling refresh. He was staring the full moon light who is looking very beautiful. He just admired her beauty. When he closed his eyes to feel it suddenly swara’s face come in front of his mind. A smile curved on his lips. He was just thinking her hazel nut eyes which one can easily swim in it ,her juicy pink lips ? which any one can taste the juices from it and her white and milk skin with black hairs any one can mad for it easily. Then he opened his eyes immediately and shook his head in disbelief. Because this is the first time when he is adoring a girl like this. First time in his life he is complementing a girl like this. He kept his thoughts aside and went for a sleep without known the fact that he had already lost his heart for Swara on their very first meeting or u can say their first encounter.

Next morning sun rises as like everyday and started its work spread the rays to all over world. Everyone started their works and daily routines. At Maheswari mansion Ap is praying in front of lord and prayed for there children well being. Then Ap distributed sweets to Dp, uttra and sanskar. But our Sanskar is in a naughty mood, so he snatched uttra’s sweet from her hand and ran from there . So uttra started chasing him on whole the mansion. Ap is happy to see the bond between brother and sister. But Dp don’t like it . And leaved towards the dining hall and sat on his chair.

Ap:( looked towards Dp who is not liking all these things and then looked sadly towards her children who were laughing whole heartedly and then said in a firm voice to sanutt) stop it now. Now you both are not kids . And uttra , u behave like a girl. Now u are grown up . So u also behave like this. Come and help me in serving the food

Uttra leave with Ap in a sad face. Sanskar was observing all this and known the reason behind this . But he kept quiet. Personally he doesn’t like all these and he wants to stop all this. But he doesn’t do anything because for his mother. He knows his mother don’t want any disturbance or mind differences between the family members. So everytime he stops himself . But how long can he do that? He took a deep breath and leaved from there.

At dining table, when everyone were busy on eating Ap started conversation .

Ap: ( to Dp) I had prayed to god when Sanskar will be returned from USA we all will go to totem temple for their blessing. So tomorrow if u will have no work then we will visit for it.( looked Dp for a answer)

Dp finished his bf and had leaved for his office just looked at Ap and told

Dp: U don’t take permission for anything which belongs to my son.( uttra got sad where sanskar irritated by Dp’ s word) and I don’t like repeat all these things again and again . So keep this in your mind. ( Ap nodded her head )
So tomorrow morning we will leave. And arrange all the things. Then he had leaved from the place immediately after finished the conversation.

Sanskar saw uttra’s sad face and went to her side to be cheers her mood and spoke in a whisper: Uttra tomorrow u will meet ur friends in temple.

Uttre: ( don’t understand anything and asked) whom?

Sanskar: (teasingly) ur monkey ? friends. U forgot yesterday only I told, u belong to them . Now u don’t tell me u don’t remember that.

Uttra:( in a angry voice) bhai . Today I will not leave you.

Sanskar started ran from there and uttra chased him again . ( now this is their daily routine ). And Ap was just staring both of them happily.

Next day all leaved for totem temple to be take god’s blessing..

Other side in swara’ s home

Chotu( swara’s neighbour and a very naughty ? boy . He only obeys Swara ) didi…. ( entered the house with a scream)

Swara: What happened chotu. Why r u screaming like this?

Chotu:( hand over a chocolate to swara and told) today is my birthday ? didi

Swara: Are wah today is ur birthday (chotu nodded his head) then a very very happy birthday to you.

Chotu: But my gift

Swara: Sorry , now I have nothing. But I am promising I will give u ur gift at evening. Now happy.

Chotu:(happily said) yes di. But now plz come with me to temple.

Swara( looked him for a sec and said) let’s go.

(Guys swara and sanskar has been same temple.)

Maheswari family finished their worship and went to down stairs . Dp saw beggars has sited on the stairs. Just when swara and chotu had arrived there.. Swara went to buy worship things and chotu had stood on stair . Then Dp came near him and thought that he is a beggar. So he gave him 100 rupees and turned his face to leave the place but at this time a voice came behind him.

Voice: Excuse me sir.

DP turned his face towards the direction of voice where a girl had stood holding a 100 rupees note in her hand . She walked towards him and stood a little distance from him .

Swara: Thank you sir ( showing the money ) for this and for your concern. But again, no thanks, because for your wrong assumption.
(Handed over the money to him ) . Because We r not beggars. So next time before donate anything u will get to know about them.

And then Swara and chotu had leaved the place.

All these things were hearing by Ap, Uttra and Sanskar whom were coming with the priest. Where Ap and Uttra are tensed to looking the sight but sanskar is happy because at first time a girl could talk like this in front of Dp.

Ap:( came near to Dp and said) everything is ok.

Dp:( looked angrily and asked the priest about the girl) who is she? I never see her before.

Priest: She is swara. She is doctor of our village hospital. Before 4 month only she has appointed as a doctor in our village. For this you may be not met her before. She is a very sweet , intelligent and kind hearted girl. Now all are wanting their daughters to make like her. She is our pride. Then priest leaved from there.

Dp angrily leaved the place and Ap just followed behind him.

But sanskar stand there only and was smiling idiotically all the time . Uttra saw him and shook his arms and gave him a questionable look like what happened.
But sanskar shaking his head as a no and folding his arms on her solider and said : Lets go my sweet little sister we are becoming late. And all Maheswari ‘ s had returned back to their home.

Precap: Swasan’s second meeting

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