life changes after love swasan ff (part 2)


Before starting my story , a happy valentine day to my all readers and swasanians.

Part 2:-

Story starts from a hospital chamber where swara sit on a chair and was thinking something .

Swara ‘s pov

Now 6 month has passed. Everything is perfect in my life.why not my childhood dream has came true. Now I have completed my MBBS degree in Delhi and got 1st rank in my university. For this my councillors gave me a opportunity to choice to a place where I am wanting recruited for myself. But they were surprised when I asked them recruited me on my own village. So now I am a doctor of my village hospital, Durgapur . Now in my village everyone proud on me specially my parents. Everyone praised them for their upbringing and now I am a example for every girls in my village.

But in all happiness one more thing has also happened in my life . U will mostly think what happened with me. Then it’s not happened in my life but it also seems happened like my life . My Ragini’s life. Now she is also in Durgapur but we aren’t meet with each other like before . Because she doesn’t allow outside of her house and I am not allowed to meet with her for her dadi. So now we have less contact between us. U will think that why Ragini is living in for ur information now Ragini is a widow. Yes after Nikhil’s death her in laws were blamed her for his death and they tortured her everytime. So she came back to Gododia house. But here also her dadi taunted her and blamed her for her mother’s and husband’s death. For this she is also now thinking that she is a omen. So now she is living like a lifeless human who is having a life but no aims. I am trying my best to outcome her this trauma but all are going to vein.

Swara pov end

When she was thinking a small boy named chotu (a 8 year boy neighbour of swara’s home and very naughty ?. Only obeys swara) entered to her chamber and told Ragini has been to temple. I thought this will the correct time to talk with I just ran towards the temple to meet her.

When I reached on temple I saw Ragini was taking blessings from idols. I just ran towards her for a hug . After long 3 month i saw her and hugged her like this. Now a days this is a dream for me. This is a best moment for my life after 3 month. Yes after 3 month I met her . She looked me surprisingly and her tears are flowing from her eyes and she quickly hugged me back like she is also wanting this.

Swa: Ragini how r u?

Rag: Fine swara and u( said in between her sobbing)

Swa: I am also.Ragini what happened with u. Why r u behaving like this Ragini? Ragini see urself. What are u doing with urself? See nothing is happened plz Ragini for god sake move on ur life. This is not ur mistake. U have not brought bad luck for anyone . This is all about destiny Ragini. Plz try to understand. Life does not stop for anyone. Ragini plz move on ur life not for u then for me , for ur loved one’s .

Rag: No swara my life has stopped. After Nikhil’s death there nothing has left for me . Everyone is saying right I am an omen. For me my mother and husband has died.

Swa: No Ragini that’s not true. U are not an omen. U r a pure soul who has all the rights will live a good life

Rag: No swara. U are mistaking I have no rights will live a normal life. ( change the topic) Swara I am late now I am going . See u later . By
Ragini leaved the temple

Swa 🙁 loudly) Ragini u can’t do this to ur life. U promised me when life will give u a chance u will listen only in ur heart nobody else. U don’t turn ur face like this. U will fulfilled ur promise. I don’t allow u to break ur promise. This is my promise to u Ragini . And u know I never break my promises. Then swara also leaved the place .

Precap: Sanskar and his family’s entry.


Sorry friends I know this chapter is very short and I couldn’t give u sanskar’s entry in this chapter. But I am promising to u all next chapter I will give u a big part and sanskar’s entry must. Till then by.

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