life changes after love swasan ff (part 1)


Thank u for ur love. Now go back to my story . This chapter I will give u brief description about characters of my story. So lets starts .

PART 1:-

Story starts

After some time Ragini come down with help of swara and shumi. Then all rituals are started. The priest told the bridegroom to wear the mangalsutra and sindur on her vermilion. After all rituals are finished . Now Ragini is officially Ragini gododia to Ragini Nikhil Sareen.
(what were u thinking? Sanskar was the bridegroom. Then sorry sanskar is only for swara. I can’t bring anyone in between them.)

Ragini ‘ s point of view starts

Now I am ready for my new journey which I dreamed from my childhood. Now I am a daughter in law and wife. Now I will portray both role which I have learnt from my childhood from my dadi. Now I leave my house ? which is not my now. I will missed all of them shumi maa , my village and mainly my Shona . When I was leaving my house shumi maa gave me a Durga Maa idol and said she will protect me from all evil eyes. Sometime I feel like she is my own mom.

I cried. Swara also cried and hugged me. But my dadi was not bothered. This was also not a surprised for me because after my leave every hurdles will leave from their lives. They are only want this for their.

Ragini pov ends

So now get ready the description of characters.

Character sketch

Sekher: Husband of shumi and father of swara. He lives in village. He is a farmer. He loves his family in one word swara and shumi his whole world.

Shumi: Wife of sekhar and mother of swara. She is a house wife . She is a caring mother who wants her daughter fulfilled her all dreams and supported her.she loves Ragini as her own daughter.

Swara: (lead heroine in my story) she is a beautiful, intelligent and smart girl. She is now 22 year .she has only child of her parents and bff of Ragini. she had only one dream of her life she will be a doctor and help her villagers and parents and now she is fulfilled her dream. Now she is a doctor.

Dadi: Same as in serial but here she hates Ragini because she thinks Ragini is a omen.

Arnav: Landlord of the village. Very powerful and narrow minded. He is a widow. Ragini ‘s father . He thinks girls are only obstacles . They have born only for obeyed his husband and machine to born child. He doesn’t like girl ‘s education.

Ragini: She has only daughter of his father and bff of swara. She is 22year old. Her mother had died on her delivery. So her father and dadi think as her as a omen. Shumi loves her as her own daughter. She is very lovely and shy type girl. She always wants fly like others but her situation doesn’t allow her to be fly. And at present something has happened with her for which she is also thinking she is a omen

Now introduction of our hero family

Durga Prasad : A famous business man ?. in kolkota . Husband of A.P. He has a son and a daughter .. Friend of Arnav. He wants his friend’s daughter of his would be daughter in law for his own benefits. His thought in girls also as same as Arnav. But he loves his son very much. He fulfilled his all demands.Now 4 years he settled in village with his family.

A.P: Wife of D.P.and mother of sanskar and uttara. A house wife and very kind hearted women. She obeys his husband like a god.

Uttara: She has only daughter of D.P and A.P and sister of sanskar. She is a lovely girl only in front of her mother and brother. Now a third year degree student. A friend of Ragini.

Now time for our hero

Sanskar: ( male lead) very handsome and broad minded. He is now 24 years old. He is only son of his parents and having a cute sister. She is his life. He loves his parents but loves his mother very much from his father. He doesn’t like his father’s thought. He studied MBA in USA. After 3year he is coming back to India. He has a dream one day he will be became india’ s no.1 businessman . Also knows Ragini and likes her as a friend.

Laksh:A orphan. He is a police officer. He is now 25 years old. Swara’s cousin. Swara’ s parents love ❤ him like his own son.

So I gave u all characters of my story and some characters will be added in future. But these are main characters.

Precap:- story will take 6 month leap and life’s will be changed . If I will get time then obviously hero ‘ s entry in next chapter but not promise u. By will see u soon.

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