Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 5

wara got shocked seeing Sanskar there. Sanskar was mesmerized seeing Swara in her attire.

Sandeep : Swara this is my friend Sanskar.
Sanskar : Nice to meet you Swara. And to Sandeep. We were collage mates and Swara’s husband is my friend.
Sandeep : O that’s new news. He receives a call and asks Swara to go through the program chart and prepare and left from the room.

Sanskar comes near Swara and kept his hand on both her shoulder.

Sanskar : You looking very beautiful Swara.
Swara jerk his hand and give a death glare to him. Sanskar just chuckle and left the room.

Swara sit on the coach and feels helpless and angry too. She just drank the soft drink kept on the table and feels its taste different but ignore it. Actually it was brandy mixed with Pepsi. After having the drink she feels so bold. While entering to the hall she saw Laksh waiting for Swara.

Swara : Laksh, when did you come?
Laksh didn’t hear anything. He was just staring Swara. Swara shake him and ask what happened.
Laksh came to sense and says is that my wife???? I thought it was some film actress coming.
Swara : Don’t tease me. I was hell nervous thinking about compeering but now donno what happened I feel very bold and energy.
Laksh : That’s like a good girl come lets go to hall.
They both enter the hall. Laksh find a seat for himself and seated there. Swara went to the stage and Sandeep passed her a microphone. She enters the stage and addresses the entire guest and started her work. Swara was reading the final program and it was a song by Sanskar. She got tensed but somehow calls him on the stage. Sanskar came and took the mike from Swara and sing a song. (For my Malayali friends…. I love this song.)

Thelimaanam Mazhavillin Niramaniyum Neram
Niramarnnoru Kanavennil Theliyunna Pole
Puzhayøram Thazhukunee Thanumeeran Kaattum
Pulakangal Izhaneythøru Kuzhaløøthiyapøle

Kulirekum Kanavennil Kathiradiya Kaalam
Manathaaril Madhumaasam Thaliraadiya Neram
Akmaruvum Mayilinakal Thuyilunarum Kaalam
En Akathaaril Ānuragam Pakarunna Yaamam

Azhake Azhakil Threerthøru Shilayazhake
Malare En Uyiril Vidarum Panimalare

Malare Ninne Kaanathirunnal
Mizhivekiya Niramellam Mayunna Pøle
Alivøde Enarikathinannayathirunnal
Azhakekiya Kanavellam Akalunna Pøle

Njanente Athmavinazhathinullil
Athilølamarørumariyathe Søøkshicha
Thaalangal Raagangal Eenangalayi
OrOrø Varnangalaay
Edarunnørente Ėdanenjinullil
Pranayathin Mazhayaay Nee Pøzhiyunnee Naalil
Thalarunnørente Thanuthørum Ninte
Ālathallum Pranayathalunarum Malare

Kulirekum Kanavennil Kathiradiya Kaalam
Manathaaril Madhumaasam Thaliraadiya Neram
Akmaruvum Mayilinakal Thuyilunarum Kaalam
En Akathaaril Anuragam Pakarunna Yaamam

Azhake Azhakil Threerthøru Shilayazhake
Malare En Uyiril Vidarum Panimalare.

After he finishes song all give him a big round of applaud. It was the last program. After that a buffet dinner was arranged. Laksh and Swara were having dinner together. Sanskar comes near to them. Laksh congratulates Sanskar for the song.

Laksh : Sanskar, you sing well.
Sanskar : Thank you Laksh. And Swara your compeering was very good.
Laksh : Yes, I was wondering why I didn’t know that my beautiful wife has this much talent.
Swara just pass a smile to Laksh. They both finish dinner and bid bye to all and left to their home. After reaching home Swara was feeling very tired. She just lies down the bed after changing to night suit. Laksh went and sat in the living room and was watching TV. He got a call and he was talking for so long in the phone. He was speaking very slowly and Swara thought that he don’t want to disturb her may be because of that he is speaking slowly. Later he also came and Swara ask who was in the phone. Laksh took few seconds to answer.

Laksh : It was one of my friends. He is a crazy guy.
And he slept hugging her. Swara had a strong feeling that Laksh is hiding something from her. Later she also slept.

Next day morning Sanskar came to Swara office and sat in front of her. She got irritated but kept quiet.

Sanskar : I’m not feeling to go back to Mumbai. I have a strong feeling that someone is pulling me to stay here itself. I was thinking to search for a job here in Trivandrum itself. Why Swara say something to me.
Swara : I don’t want to say anything to you.
Sanskar : Y can’t you forget the past and behave with me properly.
Swara : Y you want to disturb me. Don’t be so cruel.
Sanskar : I’m not being cruel to you. It’s just because I LOVE YOU SWARA.
Swara : Pls Sanskar. Leave me for GOD’s Sake. And Y you call me yesterday to my house.
Sanskar : Me? Call you? It’s true that I was not able to sleep yesterday thinking about you. But M not that much cruel to call you at your home when Laksh is there.

Sanskar left to meet Sandeep leaving Swara confused.


Sanskar didn’t call me? Then who was that talking with Laksh yesterday night. I thought it was Sanskar. Then who might it be?

After few days Sandeep call Swara to his cabin.

Sandeep : Swara we have a new deputy manager for ELVIS. He will join with us in next 2 days.
Swara : That is a great news Sir. Who is the new deputy manager?
Sandeep : It is my friend SANSKAR.

Swara was shocked hearing the name.

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