Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 3

Recap : Swara & Laksh meeting Sanskar.

Laksh come back from office. He Luks so happy.

Swara : What happened Laksh? You Luks so happy?
Laksh keep his hands around Swara’s neck and ask her to guess.
Swara : You got promotion?
Laksh just nod his head negative.
Swara : Got bonus?
Laksh : NO
Swara : Donno, you only tell me.
Laksh : I got a job for you here in ELVIS advt company
Swara (excited) : Sathyam?????? (Really?????) Thanks you Laksh, Thank you soooooo much.
Laksh : Don’t you want to know the salary?
Swara : How much?
Laksh : Its 30,000.00 Swara.

Swara in excitement hug Laksh and kissed in his cheek.. Laksh was shocked by her sudden move. He also hug her back.
Swara : Thank you Laksh, but how you got the job , that too without an interview?
Laksh : O athu…. My friends cousin is in the management team in ELVIS, through him only you got job. And ha you have to join tomorrow itself.
Swara : O God, tomorrow itself.. Ok. No problem, come lets have dinner.
Laksh : Yes we will have dinner but you didn’t give me any gift for getting a job for you.
Swara : Tell me what you want?
Laksh : First we will have dinner later you have to gimme the gift…. But in the bedroom

Swara understood his desire & she turns into a tomato.
Later both had dinner and go to bed. (Sorry guys I’m very bad in writing romantic scenes.)

Net day morning Swara got up early and cook breakfast & lunch and wake up Laksh and go to freshen up. Laksh was having his tea and mesmerized seeing his wife coming out from washroom. Swara was wearing a white color kurthi with blood red color border on both the slits and the neck part is having golden color design along with blood red color tights. Water was dripping down from her hair.
Laksh comes near Swara and back hugged her.

Swara : Laksh.. Pls go and get ready. We are getting late.
Laksh : Pls Swara, we will go later and nuzzle his face to her neck and give her wet kisses.
Swara : Laksh? Today is my 1st day and do you want me to be late?
Laksh : Ayyo……sorry. Just give me 10 minutes I will be ready.

Saying this he ran to the bathroom to get freshen up. Soon he got ready and came, both had breakfast and left to their office.
Laksh after dropping Swara to ELVIS’s office and ask her should I accompany you?
Swara : No need Laksh, I will go.

Laksh drove back to his office.
Here Swara enter to ELVIS office and ask the receptionist for MR. Sandeep, the GM of ELVIS. Receptionist calls Sandeep and informs him that Swara has come to meet you. Then she direct Swara to Sandeep’s room.

Sandeep : Hello Mrs. Swara, Nice to meet you. And welcome to ELVIS.
Swara : Thanks you Sir. It’s my pleasure to work with such a big and reputed company like ELVIS.
Sandeep : You are highly recommended from our Head office in Bombay.
Swara just pass a smile to Sandeep.

Later Sandeep introduce Swara to all the staff and describe her work.

Soon Swara settled down in her seat and call Laksh and inform him about her work.

Swara was so happy and excited and everything was going perfectly.

Three days after Swara’s joining, she received a call in the landline (I forgot to mention Swara got job as Front office Executive cum Secretary). She attend the call.

Swara : Hello, Good morning ELVIS. May I help you?
OP : Hello dear how are you?
Swara : (angrily) Sanskar? How dare yu call me in my office.?
Sanskar : How is your new job Swara?
Swara : Sanskar pls let me live my life peacefully
Sanskar : I love you SWARA.
Swara : Pls Sanskar, don’t waste my time. I don’t want anything from you
Sanskar (Laughs): Swara do you know how you got this job? It’s me who got this job for you.

Suddenly Swara cut the call. She was angry as well as betrayed.

In the evening Swara confront Laksh about her job offer at ELVIS. Laksh tells her sorry for hiding this from her.
Laksh : Actually Swara, you don’t like Sanskar, thatsy I hided this from you. M really sorry But tell me Y you don’t like Sanskar.
Swara become tensed. And she reply because he was flirt in th collage. He was having so many affairs. And I don’t like that kind of people.
Laksh : Hey don’t be silly Swara. In the collage life most of the students are like this only. But later they will change themselves.
Swara : But Sanskar is not like that. He is such a ….. No I don’t want to tell more.
Laksh : Sheri sheri. Now I will not say anything. But pls don’t resign from this job. Atleast for me.

After a lot of effort finally Laksh was able to convince Swara not to resign her job and continue.

She just curse Sanskar in her mind and agree to that.

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  1. Awesome bt pls make it long nd more SWALAK <3 Scenes plssss…waiting fr nxt

  2. Awesome bt pls make it long nd more SWALAK <3 Scenes plssss…waiting fr nxt..

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