My life belongs to you…(episode 9)

next day at SH
bhavna : suhani , wake up yaar , it become late , u want to go office and then u don’t visit yuvraaj ‘s home also , day by day u become lazy
suhani : di I went there , uska ghar mein aunty , 2 bros , 2 bhabis , 1 cousin and Mr birla , u don’t remember ,plz let me sleep
bhavna : hey bhagvaan , not that home , ur project baby
suhani remembers project work and gets up : di u want to tell this first , without completing she went to washroom , bhavna smiles seeing her craziness towards project
meanwhile sharat and yuvraaj in his vintage car
sharat : bro , wat u think about suhani ? I mean yesterday u were taking much care for her
yuvraaj: wat ?
sharat : don’t lie me , that joke , u didn’t like that very much but y ?
yuvraaj : nothing yaar , actually she have a past that’s y , I will tell u later
sharat : OK , bhai , bhoolna mat we want to buy petals
yuvraaj : haa ha it turns to shop
sharat : if we didn’t buy it, bahen ji will scold that’s for sure
yuvraaj smiles , sharat buys white petals and returns to SH

at SH
suhani : di , I am going to office , u bring my food there OK ?
bhavna : arre , but ?
suhani runs to open the door and sees sharat and yuvi there
suhani : tum log yaham , subah subah yaham kya kar rahi he ?
yuvraaj : vo suhani ..
sharat : suhani ji kuch nahi bas petals dene keliye aya he
suhani : ohh di , di , aapki petals
bhavna : ye kya he ?
YuvAni looks on
sharat : I think this is petals , do u see anything else?
bhavna : no , buy this is white petals , I want rose petals
sharat : huh ? white petals ya rose petals ? wat is the difference?
bhavna : look , u spoiled rose petals so I want rose petals , but u brought white petals
sharat : bhavna ji , its OK , white petals ya rose petals , petals tho he ?
bhavna : haa petals he , but I want rose petals
YuvAni looks on
suhani : di , it’s OK , I will manage , when u come to office take this also , I am leaving
bhavna : but baby , this petals ?
suhani : its OK di
yuvraaj : where r u going ?
suhani : I am going to office and Mr birla I will come to ur home after 11 am
yuvraaj : home ? but y ?
suhani : home means ur dream home , byee
yuvraaj : byes
suhani leaves for office
sharat : tho , hum bhi chalthe ,
yuvraaj : ha haan
then pankaj enters
pankaj : arre yuvraaj , sharat come in
sharat : arre uncle ji , we are just come to give petals , but ..
yuvraaj : kuch nahi , anyways we are leaving , take care uncle bye
bhavna and pankaj byes them
they also leaves

at office
suhani calls bhavna
bhavna : ha bol baby
suhani : di , aap aa rahi hoon na ?
bhavna : haa, I will reach there now don’t worry we will go together
suhani : OK , but first u do one thing give that petals to papa I tell him about that
bhavna : OK bye
suhani : bye

on yuvraaj s car
sharat : guru , ye bahen ji bhi na , itni si baath ko kya bana diya
yuvraaj : tum bhi , kya zaroorat he usse ladne se ? and I saw red petals in that shop then y didn’t u buy ?
sharat : bhai , I don’t know that she want red petals and after all petal is petal yaar
yuvraaj : hmm , anyway are u going to home ya u coming with me to our dream home
sharat : ya of course
they leave to DH ( dream home)
suhani and bhavna also leaves for DH
bros reach there first
yuvraaj : look , this is our dream home
sharat : oh my god , after suhanis design this home looks bigger than suhanis
yuvraaj smiles and : of course , don’t say to her
sharat : no , never
they have a hi fi
suhani and bhavna also reaches there with their staffs
yuvraaj greets them
suhani : its so big , who is the architecture ?
yuvraaj : Mr malhothra , u know na ?
suhani : ya of course, he is my college mate , then y did u tell him to do design also ?
yuvraaj : it’s a big story I will tell u later
suhani : OK
sharat notices bhavna who is looking home carefully
sharat : bhavna ji I think u will destroy this home with ur eyes
bhavna : kya ? yuvraaj , if he is here so I will go
suhani : dii
yuvraaj : sharat stop it yaar
sharat : yes your honor
suhani : let me take shots and if it is possible that Mr birla , can u take 3D copy of this project so I can easily finish my work so , it will be speed , wat u say?
yuvraaj : OK , as u say
bhavna : suhani , shall we move ?
suhani : ya ,( to employees ) listen , I m made u a group so one by one starts measurement and save OK , after returning office all of u give me that measurement , is that clear ?
employees : yes mam
suhani : OK , so go to ur destinations
all employees finishes their work and retuned to office
suhani : vaise Mr birla ye ghar kaafi bada he itne ki kya zaroorati ?
yuvraaj : our home is a joint family so ..
suhani : OK its ur decision , carry on , I will do my job
sharat : suhani ji , u r very brilliant means ur home is look like small but interior tho kamaal ki he
suhani smiles
bhavna : because she is my sister
sharat : oh kar gayi chull
suhani : aisa nahi he sharat , she gave me support and strength when I really needed it
suhani and bhavna have a teary eyes
bhavna removes suhanis tears and says : so yuvraaj we r leaving our group is searching for us , bye see u tomorrow
yuvraaj : yaa take care of her
bhavna takes suhani and leaves from there
yuvraaj : sharat , now onwards no nothing about bhavna and suhani , us jokes will not work there , u got it ?
sharat : ya sorry guru
yuvraaj : not tell me sorry , say to bhavna
sharat : ya

precap : bros apology messages for siss , villain’s re entry

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