My life belongs to you…(episode 8)

party is going on
pankaj calls suhani : suhani beta , please take shake powder from kitchen
suhani : I don’t like this shake items so I will not take Tell to di
pankaj : beta , she us busy with her friends , plzz beta
suhani : OK OK , kitchen mein kaham he ?
pankaj : in the shelf , plzz take carefully
suhani : ha ha
she leaves for kitchen , yuvraaj sees her
suhani reaches there and search for powder , she finds that in on top of shelf
suhani : ye di bhi na , its a necessary thing so why she can’t took in slab
she took a stool and tries to get powder but she can’t , she tries her maximum but she can’t take it and losses control on stool , she starts to fall but unfortunately our hero catches her , suhani sees yuvraaj holding her , they share an eye lock , suhani comes out of that and signs yuvraaj to took her on floor but he loses in her beauty
suhani ( hits his head ): hello Mr birla , plzz leave me , aise hi rahengi ?
yuvraaj : huh ? haa , sorry
yuvraaj took her down
suhani : thank u Mr sadu
yuvraaj : huh ? kya bulaya ?
suhani : nahi , its just like Nick name , Mr billa se tho accha he
yuvraaj : ohh ms jkr !!
suhani : I like it , can u help me ?
yuvraaj : ya of course , kya karna he ?
suhani : can u take that powder ?
yuvraaj : ya , he takes it and gives to suhani
suhani : thank u , pata nahi di kya haal kar diya hoga ?
she leaves from there , yuvi make faces yuvraaj : wat type of girl is this ? only thank u or nothing
on the other side bhavna is searching for suhani
bhavna : where is she ? pata nahi uska unfavourable food leke bhaag tho nahi ?
she collides again with sharat
bhavna : I am sure , ur eye have some problem , plzz check ur eye
sharat : first time is my mistake , but this time ur problem , tumne saamne aa rahi dhi
bhavna : haa ha watever , sorry
sharat : vaise bahen ji , oh sorry bhavna ji , who make this house ? I mean architecture , don’t tell me that u did it
bhavna (angrily) : no , I didn’t do it , India’s most popular architecture did it and design , vo tho mere baby ne kiya he
sharat : bhavna ji, u have a baby , not bad ha.. at this young
suhani : baby ? baby means my suhani
sharat : ohh that baby , she is amazing designer tho this is simple
bhavna : haa tumari certificate ki koi zaroorat nahi iskeliye
Sharat : ha ha teek he , vaise beh.. aa bhavna ji , why didn’t u marry?
bhavna : time hogi tho kareengi
sharat : haa vo tho he , u know in our house 2 boys are already is there , 1 is for u and another means me for suhani , how is it ?
bhavna : tum ? suhani aur tum wahh wat a jodi !
sharat : kyun ?
bhavna : never that’s all
sharat : tho teek he , we can exchange grooms means aap aur meim ? kaise ?
bhavna stares at him and gone but hits suhani
suhani : dii can’t u see ?
sharat : lo , ab teek hua , now u go to check up
he leaves from there with a cool smile
suhani : di , which check up ?
bhavna : leave it and give that
suhani : haa , take it and make juice
times passes and party also
birlas leaves srivatsav home
bhavna : oh God , bach gayi us bhai Saab se
on yuvraaj s car
sharat : bro , kya ladki he yaar ?
YuvAni together : who ?
sharat : arre , suhani s sister , bahen ji , I mean bhavna ji
bhavna : your friend cum yuvis bro , sharat
YuvAni : ohh vo
sharat : haa , vaise guru , I think that if I marry suhani that will be wonderful
yuvraaj : kya marriage , suhani se ?
sharat : kyun ?
at suhani s place
suhani : wow di , he tell that , haa kar dena , even I like him and also he say that u also to his bros custody , u think we will live together
bhavna : haa , but I didn’t think that u will agree
suhani : di , sharat have a open heart , he will say anything without thinking , he can’t hide anything because of that I like him that much
bhavna : only like ?
suhani : haan no love again , and marriage , we will think about it another day OK ?
bhavna : OK baby
on BH
yuvraaj : are u sure that marriage ?
sharat : which marriage ?
yuvraaj : suhani and urs..
sharat : oh my god u take it serious , bahen ji also reacts Like this , its a joke yaar
yuvraaj : sharat , don’t play jokes on suhani s life plzz
sharat : hmm , OK but y r u become serious on her ?
yuvraaj : nothing , par love , marriage ye sab usko dhardh de sakthe he , so don’t play with jokes like this
on SH
suhani : di , how much I know him I think he jokes with u that’s all and don’t take that serious
bhavna : hmm

precap : yuvraaj and sharat visits SH and shavna cute fights over petals

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