My life belongs to you…(episode 7)


today’s episode starts with suhani entering LATA designs with ful of pleasure everyone greets her
she replies gm to everyone and then bhavna comes with happiness and hugs her and says : congratulation my little princes today u again teaches Raghav a lesson luv u so much
suhani : thank u di , vaise vo sadu he na itna bhi bura nahi he and especially his family , its so enjoyable with them , he have loving mumma and caring bhabhis and his brothers also so cutee
suhani’s eyes filled with tear of happiness and bhavna hugs her says : don’t worry we will also get a family like them our in lawn

suhani : wat ? y r u changing one topic to another ? look , its sure that I will only marry a guy who gave a brother will marry u .. that’s final
bhavna smiles and says : vaise suhani vo sadu he na ? is he have any brother?
suhani : diii.. look ms bhavna , don’t u have any job in this office ? go , go to ur cabin nowww
bhavna : ho ho start hui boss ki punchnama

suhani shouts : dii go
at BH on noon all members have lunch together
menka :jiji aj party mein kya pahanum ? we r going to suhani jiji ‘s home , socho , agar vo khudh keliye ghar banayengi vo kitna accha hogi , and we r going to that house today I am very surprised
anuj : menka , don’t make a scene there , and shut ur mouth also
pratima : y r u hesitating her ? she will keep quiet
rags : don’t worry anuj I will take care of her and menka jaldi khavo we will decide our dress
they finish it fast and go
yuvraaj : maa , u will wear saree that’s also traditional
pratima : tum kabse in cheezom mein dhyan lene lagi ?
yuvraaj : vo maa , suhani lost her mother in an accident , and I think she loves traditional dresses so if she see u in saree she will reminisces her and her moms memories
saurabh : haa maa that’s gud idea
pratima : idea ? kyun ?
saurabh : vo , vo , maa she will enjoy it that’s all u don’t make any question answer now
yuvraaj : haa maa that’s all
anuj : no maa , kuch tho hai , but its we will find it

they finish lunch and goes to their respective rooms
at SH
suhani and bhavna are busy in arranging party pankaj also joints them
bhavna : suhani , u want to tell this early , this is get into more difficult
suhani : kya di, ek kaam tik se nahi kar sakti , only our employees doing work and u saying that its so difficult
bhavna : haa ha , end time tak kuch nahi bolengi , aur ab saas le rahi hoom
pankaj : bas karo donom , both of them not doing any work and jhakhada karti rahti he , don’t speak anything go and ready let them do it OK ?
suhani and bhavna in chorus : OK
they go to their respective rooms

at BH yuvraaj’s room
yuvraaj : wat will wear ? shirt? suit ? don’t understand anything
at that anuj and saurabh enters wearing coat and suit
anuj : bhhai , kya hua ?

saurabh : arre yuvraaj , y these dresses are messed here vaise bhi tum cleanliness ki bacchi he , kya hua ?
yuvraaj : bhai , chotte , wat will wear yaar ?maa se tho bol diya but wat will I ?
bros starts laugh
anuj : bhai , anything , wat will happen ? yuvraaj : I am not like u , u r married but I am not
saurabh : u and ur attitude , u want to become more handsome in party , and wats matter if u not ?
yuvraaj : bhai , its not my attitude , i am a bachelor so ..
anuj : bhai , mere hisaab se u want to wear designer shirt
saurabh : haa ye sahi rahega !
yuvraaj : OK now go
they leaves from there and he select a blue and white shaded shirt and dark blue jeans he looks really handsome

at party
suhani wearing dark blue designer saree with simple jewellery and bhavna wearing pink and purple designer saree they look like queens of party
they invites everyone to house their glass house look stunning in suhani ‘s design
birlas arrived suhani s house
they gets stunned seeing house
menka : jiji I tell u naa , how beauty beautiful this house , jaldi ander chalthe he
yuvraaj takes pratima to home

suhani , bhavna and comes to greet them
yuvraaj sees suhani and mesmerized seeing her beauty
suhani : namasthe aunty ji , plzz come in , (pointing towards bhavna and pankaj ) ye mera di aur papa he
bhavna takes blessings from her
bhavna : thank u so much for accepting our request
pratima : request ? which request and we will say thank u to u
suhani and bhavna looks at each other
yuvraaj : suhani , thank u for inviting us
suhani : oh its OK

menka comes towards suhani and hugs her
they all have a gud time together
yuvraaj gets a call : hello
man: hai guru
yuvraaj : sharat…!! where r u bro ?
sharat : first u say where r u ?
yuvraaj : we r in a party
sharat : we ? means all are there accha who’s party?
yuvraaj : our new designer for our house , she invited us so ..
sharat : she doesn’t have any name I am sorry , he ?
yuvraaj : not he , she itself ms suhani srivatsav India ki famous designer
sharat : who ? suhani ? are u sure ?
yuvraaj : haa , wat happened ?
sharat : vo yaham bhi famous he
yuvraaj : kya ? London mein bhi
sharat : haa , tho teek he byee

yuvraaj : bye ? arre listen
sharat cuts phone and thinks : arre yaar sabko surprise dena chahtha dha par tumene muje surprise diya but sharat birla not fail in easy
he checked suhani s address in wiki because of she is famous
at party
yuvraaj turns and sees suhani
suhani : who’s in phone ? y r u talking about me to him ?
yuvraaj : suhani , vo mera cousin he , he living in London so I am telling about party and u
suhani : ohh OK
yuvraaj : suhani , tum kabhi London gaya he ?
suhani laughs and says : sorry sorry , I think I gone there for 3 or 4 times and there I did 5 and more designs
yuvraaj : oho ,
suhani : first I get job there after that incident but I ignore it for my family yaham rahne ka khushi kahi aur nahi milegi
yuvraaj smiles
on time bhavna passes there with rose petals

suhani : di , y r u taking this ? plzz take this on my room I want this
bhavna : OK baby
when bhavna turns she collides with someone rose petals showered on YuvAni , bhavna and none other than sharat
bhavna starts shouting : don’t u have any sense ? are u blind ?
but he didn’t hear that , he just stares at her seeing her beauty , YuvAni notices it but yuvraaj takes a step forward
yuvraaj : sharat , how r u man !!
he goes and hugs him tightly , suhani in bhavna s ear : I don’t know that he is a gay
bhavna : chup kar tum
sharat : chod yaar sab dhekh re , suhani ji , hello , I seen u in London
suhani : ya , and yuvraaj this us ur cousin , he is very lovely person
yuvraaj gets jealous that on sharat
sharat : aise koi baat nahi ji
suhani : kya nahi ji , u know he help me in London for everything , my first friend in London , mine pleasure that he is ur cousin
yuvraaj smiles ignorantly
bhavna breaks their conversation : hello koi muje batayegi kya ho raha he ?

sharat : suhani ji , ye koin he ? y is she so fast ?
suhani : no nothing like that , she is my sister and di , this is my friend cum bro of Mr birla
sharat : Mr birla ? kya baat he ? uhhm Mr birla , where is my mausi ?
yuvraaj : come , I will tell u ,
they leaves from there
bhavna : ye kya he ? who is this ? ur selection is so bad
suhani : kya ? he is not my crush , he is my friend , samji ?
bhavna : haa , but petals ..
suhani : leave it di , I will buy another OK
she leaves
sharat greets his family and they are ful of surprise

anuj : wat a surprise bhai !!
sharat : thank u ..
pankaj comes there and introduce himself to sharat
sharat takes yuvraaj to a side : kya baat he bhai … how beautiful this house !! jaane ki mann nahi he
yuvraaj : suhani will make our home also like this
sharat : ha ha kyun nahi ? bhai vo suhani ji ki behen hene itna gussa kyun karti he ? koi problem he kya ?
yuvraaj : first u say, how will u know about suhani ?
sharat : vo chod , behen ji ke baare mein bolo

yuvraaj : first u
sharat : vo I will tell u , u tell me yaar
yuvraaj : no ,u
sharat : vo baad mein ab behen ji ki baare mein bolo
yuvraaj : she is behen ji , bhavna ji he
sharat : accha bhavna ji , bolo
bhavna : wat ?
bros hear her voice and turn
yuvraaj : vo vo yahi , yahi ghar ki beauty ko kaise bhavna karengi , ye bol rahi dhi hum
sharat : haa haa kyun nahi
bhavna : uhhm I think that u both telling about me
sharat : y ? y will we talk about u ?
bhavna looks on
yuvraaj : bhavna , sorry he is like this u both talk I am leaving
bhavna : look , u spoil that petals , noe suhani want to buy another
sharat : tho ?
bhavna : I want another petals , that also u want to buy
sharat : teek he , I will buy it

bhavna: huh..?
sharat : haa nahi chahiye ?
bhavna : chahiye ,
she leaves
sharat : ajeeb he , suhani ji ki tarah hi nahi he ye behen ji its gud that tomorrow also come here for this thank u behen ji ..

precap : YuvAni moments , sharat and yuvraaj again comes SH for giving petals

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Credit to: Reshma

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