My life belongs to you…(episode 6)


hi I am RESHMA again so I am starting my ff with my same lecture that love ssel and on going track

yuvraaj : can I invite u to my home ?
suhani : ya , but first I want to see ur dream house
yuvraaj : c’m on suhani , u know my family peoples luv u so much , so I think first u see them after we will go to dream project OK plzz
suhani : OK but after that I want to see project
yuvraaj : OK
at that time suhani ‘s phone rings
suhani : hello , di kya hua ?

bhavna : u ask me wat happened u don’t remember we don’t have…
suhani : have di , don’t worry
bhavna : wat ? how how get ? and whom give u ?
suhani : that Mr attitude , Mr birla
bhavna : kya ? u get it again ?
suhani : haa don’t worry and now I am going to his home I will be late u take care
bhavna : thank God , ok u take care , bye
suhani : byee
while suhani speaking to bhavna yuvraaj also in a call
suhani turns off the call and sees yuvraaj in a call she waits him
after his call he turns and see suhani waiting for him
suhani sees him : Mr birla , who is in phone ?
yuvraaj : vo , vo bhabhi , bhabhi he, we can go now
suhani : OK
they leaves for home

YuvAni reaches his home
suhani : Mr .birla, u living in a flat , I can’t believe
yuvraaj : can u stop this ?
Suhani : now wat happened ? I didn’t tell any thing
yuvraaj : ya , u didn’t tell any thing but u call me Mr birla its so irritating plzz stop this
suhani : no , I can’t , I can’t take this into relation so plzz keep distance that is better
yuvraaj : ohh my god plzz suhani even I don’t have any problem to call u suhani then wat is ur problem ?
suhani : I can’t bear any Raghav more so plzz
yuvraaj : suhani , relax don’t worry nothing will happen u again its my promise u shared ur problems to me so I can’t cheat u and I can’t took u in any problem its my promise plzz change this
suhani : OK I believe u when I think u are trustful

yuvraaj : tab tak Mr birla nahi badelegi ? OK as u wish
and he rings the bell
ragini opens the door and sees yuvraaj
ragini : yuvraaj , come in
she turns and thinks someone with him she turned towards him and shocked to see suhani there
ragini : suhani , here , in our house I can’t believe this , menka…menka… jaldi avo
menka and pratima comes there and sees suhani
menka : suhani… app yaham , hamara ghar ? mammi ji is this our house ?
pratima hits her head and saya ya its our home
menka : then suhani , she is here
suhani comes in and pinches menka
suhani : now believed ?
menka : ya ya
suhani : Mr birla u r right they were mad to see , look they are not believing their eyes its very glad to meet u
she takes blessings from pratima
pratima : plzz sit , can I tell a truth ? I don’t understand u , sorry
rags : mummy ji , ye suhani he , we tell u na that international designer , she is
pratima : oh vo .. but beta , u cancelled our deal then now wat happened ?
yuvraaj : maa , I did a miracle with her

suhani smiles
pratima : y r u standing ? sit , sit on the sofa
suhani sits and rest of all are stands
suhani : ye kya he ? this is not my house aunty ji plzz sit down and u Mr birla sit and bhabhi app bhi
pratima (audible to bhabis) : she is a international designer not only that but also she have a great full heart also
rags : haa mummy ji , I didn’t think that she is like this she had a beautiful heart
menka : jiji , can we talk about yuvraaj bhayya and suhani relationship ?
suhani notices that they are discussing something
suhani : aunty ji , ghar meim guest ayi and u people sharing discussion now very bad
pratima : no beta we r talking about u ..
suhani : ahh…??
rags : vo , suhani we are talking about u that u take our contract very seriously and also came to our home that’s why we r..
suhani : its OK aunty mine pleasure to come here

pratima smiles seeing her mature
menka : suhani , you came to our home and plzz see our it with bhayya we will make some gud food for u…
rags laughs and says : haa haa menka will make food its very funny
yuvraaj : maa , app aur bhabhis milkar Khana banayiye I will take care of her
yuvraaj makes suhani ‘s way to his room
suhani : woww tum sach mein cleanliness ki bacche ho means look wat a room as I am a designer iam telling u that this is awesome
yuvraaj : thank u.. u know everyone in the house make joke on mine and my room on hygienic u come with me and tell this to them
suhani : ya of course but one thing is true that like u is only u..
yuvraaj stares at her

suhani : I mean no one will keep a room like this
yuvraaj smiles
pratima shouts : yuvraaj , come with her coffee is ready
YuvAni comes out to hall
suhani sits beside ragsmen and take coffee : woww nice coffee ..
menka : he naa.. I made it
anuj comes from his room with saurabh and hears this
anuj and saurabh in chorus : kyaa ?
suhani turns and sees them
saurabh sees suhani and look yuvraaj
anuj : hi , I am anuj , her husband and u like her coffee ?
suhani : yaa
while they talking saurabh takes yuvraaj from there
saurabh : why didn’t u inform me ?
yuvraaj : sorry bhayya , suhani was sharing her past to me and after hearing that I can’t sign Raghav’s project
saurabh : aisa kya hua ?

yuvraaj tells everything about suhani
saurabh : kya ? how selfish human is he ?
yuvraaj : haa aur ab vo muje dhamki de rahe he but I will not change my decision
saurabh : you want to take care of ur self if he can kill anyone so plzz he surely target u
yuvraaj : I know bhayya , and don’t worry nothing will happen to me
meanwhile at table
suhani : don’t say like that she done gud work and this coffee is gud enough I like it
anuj and rags look each other doubtfully

anuj : accha ? so give me one strip , I can’t believe this
suhani and menka together : no no
rags : hey don’t cheat ,anuj try it
anuj don’t make them say anything and take coffee and strip it and starts to bite
anuj : suhani ji , how can u drink this ? omg its disgusting
saurabh and yuvraaj hears anuj’s voice and rushes to there
yuvraaj : kya hua chottu ? y r u crying ?
anuj : I am not crying bhayya actually I am try to strip menka ‘s coffee which is gud certified by suhani ji but this is disgusting
they starts laugh except suhani and menka

menka : look jiji they always like this
pratima : koi baath nahi we will make another
suhani : no aunty , its enough for me I really liked it
hearing this menka hugs her and all stop laughing
menka : thank u jiji
yuvraaj : suhani , u don’t want to bear her coffee maa will get another
suhani : no , this us enough , actually màa kahthi he ki if anyone give anything with gud heart that will become gold
suhani remind mom’s words in childhood her eyes become wet
yuvraaj and saurabh notices this and wings
suhani : sorry , I become serious
menka : jiji , next time I will give u amazing coffee with help of maa
they share hug

suhani notices time and says : oh no now I want to go I have a meeting
pratima : some more time beta
suhani : no aunty ji it is already late Mr birla I want to leave and one thing tomorrow u all are welcome to my house no excuse all of u want to come I will make a party
ragsmen : of course
pratima : haa we will come sure
yuvraaj : I will drop u plzz come
suhani : haa , OK then see u tomorrow , bye
she takes blessing from pratima and leaves

pratima to ragsmen: how sweet is she ?
menka : haa mummi ji , I think that she will scold but she has a gud heart
rags smiles
meanwhile suhani and yuvraaj reaches LATA designs
suhani : thank u , and kal pakka ana don’t make any excuses
yuvraaj : sure , we will come , but I don’t know ur address
suhani : I will sent u message , byee
yuvraaj : byee
YuvAni smiles each other and leaves

precap : birla family in srivatsav house and sharat’s entry

Credit to: Reshma

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