My life belongs to you…(episode 5)

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episode starts with suhani and yuvraaj sit in a restaurant while yuvraaj try to make suhani happy and at last she smiles
suhani : thank u yuvraaj for make me happy now I will tell u about me and my ex lover Raghav ki past plzz don’t spread this anywhere and one more thing y I am telling u this to u is only for ur belief if u believe me then I can make sure about my future
yuvraaj gets stunned hearing suhani ‘s words
yuvraaj : u and love..?
suhani : haa that day when I was celebrating my 22 nd birthday with my friends that Raghav came to life

FB shows

in one famous hotel in Allahabad
radhika (suhani ‘s past best friend ): hey suhani , aaj tumari birthday he tho party banthi he but here nothing left
suhani : wait friends
at that time a waiter comes there
waiter : mam, order ?
suhani : OK , now tell me wat have u want ?
radhika tells that we will eat verity ice cremes is tat ok?
Janet (another friend ) ya OK
radhika orders chocolate while Janet and sutharya ( another friend ) orders pista suhani orders Spanish delite
when they enjoying party a sound comes out: radhika….
radhika turned and see Raghav
radhika with pleasure : bhaii aap yaham?
suhani and other friends looks on
radhika and Raghav hug each other and then radhika introduces Raghav to suhani and her friends
suhani : hi , can u join us ?
Raghav : no , actually I have another party here so I am leaving take care radhu… bye everyone see u another day

after 2 weeks
suhani in a mall with her mom
radhika comes there with Raghav
radhika : hi suhani hw r u ?
suhani : hey I am fine and meet my mamma lata
radhika : hi aunty , hey r u remember my bro Raghav ?
suhani : ya , hi Raghav
Raghav is busy with mobile he didn’t hear suhani then radhika hits him so he comes to present
Raghav : oh sorry , hi suhani hi aunty
Raghav audible to radhu : yaar I am going u remember ?
radhu : ya bye ..
Raghav leaves
radhika : he is in big tension that’s y he leaves
suhani : its OK , hmm aisa kya busy he ki apne sister ko chod kar chali gayi ?
radhu : u know suhani , he is studying same ur course interior designing
suhani : ooh that’s great but ..
radhu : he didn’t complete his major commercial project because he have that much temper
suhani : ooh that’s strange but I complete it a month ago ur brother haven’t that much time
radhu : no suhani , he is not like lazy boys actually he don’t getting new idea u know na ,this project is very important for future
suhani : ya , I have an idea ,this idea is so old but old is gold u call ur bro and ask him to meet me now I will give him idea
radhu : r y sure ?
suhani :haan call him
later Raghav comes there and suhani tells her idea Raghav really liked her idea and confirmed that he will do it
for this they meet so many times after all they fall in love
Raghav submits his project with the help of suhani but they don’t break their relationship
at the day of award function for best designer both reached the auditorium
Raghav has full of confidence that he will win the award but the award wins suhani because of her hard work and trustworthy
Raghav can’t enjoy that function because he didn’t win it suhani comes with the award to Raghav but he refuses
after sometimes the CEO of India’s designer comes there and says that we want one new designer for our company and that will decide day after tomorrow that u have an interview after that we will decide who is that lucky person
on hearing this Raghav gets happy and thinks he want to stop suhani from going there if she go there am sure she will get it
on the day of interview suhani and Raghav reaches there and after sometime suhani gets a phone and gets shattered she ran to hospital and sees her mom in ICU but she is no more she met with an accident
fb ends
suhani audible to yuvraaj : that day I don’t know how that happened but after so many days I came to know about that accident was decided by Raghav who don’t want me to attend the interview me and Raghav meet in court also but unfortunately we don’t have any proof against him and we lose the case
yuvraaj on hearing this his eyes wet with tears
suhani morns : he plays with my live and trust . I love him truly but he didn’t
he just want to become first he don’t cares any body’s feelings after that radhu also left me I was all alone
after saying this she is fully broken and hugs yuvraaj .yuvraaj in tragic situation that how to control her because he hugs her back
after sometime she came to sense and break the hug
suhani: I am sorry . because of me u also…
yuvraaj : its OK . I don’t know that u have this much problem
suhani : after that incident I become more strong and I decided that I will become the best designer of India for that I start my own company named LATA interiors now I won , he only get my client for designing
yuvraaj thinks that now also she is in temper how to cheer her ?
yuvraaj : so madam , I think that I want to call u madam after all if I fall in love with u then after some drama after that some tragedy u lose me also, so madam wat can I do for u ? (with full of sweet voice )
on hearing this suhani laughed hardly
yuvraaj sees her happy and smiles
yuvraaj : so madam can smile also
suhani : kya ? am I not a girl ?
yuvraaj : no , I think now get answer and laugh
they spend some time together

precap : suhani in yuvraaj ‘s house and she meets his family and she invites them to her house

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