My life belongs to you…(episode 4)


hii I’m Reshma sorry for late updating actually I’m a bit lazy and busy also but I will update it as soon as possible

recap : suhani reaches LATA designs and known about rating problem while yuvraaj thinks about the other company who called them

episode starts with suhani , bhavna , pankaj are sitting in table for lunch
pankaj : suhani beta , ur decision is always will be right but think well this decision will all about our future
suhani : papa ,I don’t want to meet that Mr attitude again if I speak about the deal again then he will show his all attitude I can’t papa I going bye
bhavna : suhani , plzz eat something
suhani didn’t care that
bhavna : papa , I am really scared I don’t know wat will happen next ?u know that Raghav , he will do anything to harsh suhani , and suhani she will not agreed for that deal pata nahi kya hoga ?
pankaj : bhavna , don’t worry I believe in suhani and she will do anything to save her mom’s name

@ LATA designs
suhani sitting in her cabin with full of thinking and not listening to others around of her
suhani(to herself ):wat to do now ? how can I get back that deal ?
at that time suhani ‘s phone ring suhani takes the call
suhani : hello , who is this ?
Raghav : so , u deleted my number , its OK I will introduce myself again I’m Raghav here how r u suhani ?
suhani shocked to hear Raghav voice
suhani : tum , y did u call me again ? how dare u ? don’t u have any self-respect?
Raghav : relax suhani , calm down I tell u na , I will snatch anything from u and make beggar in front of me and now it’s my turn
suhani : kya ? I can’t understand ur language anytime plzz leave me bye
Raghav : nahi nahi don’t stop phone I will tell u about my new deal u know Mr birla Mr yuvraaj birla
suhani shocked hearing his name
Raghav continues : haa I take his deal from u , thank u so much yaar because of u again I get an opportunity to snatch everything from u
suhani ( with full of shock ) : no , u can’t do that plzz
Raghav : no baby ,not now so many time to beg ab araam se so jaoo thank u once again byee
suhani : no plzz hear to me
at that moment he cuts the call
suhani gets stunned hearing this and try to contact yuvraaj but he didn’t take call while driving

yuvraaj gets again and again call then he tried to attend the call
he gets surprised hearing suhani ‘s voice
suhani : Mr birla I want to see u it’s urgent plzz mana mat karna
yuvraaj : araam se Miss suhani ab kya hua ?
suhani : I want to see u that’s all
yuvraaj : accha but I have no time I want to meet Mr Raghav I’m on the way we will talk later bye
suhani : no , hello hello
he cuts the call while suhani ‘s eyes became wet
suhani ( to herself) I want to stop him
and ran towards RD
meanwhile yuvraaj comes out of car and walk towards Raghav ‘s cabin
suhani runs and runs to stop yuvraaj when yuvraaj comes near to cabin, suhani comes across door with tearing eyes yuvraaj gets shocked seeing suhani crying

yuvraaj : Miss suhani , u here and y r u crying ??
suhani takes yuvraaj from there and gone to waiting room
suhani : Mr birla u can’t do this plzz I Will do ur deal plzz don’t give deal to Raghav (she starts weeping)
yuvraaj : suhani ,tum ro kyun rahi ho ?
OK calm Down
suhani become more sad yuvraaj can’t control her suhani become more sad and hug him yuvraaj feels awkward
suhani comes to sense and break hug and says sorry to him
yuvraaj : its OK if u tell me y u r crying then I will help u
suhani : pakka ..?
yuvraaj ( thinks) haan pakka bolo

precap : suhani and Raghav s past yuvraaj s feeling for suhani and he takes the deal back to suhani

I don’t know u r enjoying personally this is not a gud time for me suhani si ek ladki make my life cool only suhani bring me smile so plzz YuvAni fans keep watching ssel

Credit to: Reshma

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