My life belongs to you…(episode 3)

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the episode start with yuvraaj speaking through phone with saurabh : bro suhani cancelled our deal
saurabh : kya, but y.?
yuvraaj : actually in between us I……
saurabh :wat ? ur attitude behaviour never ends
yuvraaj: wat to do now ?
saurabh : now cone to Lucknow and then will see
yuvraaj: yaa bye
yuvraaj takes a breath and calls the airport manager : plzz book ticket for Mumbai , as soon as possible thank u
airport manager: ya sure sir I will sent u tickets
yuvraaj: OK thank u
yuvraaj cut the phone and receives the message and ready to leave
suhani and yuvraaj are ready to leave for Mumbai They leave in same flight while sitting yuvraaj sees suhani there and go inside her and she is doping her job same as filling dickey with her luggage and yuvraaj tries to help her but she didn’t notice him and while helping one bag falls on them then she notices him and she get angry and says : if u want to help then fine but don’t get me over work
yuvraaj: I don’t mean than …
suhani : ab baath karthe rahegi ya help karengi?? get up yaar….
they get up in panic
suhani don’t give any chance to yuvraaj to speak as she don’t wanted his project yuvraaj tries a lot but she didn’t hear his one
after the they leave each other suhani become very happy as she don’t take his project while yuvraaj become very sad
suhani reaches her office named LATA interiors for the memory of her mom
suhani comes inside and dees bhavna there she foes behind her her and hug her back and give her surprise bhavna turns and sees suhani and hug her tightly she is very happy
suhani ( with anxious): di why r u so happy ??
bhavna : no first u tell ,kal tho tu bahoot gusse mein tha and wat happened for today ??
suhani : ya I will tell u I made him con
bhavna: who is he??
suhani: arre di I tell u naa that boy who insulted me first he made me con and now I made him con
bhavna : because of this and now my turn suhani, u take that project isn’t it? because of this we can improve our rate and this will make our company in worldwide so proud of u yaar
and hugs her
suhani gets shocked and break hug
bhavna sees her worry and says : wat happened ??
suhani : uhhh I regret that project
bhavna: kyaa??
suhani: haa I tell u naa I made him con
bhavna : wat?? but that boy is ….
omg they are same
suhani : haa and I made him con by regret his project
bhavna : suhani , we don’t have any projects now u know that company is trying to harsh us
suhani : I know di .. we can wait mil jaayegi (suhani gets tensioned thinking about the other company )
bhavna: no suhani we don’t have to waste time think well and get back that birla project if u can
bhavna leaves from there and suhani think about yuvraaj ‘s project
yuvraaj in his car speaking to saurabh: bro wat to do now? u know bhayya she is an amazing designer and I lost her because of mine
saurabh : c’ on yuvraaj we will think about another one don’t worry
in between their conversation someone calls on saurabh ‘s number saurabh takes excuse from yuvraaj and takes the call
saurabh : hello
a man: is this saurabh birla??
saurabh : ya who r u ?
man: I’m Raghav CEO of RDesigns
saurabh : oh I know Mr Raghav
Raghav : so I have deal with u means u r searching for a interior designer am I right?
saurabh : yaa actually we came there but ur manager said that u have already projects so..
Raghav :ya he said that but this time we will take ur project as suhani ‘s company got rejected it
saurabh: ohh thank u so much
Raghav : so r u ready for the deal ?
saurabh :yaa sure
Raghav: so tomorrow come here for sign the deal OK ?
saurabh : ya sure but I will not come my brother will come
Raghav: OK fine byee
suddenly cut the phone saurabh get something fishy but joyed the moment with yuvraaj he called him and said about Raghav ‘s deal
yuvraaj didn’t wish tat but for home sake he said OK but think about suhani as he feels guilty

at RD
Raghav : suhani srivatsav now ur mom ‘s company will be mine and gives a villain smile
at LATA interiors
suhani : kya kiya meim ne I don’t want to do that I don’t know how to get that deal back
screen freezes on suhani , yuvraaj and Raghav face

precap : suhani tries to meet yuvraaj while he was going to meet Raghav yuvraaj unknowingly hits someone on way YuvAni second meeting

will she succeed in get back on project ? will yuvraaj signs the deal? stay tuned

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