My life belongs to you…(first episode)


I am Reshma I am starting my ff today hope u all enjoy….

note: in this ff no negative characters inside house dadi is not in this ff and Rags menka are gud bhabhis of yuvraaj and suhani is not that much poor like ssel she is almost rich but not showing that

one beautiful day in Lucknow , there is a beautiful white glass house It is not that much wide it is simple house , srivatsav house name board held in front of house
In home:
one old voice raises “come down beta ur getting late ur boss will taunt u… speed up…”
the voice goes to one beautiful room of that house there one beautiful lady doing her small makeup and show her beauty to the mirror in front of her and she looks at clock and gets speed motor to her hand and go down there she started prayer on her mother’s and god’s photo and turns its none other than bhavna
bhavna: papa ,aap bhi naa don’t remember me I will get more tention on hearing boss u can use her name wat a beautiful name suhani…
papa laughs
pankaj: beta, she is ur sister then y r u taking this much tension??
bhavna: u don’t know ,in office she is not my sister she is my boss one day when I see her attitude I think that she is not my sis
papa laughs again
bhavna: ur laughing here my life ruined
papa: if u can’t stay there with her taunts u can leave
bhavna : no papa I can’t leave her she is not my sis she is my life mama jaane ke baadh she thinks i am her mom that love I am getting from I can’t leave that love papa
they cried and hug
bhavna: papa yesterday suhani called me she was very angry someone insulted him or something like that she scolding me as him something fishy after that she didn’t call me pata nahi kya hua hoga ?? I think she is at office
pankaj : u don’t worry she is my son not daughter do u get it??
bhavna and pankaj laughs
bhavna suddenly notices the time and break laughing and take one piece of bread roast and shout papa byeee
At that time her phone rings she takes the with happy
hello meri jaan suhani…. where are u yesterday ?? wat u think u can do anything without telling to me??
on the other hand one sweet voice arrived : haaa,nahi he??
bhavna: no baby but why did u not tell me ??
suhani: sorry di… actually I want to reach Mumbai yesterday for a meeting that’s why sorry once again
bhavna: it’s OK is meeting today??
suhani: haaa I called for u that u want to keep today’s meeting carefully and manage office OK??
bhavna: OK baby
suhani : so I’m keeping phone byee
bhavna : take care bye..
on Mumbai
suhani cut the phone on car and she drives her face is not shown her beautiful hair flying on wind coming from outside window she reaches the destination and get out of the car wearing western beautiful kurty not that much costly and she takes her sun glass and shown her beautiful eyes and face… she looks around the place not that much designed beautifully she looks for the designer

in Lucknow another town away from srivatsav house
there a beautiful villa
inside the villa a women making arati in temple and she shouts: rags menka come here
rags and menka come there with anxious
menka: haa mammi ji kya baath he ??
pratima: kya baath he MATLAB!!? today ur husbands r going to our company right?? today is their first day
rags: mammi ji we know that give arti to me we will do arti and teeka laga dhoongi …
pratima: OK fast..they r getting late
chorus: OK mummi
they start arti and saurabh and anuj joint them they take blessings and gives byee to them..
pratima completed prayer and goes to kitchen rags menka follow her
menka: mummy ji yuvraaj bro said that we will go to our home today then wat happened??
pratima: actually date toh aaj ka tha but our designer didn’t do work that’s why its lagged
rags : then he got any new designer ??
pratima : haa our manager suggest a name suhani srivatsav she is a gud designer
rags and menka in chorus : suhani!!?
pratima: haa
rags : do u know mummy ji she is most beautiful designer she is well known for her work
menka: haa mummy ji rags jiji sahi bol raha he if she designs our home then it become a mahal I’m sure
pratima: haa beta yuvraaj also thinks that God will make anything perfect yuvraaj will take care of that
menka: mummy ji where is yuvraaj bro ??
pratima : he was now in mumbay for a meeting with suhani yesterday he called me he was so angry at that time don’t know wat happened?? if he can’t control his angry then….
meanwhile Mumbai
suhani: (to the receptionist) hi I am suhani srivatsav coming for a deal in here can I meet the CEO of this company
receptionist: yaa mam actually he is waiting for u since long time
suhani: long time means he tell me to come on 11:00 am right its only 10:55 then??
receptionist: sorry mam actually he came on 9:00am that’s why!!
suhani : actually can I ask u something ?? here ur boss have no other designers why this place is so undesigned ??
receptionist: that’s why he calls u mam
suhani : OK we will meet after byee
and she moves to CEO’s cabin and reads the name board ‘yuvraaj birla’ nice name
suhani knocks the door and says: excuse me!
one angry man inside says : yes plzz
suhani looks him when he is turn towards window and keeping eyes on city at that time he combs his hair with hand and makes angry face on seeing his attitude suhani gets angry and says: Mr yuvraaj birla ur receptionist says that u r waiting me for 2 hrs now I came then u r doing attitude
no moves from yuvraaj
suhani gets angry and she moves towards him at that time he turns and shows his face on seeing each other YuvAni gets shock and says in chorus: tum!!!??

precap: YuvAni real meeting flash back

plzz give me comments and inspiration if u r enjoying plzz comment below if it is boring also u can comment I will stop but plzz comment I don’t know the readers mind plzzz

Credit to: Reshma

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