My life belongs to you…(episode 2)


Hii I am RESHMA come back with next episode I think u peoples are enjoying so continue…

Episode start with suhani turns to yuvraaj and shocked to see each other and shouts tum..
FB shows:
suhani and yuvraaj in the same flight going to Mumbai for same meeting as we know
suhani kept her bags in Dickey and sat on seat while yuvraaj takes his bag non carefully kept on beside of suhani its make suhani angry and ask him to be careful that his deeds make another’s hurt
yuvraaj:(attitude ) oh sorry…actually I have some eye problem (laughing inside)
and he take his bag and put into dickey and sit beside her
after sometime he started his attitude behavior to her all time irritating and irritating its make her more angry

suhani:(to air hostess ) I can’t sit her can u give me another seat??
air hostess :sorry mam there no seats are available
yuvraaj: (attitude voice)ladies are waiting for me so I will give seat plzz wait a minute (to another lady) hey honey come here this lady don’t want to here u come..
lady: yuvraaj…I came with my bf I will sit here u carry on
suhani laughs
yuvraaj: OK (in shame tune)
air hostess :I think u will manage
suhani : yaa I will manage thank u
yuvraaj: oh maan gayi…kya attitude dha??
suhani : look mister I don’t want to speak to u it will be better that keep ur mouth off please
yuvraaj makes face
flight reaches Mumbai airport
air hostess : plzz make line and keep patience that u can leave flight thank u
all make line and ready to leave
in line yuvraaj is behind suhani at the door yuvraaj pulls suhani and leaves first
suhani fed up with his attitude and this time she did not scold him
yuvraaj takes his own brand car and suhani takes taxi for a while
on the road yuvraaj sees suhani’s car moving faster than him it becomes yuvraaj unhappy and yuvraaj puts car on firth gear the car scratches suhani’s car and accidentally yuvraj’s car’s mirror get broken then yuvraaj stops suhani’s car
yuvraaj get out of the car at that moment suhani also get out of the taxi
suhani: ( with full of anger ) wat all this ?? haa u said that u have some problem in ur eyes so plzz don’t drive it make more problem (some breath out) I will pay him u go plzz
yuvraaj : hello madam ji me also u want to pay me also otherwise u can’t go
suhani: wat ?? I mean u did wrong and asking me to pay?
yuvraaj : I ,I did wrong wat rubbish ur driver was driving very fast that’s why
suhani : kya bakvaas he?? u did wrong plzz ab jao I don’t want any money from u
yuvraaj : but I want u can’t understand ? ur driver not driving legally he was crossed that pathway also
driver comes out and says sir u did wrong I am legally driving on road sir plzz don’t lie
yuvraaj : acha..ur driver also insulting me I don’t have any time plzz give me money I will go
suhani: u r very gud actor but I will not pay u thats all
yuvraaj: excuse me madam my mirror break down I want money
suhani : tumse baath karna bekaar he u juzt leave and gives him 6000 Rs and leaves from there
yuvraaj: (attitude)thank u miss….. whatever

FB ends

after sometimes
suhani: tum phir se …wat u want ?? don’t tell me Mr.yuvraaj birla??
yuvraaj nods
she starts to leaves from. there at that moment yuvraaj realizes that she is suhani srivatsav
yuvraaj shouts: Miss suhani srivatsav…
suhani stops and turns : kya..??
yuvraaj : sorry…actually I don’t know that u ..
suhani : ohh if I am not suhani srivatsav so u will do this to any women
yuvraaj : not like that I feel sorry for u plzz apology me
suhani : apology?? u want apology wah..don’t lie u want me to design ur house that’s why u feel sorry anyways I going meeting is over contract also over
suhani turns and goes
yuvraaj: ohh no yuvraaj birla wat u done??
on suhani’s way
suhani( to her self): I waste my money for coming here I came here for see this bull meri laaparvahi ki vachah se Lucknow meim kya hua hoga I want to leave from here today

precap: bhavna said to suhani that we don’t have any project now but we want to raise our rating i n progress suhani thinks about yuvraaj ‘s project meanwhile yuvraaj get upset by suhani’s decision

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Credit to: Reshma

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