Life is beautiful with arshi and ishra epi 3


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At khushi’s home.
Raman: what did u do with the cheque I gave u?
Khushi: I just teared it and burned it.
Raman: why?
Khushi: u know my aim and my wish. I don’t like getting money freely from anyone. I want to be independent.
Raman: stop ur lectures madam. Ok bye I am going to office.
Khushi: even I shoud go to office bye.

At ishita house.
Ishita put holiday that day and was sleeping .
At that time someone ringed the calling bell.
Aarti: hp open the door.
Aarti itself went and opened the door.
Aarti: who r u ? what u want?
Yash: hello I am yash bhalla.
Aarti: so what bhalla means u r great ah?
Yash: can I meet ishita please.
Aarti: she is sleeping and come after 1 hr.
Yash: hello aarti I am yash . ishita school friend.
Aarti made a naughty expression.
Aarti: so sorry yash. Come in.
Yash: u didn’t change.
Aarti: aarti singh raizada will never change . wake up dhi and bye I should leave.
Aarti leaves.
Yash goes and wakes ishu.
Ishu: hey devil 5 mins yaar.
Yash: devil went and ur saithan came.
Ishu: what saithan.
She wakes up.
Ishu: yash? U here? how much days . long time no see yaar.
Yash: yes yaar.
Ishu: how come u r here?
Yash: actually my sis marriage.
Ishu: see u didn’t invite me at all.
Yash: she itself ran away.
Ishu: what?
Yash: she ran away during wedding? How come she. She spoiled our family’s name.
Ishu: u should think that in what situation she dis. Khushi only na?
Yash: I don’t have any sister than khushi yaar. Aarti didn’t even change ishu.
Ishu: she is playful as she used to be. She is in her own world.
Yash: but she is so beautiful yaar.
Ishu: yash…..
Yash: just joking yaar.
Ishu: u know I saw a superb bro and sister relationship in my hospital. It was like seeing u and khushi u know.
Yash: really, but I am very angry at her.
Ishu: ok ok. cool down.i am itself meeting u after 10 years.
Yash: cool yaar.
Ishu: how is ur bro?
Yash: he is very anger than me to khushi.
Ishu thinking that day the man who got hurt was raman and that girl was khushi then they that khushi is this khushi. Hey no no. how can it be ishu?

Yash: come on have ur coffee and come we will go out.
Ishita: sure my dear friend.
Ishita ad yash come out to a mall.

Yash phones raman.
Yash: raman where r u?
Raman: I am in delhi yaar. Y?
Yash: no even I am in delhi. Can I stay with u?
Raman: ok yaar.
Raman then thinking.
Raman: no yaar. I am itself hesitating to live here. u stay in our guest house ok.
Yash: raman , come to mall na . I will introduce my friend.
Raman: ok yaar coming. Text me the address.
Yash texts their address .

Raman comes there.
Yash: ishu he is my brother raman.
Ishita sees raman and is shocked. Then only she understood all things.
Raman was also shocked.
Raman: yash who is this.
Yash: she is my best friend ishu raman.
Raman: hello ishu.
Ishu: hi raman.
Ishu does with her face action that can I say everything to him?
Raman begs with his face action no don’t do.
Yash: what happened?
Ishu: nothing.
Raman:yash I will leave.
Yash: y?
Raman: having work bye.
Raman leaves.

In khushi’s office.
Khushi was managing her work well.
Arnav calls her inside.
Arnav: as u r my pa I am planning to celebrate a grand birthday party for my sister aarti. So I want u to come to my home now.
Khushi: ok sir.
Arnav and khushi goes to arnav’s house wher yash drops ishu and leaves.
Ishu: hi khushi? U here?
Khushi: actually I am his pa na so he said something about his sister birthday.
Ishita: oh aarti birthday. Come sit.
Ishita and khushi have a talk.
Ishita: khushi do u know yash bhalla?
Khushi was shocked hearing his name.
Khushi: I don’t know anyone named yash bhalla.
Ishita: ok ok.
Arnav comes.
Arnav: so as spoken khushi , I want the best interior designer for this decoration and also I need a planner.
Khushi: I will do it sir?
Arnav: what?
Khushi: interior designing and planning.
Arnav: do u know these all. Don’t joke.
Khushi: I like doing it all. If u want I can show u samples.
Ishita: wow khushi. Can u show the sample.
Khushi: come to my house.
Ishita: ok come arnav we will leave.
Arnav: no need we will call any best interior designer.
Ishita: arnav don’t speak like that.khushi come.
They all leave to khushi’s house.
Arshi and ishu goes to khushi’s house.
Khushi: come to my room.
They all went to khushi room.
Ishu was awestruck seeing that room.
Ishu: wow khushi. U did all these?
Khushi: yes.
Ishu: this is ur passion right.
Khushi: yes. I love these designing and painting.
Arnav: then deal finalized.
Khushi: amount?
Arnav: how much u want.
Khushi: u should hire me employees for this and I will say the amount when the work is completed.
Arnav: cool then here is the advance of 50000 rupees.
He gives her 50000 rupees.
Khushi was extremely happy.
Khushi: thank u so much.
Ishita: so khushi tomorrow from u don’t need to go to office. Come to my house to plan with me.
Khushi: u wont go to hospital?
Ishita: no. I have started my new clinic in my home itself.
Khushi: great. I will be there tomorrow. By ishu and arnav.
Ishu and arnav left .
Raman came after sometime.
He decided not to tell anything about yash. So he went there.
Khushi: raman, my dream has started. My first payement for interior designing and for my world tour.
Raman: that’s great khushi. I am having office work so I will go to my room.
Khushi: ok raman.


Credit to: akshaya

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