Life is beautiful with arshi and ishra epi 2


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Ishita after finishing their work come to home.
Arnav had already arrived.
Arnav: dhi why r u coming this late.
Ishita: more patients yaar. I am a doctor right.
Arnav: ur itself better. See my another sister not coming home until 11 pm.
Ishita: what can we do yaar. Her job is like that. leave all that. how was ur lucknow trip.
Arnav: good except……
Ishita: what ?
Arnav says every thing happened.
Ishita laughs.

Ishita: u should have helped her.she did correct by getting into ur car.
Arnav: dhi that too she was wearing bridal dress.
Ishita: I think she has escaped from her marriage.
arnav: dhi enough of this. tomorrow I should conduct interview. So bye.
He leaves to sleep.
Aarti comes late and she too goes to sleep.

Next day.
At arnav office.
Khushi goes into the interview room.
She was shocked to see arnav there.
Arnav: u here?
Khushi: that is the question I should ask?
Arnav: hello madam this is my company.
Khushi: ok ok.
Arnav: u r rejected.i don’t want a employee of ur character.
Khushi: u didn’t take interview itself. Without that how can u decide.
Arnav: ok. lets start ur interview. What is ur name and submit ur profile
Khushi submits her profile.
Khushi: my name is khushi bhalla.

Arnav: wow ur profile Is so good. U were the manager of the previous company. Good. I have heard about u. I think so u worked in Arjun bhalla company. Am I right.
Khushi: right.
Arnav: why u resigned there?
Khushi: its my personal issue. I cant say u about it.
Arnav: ok I appoint u as my pa and manager of this company. R u okay with it.
Khushi: ok .
Arnav: call me with respect ok.
Khushi: ok sir. In a naughty tone.
Arnav: call me arnav that’s ok.
Khushi: ok arnav.
Arnav: please submit ur guardian or fathers name.
Khushi is thinking.
Arnav: hello khushi bhalla , I am asking u to say ur guardian or fathers name.
Khushi: suresh.
Arnav: give his phone number.

Khushi gives him suresh’s number.
Arnav: father?
Khushi: best friend.
Arnav: ok. u can join tomorrow. U can leave now khushi bhalla.
Khushi: call me just khushi not khushi bhalla mister arnav singh raizada.
Arnav: it implies same to u. call me just arnav.
Khushi leaves..
Arnav is angry seeing khushi going.
Arnav: what type of girl is she. Her father raised a daughter or a devil???????

Khushi went to the house.
She was shocked to see raman there.
Khushi: raman u here?

Raman: hi my dear khushi. Long time no see.
Khushi: just 2 days has passed.
Raman: how can I stay without my sister.
Khushi: I too missed u .
Raman: papa and amma r very disturbed as u have escaped. U know yash is very angry at u. he is very adamant to take revenge on u.
Khushi: ha raman. He is always an angry bird. He will never get this much soon happiness than he gets anger.
Raman: well said khushi. I am going to stay here only.i am going to handle the company now which u used to manage.
Khushi: ok ok raman.what have u told to them when used them that u r coming here.
Raman: I just told them that I am going to stay in my friends house.
Khushi: ok ok.
Raman: I ma going to cook food fro my sis today.
Khushi: no need raman , I will make.
Raman: if raman takes a decision no one can change it.
He goes in.
He was cutting vegetables by the time he cuts his hand.
He shouts in pain..

Raman: khushi come here na.
Khushi comes running.
Khushi: raman.
She ties a handkerchief
Khushi starts crying.
Khushi: this much big hurt. Come lets go to hospital.
They go to the hospital.
Nurse: take them to doctor ishita.
They enter ishita’s room.
Ishita: what happened.
Khushi: doctor he cutted Is hand when cutting vegetable.
Ishita:no problem.hello u come here na.
She takes raman’s hand do aids to him.
Ishita: I should give him a injection.
Raman: what injection. Khushi……..
Ishita: ur name?
Raman: raman.
Ishita: mr raman can u wait outside.
Raman goes out.

Khushi: doctor he is actually very afraid of needles.
Ishita: oh he same like my arnav and call me just ishita.
Khushi: arnav , do u know arnav singh raizada?
Ishita:hey is my brother. I am ishita singh raizada.
Khushi: oh. Ok ok.
Ishita: why, did u know my brother.
Khushi: I am joining his office from tomorrow.
Ishita: so u r the girl . that day at bridal dress.
Khushi: yes it is me.
Ishita: u didn’t like ur marriage?
Khushi: no. I have many plans .
Ishita: ok ok.
Ishita rings the bell.
Raman comes in.
Ishita: hello raman, come and sit near me.
Raman sits near ishita.
Ishita: do u love ur sister?
Raman: no I don’t. I don’t love her.
Ishita: why?
Raman: because she is my breath and my life.

Khushi smiles.
Raman: u know , she is the best thing that has happened to me. She supports me in any situation.
He starts praising khushi.
So ishita by diverting his mind puts injection in his hand.
Raman shouts suddenly.
Raman: so doctor this is called diverting and putting injection ah?
Ishita: of course raman.
Raman stares angrily at her.
Ishita gives him few medicines and ask him to show his hand next week.
Khushi and raman leave.
Ishita laughs seeing raman.

Ishita thinks nice bro and sister
She then leaves to her house.


Credit to: divya

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