Life is beautiful with arshi and ishra epi 1


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so lets get into the story.
khushi escapes from the wedding hall.
raman is very furious at khushi.
the one who was happy for stopping the marriage was kavin the groom.
he acted as he was shocked.
khushi’s family was angry at her.
raman went in search of her.

meanwhile khushi was going to railway station in her scooty in her wedding dress.
all were seeing her and laughing.
that time a car comes and hits her scooty.
khushi gets up.
that guy who hitted the car got down of the car.
khushi: hey mister dont u have any sense.
arnav: hello madam its ur mistake. see u damaged my car.
khushi: i dont know anything i am missing my train. u should drop me in railway station.
arnav: u hit my car and asking me to drop in railway station . how dare u.
khushi gets inside the car in the driving seat.
khushi: hello mister, if u need ur car pick it in railway station.
she starts the car.
arnav gets in the front seat.
arnav thinking she is not a women but a devil.
but at the same time he was lost in her beauty.

arnav: why r u in wedding dress.
khushi: i wont answer to stranger.
arnav: oh then u will get in the strangers car ah?
khushi: can u please stop ur stupid talk.
arnav: hello its my car.
khushi: omg. what type of person r u,
they arrive at railway station.
khushi gives him the money
khushi: hello i hevent travelled free in ur car. dont ever show ur face to me.
arnav: even i dont wish to see ur face again.
khushi leaves.
shagun( khushi’s friend): how much time we can wait yaar. train is going to leave in 5 mins.
suresh(khushi’s friend): come yaar . lets get into the train.
khushi: wait raman will come.
shagun: how come yaar. he will be angry at u.
khushi: main planner of my escape is him .
raman arrives.
khushi hugs raman
raman: khushi have this check. i will also come to delhi soon.
miss u so much.
khushi: bye raman. all r angry at me?
raman: yes. i acted like that. ok bye, train is leaving.

khushi shagun and suresh enters the train.
khushi bids bye to raman.
they enter the train.
they sit in their seats.
khushi: who said them to arrange my marriage. my aim is different .
without learning it they arranged sudden marriage without my consent.
what can i do yaar. that kavin is in love with lavanya . he is very afraid
to speak to his parents , so he asked my help. everything lies in my head
shagun: cool yaar. u escaped right. live how u wanted to live in delhi. no one
is there to stop u.
suresh: u r right shagun.
khushi: thank u for executing the plan.
shagun: no thanks or sorry. ok. yash bro wil be angry at u ?
khushi: more angry than my parents. he will kill me for this.
he will search for me vigorusly.
suresh: give ur sim card.
Khushi gives him the sim card.
Suresh breaks the sim card.
Khushi: wow excellent idea. Nice idea. My new sim number Is activated before itself.that number only I gave for the interview.
Suresh: enough of this talks. Let enjoy our new journey.
khushi: before that shagun help me to remove my jewels.
khushi removes her jewels and changes her dress to jeans and tops.

the next day morning.
a girl was sleeping in her room hugging teddy bear.
she was very beautiful when sleeping.
her alarm rings.
ishu wake up. ishu wake
ishu wake up. ishu wake up. time to hospital. time to hospital.
ishita wakes up.
a servant comes and gives her cofee.
ishita: hey hp u know that i will drink cofee after bathing right. i am not that idiot who drinks bed cofee.
go and give that to that idiot who is sleeping.
hp goes to gives to aarthi.
ishu goes to sleep.
aarthi: today what she told hp?
hp: idiot.
aarthi: how dare she ? wait i will go and ask her .
she goes to ishu room.
aarti: oh taking bath ah?
she locks the bathroom door.
ishu tries to open the door.
ishu: aarti open the door.
aarti: ask sorry and say that aarti u r great .
ishu: sorry aarti, u r great aarti she says this in soft tone.
aarti: soft tone.
ishu: aarti my dear sister i am sorry. u r great.
aarti opens the door.
ishu starts chasing aarti.
ishu: aarti always doing this.
she beats aarti.
aarti: i cant live without fighting with u.
ishu: me too the same.
they both get ready.
aarti:where is arnav?
ishita: he will be coming from lucknow today evening.
aarti: ok my cab office cab arrived so bye.
ishita: bye.
ishita leaves to her hospital in her car.

at the mean time khushi reaches delhi.
khushi: so my house is ready?
shagun: u can stay in my house itself.
khushi: no yaar. raman will also come here, so he will stay with me.
that is why i asked u to look a individual house.
shagun: what r u going to do?
khushi: already gave my profile to asr company. i got interview letter . how much times I can say to u yaar.
Tomorrow interview . Come lets go to my house. Give me the keys. I will go.
Shagun: we will help u.
Khushi: u have done more for me so now go and take rest. Bye.
Shagun: bye.
Suresh: bye.
Khushi enters the house
Khushi: wow a nice furnished house. Oh my god I didn’t bring any dress except this one. Omg I should call shagun again
Khushi calls shagun.
Shagun: we r outside ur house only. Coming.
Khushi smiles.
Shagun enters the house.
Shagun: I know about u. me suresh u will stay in this house. How is the idea. We will leave once ur bro comes.
Khushi: nice idea. I need to buy dress. And u can stay even though my bro comes.
Khushi , suresh and shagun goes to shopping


Credit to: divya

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