The day starts with a bright sun shine it enters their and falls on pragya’s due to that her sleep got disturbed and she get up from bed at that time she feel something heavy on her waist and look it. It was abhi’s hand he put his hand above her waist on his sleep and by seeing it a smile formed in her face and without disturbing his sleep she took his hand and place a pillow in her place and place his hand above it so that he will feel the same comfort when he placing his hand on her. And went to washroom to fresh herself and she came out wearing a pink salwar of full length and come near the mirror to brush her hair after that she wear her accessories and about to fill her hair line in kumkum at that time a voice beautiful hearing this she lift her head and look through the mirror and gesture what through her eyes by lifting the eye brow

ABHI: you look beautiful in this dress and I don’t like you in yesterday’s attire and now good morning friend.
PRAGYA: smiles and says good morning you go and fresh up and come I will make tea and breakfast and tell me are you leaving to your work
ABHI: ok and no I am not going today may be I will resume by next week only
PRAGYA: good and tell me what you want to eat?
ABHI: as per your wish
PRAGYA: then you should not tell me that I didn’t like it you must have done this na like that
ABHI: no I will not saying this he went towards washroom and suddenly turned he didn’t see pragya their so he called her in a little loud voice
PRAGYA: (entre the room as she just no stepped out) why are you shouting I am here only
ABHI: I didn’t see you I taught you went down so only I shouted
PRAGYA: ok tell me
ABHI: I forget to say that purab will be coming so you prepare for him also and if u can make me some sweet I feel to eat it
She nodded her head and went down first she went to puja room and makes puja and thanks the god. Thank you so much you have given me this house as my sarsural and him as my husband even I was not interested in this marriage but his word make me to feel safe and secure and I promise you that I will not leave him never at his time of difficulties and he is my best friend.

After that she went to kitchen and prepare tea at that time abhi and dadi came down sitting in living room and reading newspaper. Pragya greets dadi and gives her tea and then to abhi. She turned to leave at that time he holds her hand and ask where is yours she said I made only two I will have it afterwards and now I have to make breakfast for all saying this she was about to move he stops her and made her to sit in couch and ask her to wait and moves towards kitchen after 5 minutes he came back with a tray and sit beside pragya and ask her to take she says I will have it later but abhi insist to have and says to dadi
ABHI: better you say na dadi
DADI: Han pragya have it
Now she can’t do anything and took the tea dadi smiles and says
DADI: now a days someone is doing some extra works seems
PRAGYA: what are you telling dadi?
ABHI: Han…
DADI: I thought abhi you don’t know to do any work except with your files and music
ABHI: smiles and says not like that
DADI: I know its ok leave it

PRAGYA: do you know to sing
ABHI: ya I know and also trying to release an album soon it’s about a motherly love on his children
PRAGYA: hmm… super and can I leave now
ABHI: ya don’t forget mine. She nodded her head and went
DADI: abhi call purab I have decided a thing and if I didn’t to him na then surely he will be upset and I don’t want my lucky to be upset
ABHI: Han dadi is there anything important
DADI: yes abhi but you call him first. A voice no need I am already her
LUCKY: Good morning dadi and abhi
DADI: Good morning
LUCKY: where is my dii abhi?
ABHI: in kitchen

From kitchen pragya’s voice abhi, dadi breakfast is ready and come and have it. All went and pragya sees purab and smiles and welcomed him
PRAGYA: HI purab good morning wait I will bring tea first
LUCKY: no need I have breakfast first then I will have tea and from now I will call you as dii can I and you can call me as lucky this name will be called by one the close person of by heart that is abhi and dadi now you.
PRAGYA: ok you can call me as your wish
DADI: you to sit and have breakfast with us
PRAGYA: no dadi I will sever you all first and I will have it later
Dadi signs to abhi. Abhi pulled her down make her sit next to him and before she say something he took a piece of vegetable parata and keep inside her mouth and all laughed at her and pragya makes face.
DADI: Now I want to say you all that I decide to go for a holly trip all over India and also arranged everything by today noon I am leaving.

All are shocked and all at same time why all of a sudden
DADI: it is not sudden I took this decision before your marriage and after that only I make arrangement for your marriage and now I am not leaving you both alone I am leaving you both to my daughter and she will manage it. Now no more question and you both drop me at station by 12 ok.
All nodes their heads and the screen freezes on all faces.

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