Your my life-Apu and Malay (intro)

Hi friends this is my 5th ff.In this ff Apu is not a vishkanya and plot will be totally different.Hope you all will like it and if someone will have complaint then please tell me.

Malay Mittal-Most eligible bachelor of Kolkata.His age is 27 years.

Aparajit Chatterjee-She is a beautiful girl who is adopted by Kalpana.

Kalpana Chatterjee-She is a loving and caring mother.She adopted Apu but her husband diedo in a car accident.Kalpana loves Apu.

Mrs Mittal-She is Malay’s mother.She is greedy,selfish but a really loving and caring mother.

Mr Mittal-He is Malay’s father who is very overprotective about his family.

Debina Mittal-She is Malay’s small sister.Her age is 23 years.

Girl:Malay Bhai get up how much you will sleep?

Malay:Let me sleep Debu.

Debina:No maa has told me to wake you up.

Malay:So tell her I want to sleep more.

Debina:Okay bhai.

Then she takes jug filled with water and throws on Malay.

Malay:Oh my God tsunami came run fast.

Debina starts laughing and says

Debina:Bhai tsunami din’t came I brought tsunami,I mean I thrower water on you.

Malay:Then okay so I will also throw water on you.

Malay takes jug from her hand and Debina starts running then Debina stands at door and says

Debina:Bhai you can’t throw water on me.

Malay:See how I throw water on you.

Malay throws the water on Debina but she goes to other side and Mrs Mittal who was standing there got wet.

Mrs Mittal:Malay what you did?

Malay:I am sorry maa I was throwing water Debu but you came that’s why.

Debina laughs

Mrs Mittal:Now get ready or else I will throw a bucket of ice water on you.

Malay runs towards his bathroom.

Mrs Mittal:Debu you go and have breakfast I will change and come.

Debina:Okay maa.

Both go from there.

Debina comes down and sees Mr Mittal and runs towards him and touches his feels

Mr Mittal:Are Debu my blessings are always with you.

And he hugs her and says

Mr Mittal:Now take your breakfast and by the way where is your mother.

Debina:She has gone to change.

Mr Mittal:Why she already changed know?

Debina:It’s a long story papa I will tell you later.

Mrs Mittal-She comes down and haves her breakfast.Malay comes down and is about to go out of house but Mrs Mittal-She says

Mrs Mittal:Where are you going beta?

Malay:Maa I am going to my friends house.

Mrs Mittal:Okay go but at least have breakfast.

Malay:I will have breakfast at his home only.

And he goes from there.

Malay sits in his car and drives towards Apu’s house.

He knocks the door of her house and kalpana opens the door.

Kalpana:Oh Malay you came.Apu is getting ready so come inside I will give you some water.

Malay comes inside and sits on sofa.Kalpana gives water to Malay and say thank you to her.He drinks water and Apu comes down.Seeing her Malay gets lost and is staring at her.

Apu:Malay let’s go and have breakfast.

Malay comes in sense and says

Malay:Yeah come let’s go.And bye aunty.

Apu:Bye maa.


Both Apu and Malay sit in car and drive towards restaurant.They reach restaurant and sit inside.

Malay:Apu what will you order.

Apu:One hot coffee and a sandwich.And you?

Malay:I will also order that only what you ordered.

He gives the order.

Malay:You know Apu when we were small we use to play with marble balls.

Apu:Yeah I know.

Malay:So after breakfast can we play this game.

Apu:Yeah sure and childhood memory will come back.

Malay:So after breakfast we will play with marble balls.

Precap-Apu and Malay playing with marbles.

So friends how is the ff?

Note:Everyone calls Debina “Debu”.

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  1. Totally different plot siddhi… Good attempt… Keep on writing… Good luck…. Waiting for the next episode .???..

    1. I have written next episode but it will be updated later.

  2. Hey please comment I started this ff for vishkanya fans but no one are commenting.

  3. I will tell you why because the plot you have prepared for is vishkanya plus
    n the fact is in your fanfiction there is no vishkanya only
    concept is okay
    but can do better really 🙂

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