Your my life-Apu and Malay Episode 2

Apu and Malay go to there home.

Debina:Bhai see what I buyer.

Malay:What my little sister buyer?

Debina:I buyer bangles see.

Malay:Wow it’s really beautiful.

Mr Mittal:Malay come here.

Malay comes to Mr Mittal.

Malay:Papa do you have any work for me?

Mr Mittal:Yeah actually I want to give this file to Mr Mishra but I am not feeling well so can you give this file to Mrishra.

Malay:Yeah dad. (Tales the file)

Malay goes from there he sees beautiful bangles and thinks

Malay:If I will give this bangles to Apu then she will get happy.

He comes out of car and buys bangles for Apu.He drives towards Apu’s house.He knocks the door and Apu opens the door.

Apu:Malay what are you doing here?

Malay:I brought bangles for you see how beautiful they are.I wanted to gift this bangles to you.

Apu:But Malay already you buy ed many things for me.

Malay:Apu you have to take this I don’t know.

Apu:Okay I will take it.By the way where are you going with this file?

Malay:Papa told me to give this file to Mr Mishra.

Apu:Okay bye.


Malay drives the car.Apu feels that something is going to happen to Malay so she follows Malay’s car with her scooty.

She is following him but suddenly his car stops.He gets out of car and stands at the edge of mountain.Malay thinks

Malay:How much beautiful this flower is.

He is seeing the flower but his leg slips and he falls down but a girl catches his hand and he says


Apu is trying hard to save him and finally saves him.

Malay:Thank you Apu for saving my life.If you would be not there then I would die.

Apu:It’s okay let’s go.

Malay:No wait a minute.

Apu:What happen?

Malay:Before falling this flower was of white colour no it dry,dead and black.

Apu remembers that while saving Malay her nail cuts the leave of flower that’s why it is like this.

Malay:Apu where are you lost?

Apu:Nothing now let’s go see you have got hurt in your hand.

Apu tears her dupatta and ties it on his hand.

Apu:Now let’s go.

Malay:Oh no!

Apu:What happen?

Malay:Where is the file?

Apu:It’s not there with you?

Malay:Yes it’s not there with me.I have to find the file or else papa will kill me.

Apu and Malay start finding the file.Apu gets the file.

Apu:Malay I got the file.

Malay comes and takes the file and checks it and says

Malay:Thank you again Apu you saved me from papa’s anger.

Apu:It’s okay.Now go give the file.

Malay:Oh yeah.Bye Apu.

He goes inside car and goes.Apu looks at flower and thinks

Apu:Thank God today Malay din’t came to know or else everything would get destroy.

Apu goes to her house.She knocks the door.Kalpana opens the door

Kalpana:Apu what happen to you?Why your cloths are dirty?(worriedly)

Apu tells the whole incident.

Kalpana:Thank God your secret din’t came out but next time be careful.Come inside.

Apu comes inside and Kalpana closes the door.

Precap:Kalpana:You are a vishkanya and you should be careful.You will get expose.

Kalpana and Apu see Malay standing behind Apu.

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