Your my life-Apu and Malay Episode 1


Both Apu and Malay take their breakfast and after that they go towards a open ground.

Malay:We will play here.In open.

Apu:It’s the perfect place to play with marbles.

Malay takes the marbles out from his pocket and sets in ground and says

Malay:Apu first your turn.

Apu takes the marble and aims it and throws it but fails.

Malay laughs and says

Malay:Oh someone is not able to aim.Ohhhhhhhh

Apu:You think you can do this then you throw.

Malay:You are challenging a champion.Ah you will loooooooose.

Apu:First aim then let’s see.

Malay takes the marble and aims but he din’t get successful.

Apu:Ohhhhhhhh someone is not able to aim. (Same like him)

Malay:Okay okay I am human and one time human does the mistake.

Both laugh and play for 15-20 minutes.

Malay:You have done cheating.

Apu:Oh so I won then I did cheating.hmm

Malay:Okay so now I understood why are you always busy because you practice for this game.

Apu:No after many years I am playing this.

Malay:See Apu living is a bad habit so tell the truth.

Apu:I am telling truth.

Malay:Okay so you would be telling truth but God knows who is telling truth who is telling lie.

Apu:Malay I will not leave you now.

Malay starts running and she follows him to catch him.After sometimes both get tired and stop running.

Malay:I have got very tired.

Apu:Me too.I want water.

Malay:So let’s go to market and drink juice.

Apu:Yes let’s go.

Both go to car and Malay drives the car to market.

Apu:Malay let’s go and eat some panic puri.

Malay:Apu you only eat.

Apu:Please please come know please.

Malay:Accha Accha I am coming.Let’s go.

Both go to pani puri stall and and Malay says

Malay:You won in game but in eating pani puri
no one can loose me.

Apu:Okayyyy so challenge I will loose you in eating pani puri.

Malay:Okay challenge excepted.

Both start eating pani puri and this time Malay wins.

Malay:Yes yes I told you that no one can loose me in pani puri eating competition.

Apu:Okay okay now let’s go to that shop.I want to buy a dress.

Malay:Okay let’s go.

They go to cloths shop.Apu takes a dress and goes to change.Malay is waiting and then Apu comes there.Seeing Apu’s beauty Malay gets mesmerised.He is staring at her continuesly.Then Apu comes and claps in front of his face and says.

Apu:Where are you lost?


Apu:Forget all that and tell me how I am looking?

Malay:Very very beautiful.

Apu:So I will buy this dress only.

She buys the dress and they go go to car.

Malay:Apu how was your day with me?

Apu:Really nice and I want to tell you that you are really a good friend.

Malay:Not friend best friend.

Both laugh.

Precap:Malay’s leg slips on edge of mountain and he falls down.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. OMG… Precap … I hope Malay is fine… Good episode siddhi… Keep writing… Waiting for the next episode …

  2. gud epi!!

  3. nice..pls make apu as vishkanya then i will be more happy

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