Life always gives second chances – Swasan (Episode 1)


Hello frendzz, this is Shruthi writer of Swaragini love iz all about trust ….for d first tym I’m coming up with a two shot hope u all read it nd enjoy…. .

Everyone says u only fall in love once , but thats not true, becoz everytime i see u , I fall in love all over again said he while entering my room oops sry our room…..Ah I shouted seeing him come in ….infact any girl in my place would have
shouted…. huh it’s nothing new for us he said…. taking d my saree pleats in his hands neatly folding them nd tucking them over my waist sending goosebumps all over my body……
He perfectly draped saree around me nd made me ready like a kid….. I was loving his attention nd care but still I wanted to stop him from seeing my tomato cheeks soo I shouted at him
saying that I’m all well now nd I can help myself… he was a bit upset with my words but then he made me sit on d couch nd went to bathroom to change himself….

and like always I started to think about our past..
It had been 6 months since our marriage we
both hated each other from d core of our hearts
We both actually met in a masquerade party 6nd a half month ago ….which we attended with our to be spouces sanskaar with ragini nd I with laksh d party was perfect it was a high society
party nd none of us expected that incident to happen but it happened …ragini was a daughter of a police commissioner nd her father had
arrested d mafia don nd he came to d party to kill ragini to take revenge from her dad ……. nd he succeeded in his mission …. nd I saw sanskaar totally broken … I don’t know y but I
wanted him to get through all this… laksh pulled me nd we ran away from that place…..
Then after a week I received a call from omi , laksh’s friend sayimg that laksh died in a plane
crash I was heart broken nd I went into
depression nd got panic attacks regularly seeing this my family was scared nd they emotionally blackmailed me to get married nd I had to agree

On my so called wedding night I came to know
that I was married to sanskaar… he was shocked seeing me there nd so was I…… we both didn’t knew how to react nd finally I broke d
ice asking him d reson for his marriage with her
to which he replied that no one could take ragini’s place in his life nd that he married her due to family pressure nd he had no interest in her….. . Swara was very happy to know that
…becoz she also couldn’t give laksh’s place to anyone….nd so she confessed how her family got her married …. both Swasan having their personal reasons for marriage made an
agreement that though they r married they wouldn’t interfere in each other’s life nd that they would give each other space….

The next day both left maheshwari mansion….
nd went to their double bedroom apartment which they rented near their office…. days passed nd they still couldn’t get over their past…
They still behaved like strangers … for d world
they were an ideal couple but they knew d realty of their so called marriage…
Its been two months since their marriage nd every month after getting their respective
salaries they used to decide nd buy something for home like last month they brought a vacumm cleaner nd a washing machine…..nd lyk decided I had been waiting for sanskaar whole
day to go for shopping to buy a dining table for our house… hmm it was d first tym I felt something was ours becozz we shared every expense like house mates ….. then I heard a
knock at door nd was enraged to see sanskaar… he had bought a dressing table though he had one….she was now totally angry but composed
herself nd went to sleep without having dinner
nd lyk always sanskaar never cared…..
The next day when he got ready nd came out of his room he was surprised to see d dining table
present there swara smilingly wished him nd sat
on dining table…swara what is this asked sanskaar …oh this is dining table sanskaar I replied as if he didn’t know…. I know that swara but I told u yesterday na that we will buy dining table next month then ???
Woh ! Sanskaar I had my few savings nd soo I ordered it online yesterday….nd I don’t know what happened but he left home for work without having breakfast nd I was angered by his rudeness….. after a while I realised that unknowingly I hurt his ego… but I was no less nd I would never give up my ego or attitude for him…… nd soon I took my phone nd made a call…….

Guys, plzz do comment nd tell me how do u find my first episode of two shots….. plzz put in your comments ….nd encourage me…..

Credit to: Shruthi

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