My life – Aishwarya Part 2

Hi friends I wanted to write story as ragsan. But then thought of giving something new names for my characters.
Tejaswini Prakhash: Aishwarya
Helly shah: tejaswee
Varun: Arvind
Sorry friends..if you don’t like this just a simple story.
Thank you friends for wasting your time

Aishu wakes up with manu’s scream.. she asks what happened now? He shows homework books and say I didn’t do. She smile and say my cutie didn’t do homework. He says aishu akka come let’s do homework. She hugs him and say ok baby.. both sites doing homework. She see him and think you’re my life really..after you came into my life I started thought me friendship brother sister relationship..I’m really lucky to have you manu. He see her lost and say princess you’re prince charming is handsome na… she asks him to repeat.. he screams loudly my sister is dreaming about her prince charming.. she starts chasing him.. he laughs and runs to amma… she says manu you’re becoming naughty day by day.. Amma holds manu and ask aishu to stop. Manu says amma see she’ll be always dreaming about prince charming.. Aishu try to hold manu … he laughs and say you can’t hold me you can’t run like before…because you became fat aishu akka… he shows his teeth… Amma starts laughing and say first he said truth.. Aishu says you both ?? Manu says let you get your prince charming fast meri bacchi.. Amma and Aishu are shocked but both start laughing. Aishu says amma from now onwards manu won’t watch serials with you see him how he is acting.. Manu says aishu akka you don’t know about anything learn from ragini of Swaragini to cook and gopi of SNS how to obey MIL it will help you.. Amma close his mouth and say aishu prepare coffee I’ll see this monster.. Aishu leaves from there.. Manu and Amma give hifi to each other.. Amma hugs him and say mera baccha.. Aishu comes with coffee cups and boost. Manu smiles says aishu akka Maggi time.. Aishu says ok but your homework. He smiles and says 2 more days holidays I’ll complete. She says okay.. Amma say them Maggi but with that you both will drink horse water 3 cups at least ok.. Aishu says ok amma.. manu nodes no..aishu signs him and winks. He nods yes then. Day ends like this….
Next day…
Amma is talking with someone in phone.. she asks them to come early. She smiles and thinks about a guy…

A guy is shown…no no his legs are shown.. a girl comes there and says Arvi get’s already 8am.. He says chinnu wait for a while..I want to sleep. She pulls bedsheet and says my big brother…dad will be waiting come na.. he gets up and say you’re really dad’s chammchi only chinnu.. She laughs and say come down after taking bath.. he heads for taking bath..
Dinning room..
Arvi’s dad is siting with paper.. chinnu comes there and say goodmorning dad.. He smiles and say good morning chinnu.. she says I’ll bring breakfast and go inside kitchen.. she see her mom cooking and say mom I’ll cook you go and sit with dad..bro is coming down. Mom smiles and goes outside. Dad and mom see Arvi coming down. He comes to them and wish them good morning.. they wish him back. Arvi say on Monday I’ll go for bank for applying for loan dad.. Mom tell him keep yourself free on tomorrow we should meet someone. Chinu come with breakfast. All start having..Arvi ask chinnu what mom talking about? She replies we are going to see your wife.. he gets shocked and drops his spoon.. She start laughing.. mom see them. Both compose themselves and continue eating.. Dad leave for office after that. Arvi and chinnu ask whether they can go to movie. Mom give them permission both leave for mall. Arvi asks chinnu please help me.. she laughs and say I can’t this time… he says please I’ll get you my creditcard.. she start laughing say bro first see her if you don’t like her then I’ll help you.. he nods ok. She asks him what qualities you want in your wife? He says she should be innocent obey elders independent and education should be same as me or similar type at least because she should be earning well but never give her salary to me. Chinnu asks why? He replies she should give her salary to her parents or do whatever she wants with it. Chinu say ok brother.. Mom who was listening this feel proud about Arvi(chinnu had called mom when she asked Arvi about his wife) Chinnu ask him what about physical appearance? He replies she can be fat or thin I don’t have problem with it because physical appearance change with time not character.. She smiles… Both reach mall. Watch movie and enjoy their time..
At aishu’s home..
She is watching cartoon..Amma see her say I’ll get lollypop also wait.. Manu asks amma shall I go and bring it..Amma says yea go.. He runs to bring chocolate. Aishu smiles and says amma.. Amma tell her come help me with preparing food. Aishu nods ok.. Amma teach her how to prepare sambar. Aishu thinks mixing chemicals is easy compared these.. Amma say her from today you only prepare food at night.. Aishu says ok.. Manu comes there and says amma.. She asks what? He says aishu cooking…today rain will come na… Aishu says manu.. Amma say you both stop now.. Aishu and manu go to hall. Amma taste sambar and say it’s good only. She goes to hall and say tomorrow my friend’s family is coming in front of them both of you don’t fight. Manu tomorrow you’ll meet my friend son you should be friendly with him don’t fight do whatever he asks you to do. Manu nods ok.. Amma say aishu tomorrow get ready in traditional wear don’t wear these jeans or shorts ok. Aishu says ok amma. Amma says aishu morning help me with preparing lunch tomorrow ok. Manu says I’ll also help you Amma. She nods ok goes to give orders to servants to clean whole house. Aishu says manu amma will be Hitler from now till. He says till they come. ..we should behave like good children. Aishu says we are really… Manu says bad.. both start laughing.. day finishes with amma’s tension aishu and manu’s talks and homework.

Next day…
Aishu is busy with cooking manu is cutting fruits for salad. Amma say them be fast. Manu says aishu akka go get ready you completed na. Amma asks her to go. Manu smiles.. Amma say him Arvi is coming.. He nods ok.. Aishu is getting ready..she thinks amma I know some guy is coming to see me ill ready to do anything whatever you wish to but I’ll say him whatever is real in my life. She gets ready in red half saree with simple jewellery… Manu comes there and say princess you’re looking beautiful..nana will be here by 10 am itseems. Aishu asks really nana is coming today? Manu nods yes.. She hugs him and says thank you love you manu.. he says love you akka..

Chinu is trying to wake up Arvi. He says idiot sister please let me sleep. She says idiot bro get up else mom will come here.. He says at least one day you stop saying about mom for waking up me. She says bro how many days I’ll come to wake up you…you’re wife will come she will wake you up. He stare at her and say hate you idiot sister. She smiles says she is lucky to get you as her hubby.
After taking bath Arvi get ready and come down. Chinu give him boost and say bro we’ll have lunch at her house..she might have cooked special things for you. He says really chinnu you’re.. mom and dad come there.. Dad asks shall we leave now? Arvi and chinu go out with mom. Dad thinks Arvi why don’t you speak what’s in your mind. Arvi says I’ll drive. Mom tells ok and give him address. Chinu and mom sits in back seat. Dad tell Arvi you should say whatever in your mind. Arvi says mom and her wishes are my first priority dad. After 1hr they reach aishu’s home.

Manu see car and says nana amma they came. Nana go to welcome them. Dad and mom come inside. Amma talk with them. Manu comes to Arvi and chinnu. He starts talking with them. Arvi and chinnu talk with manu..they enjoy talking. Chinnu asks manu where is your akka? Manu says she went to temple she’ll be coming. Arvi gets call. He excuses and goes outside. Aishu coming with her childhood friend teju. They both are talking with eachother. Teju see a guy near aishu. Aishu see him..says mostly they came. Teju and Aishu rush inside home..Arvi just see aishu’s hair..hear her bangles sound. Aishu greets everyone. Mom and dad bless her. Chinnu smiles seeing her.. teju and Aishu go inside. Manu goes to call arvi. Dad tell aishu’s parents they are fine with relationship but Arvi and Aishu should decide whether they want to be together or not..we will not force them. Amma and Nana are okay with it. Teju and chinnu keep talking. Arvi comes inside. He see’s teju think she is not that girl she was wearing bangles.. Amma asks them to have lunch.. everyone go for having lunch. Manu says aishu akka.. Arvi try to see.. chinnu smiles..say bro she is soo pretty..beautiful..but you have to wait to see her. Teju and chinnu goes inside kitchen. Others sit.. Manu and Arvi sit together. Amma calls aishu… she comes their followed by teju and chinnu . Then dad asks them to have lunch with them.. Chinnu makes aishu sit opposite to Arvi.. Manu asks Aishu to give him fruit salad. Arvi see her.. chinnu smiles seeing him..asks what through her eyes.. he nods nothing..thinks she didn’t react anything means what?…chinnu msg him “ aishu’s parents didn’t tell about marriage” he see msg. He nods ok. Chinnu smiles. Mom see them..think these two never change texting talking through signs.. all complete their lunch. Amma asks servants to clean everything..and Aishu to bring ice cream. Aishu goes to bring. Manu pulls Arvi and go to garden. Chinu and teju follow them.. Aishu brings ice cream and serves everyone. Amma asks her to take it for manu and friends. Aishu nods ok..

Chinnu see aishu coming and sign teju.. Aishu comes and give them ice cream.. Manu after having ice cream runs inside saying I’ll bring more one.. teju runs behind him and chinnu also say I want 1 more and go inside.. Aishu and Arvi left alone..
Arvi: hi I’m arvind all call me Arvi
Aishu: hi I’m Aishwarya close one’s call me aishu..
Arvi: I think you don’t know about our meeting.
Aishu: I know but it’s my first time I really don’t know how to react..
Arvi: same here..
Aishu: smiles.. says I want to show you something… she shows her daily pic say this is real me..I don’t like makeup or heavy jewellery..I don’t have many friends..I just want to study and get a job.. and…
Arvi: smiles and says hold on look cute in that can do job or study I don’t have problem. But one shouldnot give your salary to should give to your parents or you can keep it for yourself..
Aishu: I want to deposit half of my salary in manu’s account.
Arvi: you don’t need to say anything about it.
Aishu:but I want to say something..
Arvi: you can..
Aishu: I want to complete MCA after that only I can do anything..
Arvi: ok but we have to talk with our parents..
Aishu: ok then..
Arvi: then friends?
Aishu: ok friends..
Arvi: I want to open company..I want to some time before getting into relationship..
Aishu: ok…but I forgot to ask you whether you like me.
Arvi: that I do..

Both look at each other and say we spoke so much without talking about. Aishu smiles.. Manu comes there and say come inside else you both will become dark like black chocolate.. aishu hits him.. Manu says amma asked me to be like good child till Arvi’s family go home.. Aishu holds manu and say be silent.. Arvi smile and say you’re really naughty boy… Manu says not only me Aishu akka is also naughty she is asked to be silent. Arvi look at aishu.. she looks at manu..Arvi smiles and say manu come let’s go inside. Manu runs inside. Arvi says you be like yourself..don’t need to be silent…I want my friend to be herself.. Aishu smiles and nods ok.. they both go inside.
Arvi’s family left after sometime. Amma asked aishu about her decision. Aishu smiled and said yes. Nana hugged her and told I’m happy for my princess got her prince charming.. Manu and teju congratulated aishu. Amma blessed her and told her now I’ll also pray for your results. Aishu smiled. Manu says akka race gurram movie after 15 min..go get fresh up.. aishu and teju go to room. Teju hug her and say you are really lucky he is good and you’ll get two friends in that house.. aishu asks what? Teju says chinnu and Arvi two friends na.. Aishu smiles. Teju say her I’ll leave now tomorrow I’ll come at 5pm ok. Aishu nods ok..teju leave where as aishu goes down after changing. Manu and Aishu sit watching movie. Nana tell amma marriage will happen after 2 yrs I have spoken about that but they are thinking of engagement. Amma say him aishu will be okay with it don’t worry..but I’m worried about her friends college know na how sweet they act but show their true colors when results are announced..Tomorrow is her results..I’m really worried because of them…. Nana ask her not to worry..only teju will come here..not others..I’ll ask aishu not to receive anyone’s call tomorrow. Amma nods ok. Nana tell aishu studies and achieve it but those girls were behind relationship things and won’t study then end blame aishu for getting marks..Aishu will be crying more then being happy na… Amma say him I’m thinking to ask Arvi help in this matter..because he should know everything about aishu na. Nana nods ok.. they both join aishu and manu.. all enjoy movie.
At Arvi’s home.
Arvi say his parents he is okay with marriage but he wants to wait for 2 yrs atleast. Dad tell okay for that. Mom tell him after 5th sem aishu and you’ll be enaged ok. Arvi says ok mom I’ll try completing my dream before that. Chinnu brings coffee. All have it. Chinnu and Arvi go their room.
C: bro aishu is good na.
A: yea she is really innocent..
C: you know what manu is aishu’s adopted brother itseems. Teju said me.
A: but they both don’t look like that na.
C: aishu love him more than anyone..he is her life till now..
A: means
C: hehe… after marriage you’ll be her life na..
A: I wish so…
C: what?
A: nothing…you go and sleep early.

Chinnu say good night and go to room. Arvi thinks of aishu..says she is really innocent her smile her eyes really she is something different… he sleeps on bed..closes eyes remember aishu’s face..sit and say Arvi you are going mad in first day of this relationship only…He smiles and see his phone. Think of aishu..see her whatsapp profile pic and say she is pretty without makeup only..she is something different from girls I have seen. See her online…think of texting her…he sends hi… she replies hi… he asks had dinner? She says no u? He says had..why what happened sounding low? She says tomorrow evening results…I’m scared.. he says don’t worry you’ll get good marks. She says I want my friends also get good marks. He smiles replies don’t worry they’ll get..good night sleep now. She replies good night sweet dreams. He thinks from today I’ll get sweet dreams only that is about you… he sleeps..he remember aishu..her talks..her eyes.. he says Arvi sleep for today…enough of her thoughts…. He sleeps…

Precap: aishu’s results… Arvi asking for treat and Aishu says.

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